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She's engaged, and he's enraged. The drama doesn't stop on The Bold and The Beautiful.

9/9, Rick goes easy on Liam regarding Hope and Steffy; Wyatt looks forward to seeing more of Hope thanks to his company's new partnership with her.

9/10, Katie learns that she has a new ally against Bill after she meets Quinn; Brooke goes behind Bill's back in an attempt to mend his broken relationship with Wyatt.

9/11, Liam calls Wyatt out on his intentions with Hope; Brooke makes an upsetting discovery about how her relationship with Bill is negatively affecting her family.

9/12, Bill decides to mend fences with Wyatt; Hope sets Liam and Wyatt straight about what they need to do in order to stay on her good side.

9/13, An angry Katie blasts Brooke and Bill one last time before leaving town with Will; Carter uses the guise of "Room 8" to let Maya know how he truly feels about her.

Looks like Hope is doing a second round of fashion. Her new partners are Quinn (the new Taylor) and her son Wyatt. These two will begin to slither in to the Forrester Company and act like they are founding members when they introduce a new line of jewelry. Wyatt looks forward to the new business arrangement between Forrester and his mom's jewelry company to get closer to Hope. Liam, however, not so much. Hope tries to restore confidence in Liam that her business dealings with Wyatt will not affect their relationship. And how will Liam react to this? Not very well I can tell you that. Liam has turned into a spoiled brat and does not like the fact that Hope is working so closely with Wyatt.

All you Brill fans are going to be happy this couple will remain together for the long haul and get this sources tell me wedding scenes have all ready started being written for these two. I am hearing this also will be a repeat of Brooke's marriage to Ridge, on the beach, open air, yadda yadda yadda. And sadly there will be no Ridge in our futures. Brad's not going to be bringing Ridge back anytime soon and is in fact enjoying Don Diamont as the leading man paired up with KKL. According to inside info, DD is actually wanting a child for Bill and Brooke.

And what about Katie, her new BBF is Quinn and her mission is to beat Bill at his own game. Bill gets really pissed off when Katie announces what her plans are for their son Will. When Brooke hears what is going on she goes to her sister and pleads for forgiveness. Wonder how long that's gonna last?

Carter is starting to get serious with Maya now and goes out of his way to cheer her up with candles, champagne and a new idea for the upcoming season of Room 8. Will Carter ask for Maya's hand in marriage? There is a catch here let's see if you can figure out what it is.

Meanwhile, Caroline and Rick get closer but one thing prevents Rick from saying 'I do" to Caroline and it's not Maya.

Pam and Donna have a meeting with Quinn and these two are very suspicious of her.

9/9, Adam confronts Chelsea regarding the truth about Connor's paternity, while Cane and Lily's plan against Hilary takes an unexpected turn.

9/10, Sharon vows to put a stop to Nick and Avery's wedding, while Chelsea is forced to come clean with Dylan.

9/11, Friends and family gather at the Chancellor mansion for the reading of Katherine's will, while Nikki reveals an important secret to Paul.

9/12, Billy and Victoria pledge their love to each other, while Victor questions Adam's connection to the mystery investor.

9/13, Nick and Avery's wedding day offers an unexpected surprise, while Nikki makes an important decision about her future.

Adam accidentally overhears Billy and Victoria talk about Connor and that he has the retinitis pigmentosa disease which as we know leads to blindness that Adam and his mother both had. His antenna goes up and realizes that Connor is his son and not Dylan's. Without any hesitation he confronts Chelsea who continues to lie and insists that Adam is NOT the father. Dylan comes home and wants to know what is all the ruckus about. Chelsea fears that Adam will blurt out that Connor is his son but surprisingly he says nothing and tells Dylan that Chelsea will explain and leaves. Dylan asks Chelsea what Adam was talking about. Will Chelsea tell Dylan the truth and will Adam take Connor away from her?

Lily and Cane team up and stage a fight for Hilary's benefit after Lily leaves mad as they planned but just when you thought all is well in the world for Lily and Cane, Cane tells Hilary that he wished Lily was as understanding as she was. Hilary then kisses Cane. Could Morgan be in the vicinity and watching Hilary kissing Cane and then decides to let it go viral for the world to see?

The upcoming storyline for Nikki is gonna be a whopper. This is something MTS has been chopping at the bit to do. We will finally know something about Nikki's past. This particular story will pull in many residents of Genoa and it all begins from Katherine's will. Even though Katherine is no longer around she still will have alot of influence on the lives of other characters even from the great beyond.

Victor finally realizes that Nikki means more to him now then ever and he is making an effort (we know how Victor's efforts start and end) to consider how his actions will effect Nikki. One thing that Victor can not shrug off is that fact that Sharon changed the contents of the letter that said Nick was Summer's father.

