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Young adult books: 10 next-in-series titles I can't wait to see


1. "United We Spy," by Ally Carter

Out in September: This will be the sixth in the "Gallagher Girl" series. Cammie lost her father and her memory, but at least she now knows why the Circle of Cavan hunted her. Cammie, Bex, Liz, Macey, and Zach need to find the higher members of the Circle and thwart their plan.


2. "The Kiss," by James Patterson and Jill Dembowski

Out in November: "The Kiss" is fourth in the "