Victor is still livid at Sharon for burning down the ranch and this will only make him more unyielding towards Sharon. He wants her to pay for what she did and he is going to stop at nothing. Don't look for Victor to make up anytime soon with Adam or Jack even though Nikki has asked him to do so. There are some things Victor Newman will not do.

Amber Bela Muse is joining Y&R in the role of Julie Cantrall no word on who she tested with and who she will be involved with.

Sami's trial has a rough start; Nicole confronts Brady about his request; Kristen thinks about getting rid of the incriminating flash drive; Chad hears Cameron telling Abigail to to get to serious with anyone.

Kate's testimony makes things worse for Sami; Father Matt gives Nicole a warning; Kristen talks to Daniel about a fertility doctor.

Rafe's testimony does Sami more harm than good; Maggie wonders about Nick's feelings for Gabi; Cameron pushes Chad to tell his loved ones about his prognosis.

Marlena and Nicole team up against Kristen; Marlena suggests Eric try hypnosis to recover his memories; J.J. threatens to leave; Abigail learns Theresa is buying drugs from her brother.

J.J. and Jennifer fight; Kristen busts Marlena; Daniel thinks of a new way for Eric to trigger his memories; Nick goes on the stand at Sami's trial.

Not a lot happening in Salem but here's what I've got.

Charlie Shaughnessy (Shane) and Patsy Pease (Kimberly) will make appearances in Salem in November – will these two be able to straighten out their daughter?

Executive producer Greg Meng has penned a new book, Days of Our Lives Better Living: Cast Secrets for a Healthier Balanced Life and members of the cast will make personal appearances across the country to promote the book.

Kate and Jordan get into a confrontation.

EJ makes a huge sacrifice to save Sami.

Speaking of Sami, her trial doesn't exactly get off to a great start when testimony by both Rafe and Kate damage her case.

Abigail finds out that Theresa has been buying drugs from JJ.

Kristen considers getting rid of the flash drive containing the video of her and Eric.

Marge faces tough cross-examination from Justin.

Cameron wants Chad to come clean about his medical condition.

Marlena suggest hypnosis to help Eric regain his memory of the night he became ill.

It's Marlena and Nicole against Kristen.

Monday (Olivia finds Sonny about to Commit Suicide)
Olivia tries to talk Sonny off of the proverbial ledge; Britt can't make it to a hospital in time to deliver her baby.

Tuesday (Complications Arise with the Birth)
Britt's newborn baby is rushed to General Hospital, where Silas attempt to save its life following complications

Wednesday (Sonny continues his downward spiral)
Sonny loses control after learning A.J. has pleaded not guilty and Diane is blaming Sonny for Connie's murder

Thursday (It's Jason's Birthday)
Jason's loved ones remember him on his birthday; Sam and Alexis wait for Danny to recover from his bone marrow transplant.

Friday (Carly Settles Franco into a Hotel Room)
Carly and Franco receive a surprise visitor; Sam reflects on her past with Jason on his birthday.

The residents of PC are in a tizzy with the death of Connie. But the question is did AJ really murder Miss Falconeri? Probably not, way too oblivious but sometimes the obvious is right under our noses. As for AJ he is not down and out for long. We will finally see AJ come together and build himself back up and then AJ will finally be the man he always wanted to be and a force to be reckoned with, but alot depends on if he is accused of murdering Connie and at this point all signs point to AJ.

What I can tell you is a twist is coming and then an untwist to this story, one you never saw coming. If you know Ron then you will know he loves to boggle the viewers minds. It's one of those "Holy Crap, where did this come from story?" So pay attention children it will be very interesting.

The new guy in town Carlos is quite good looking. He starts checking around and finds out Sabrina is at Patrick's. He shows up at Patrick’s door and kisses Sabrina and tells her he wants her back and that he has changed. What he doesn't tell her is that he is working for for the mob and with Julian.

Kimberly McCullough begins taping this week. Not even KM knows how this story will play out, but Robin is on a mission to get back to the ones she loves. This will have an huge and I mean huge effect on many people in PC. There also will be other shocking folks returning with Robin that will be very exciting. We will finally get to the bottom of what has been going on with who and why. Look for Robin to first air mid October.

With their recent kiss will Sam make the choice to go out with Silas? Yes, eventually but Danny comes first and this will be a slow build up. Silas will begin to tell Sam about about his past. We will learn slowly about Ava and Silas and why they are the way they are and why Silas wants nothing to do with her. And get ready there will be someone else sleeping in Ava's bed and it's not Franco.

In regards to Luke he is in serious trouble, plutonium poisoning isn't something you can just ignore. With death not far away Luke does what Luke does best and becomes adamant to do things we never would have thought he would do. But not before he sees Helena, is she a figment of his imagination or is Helena still of this earth?

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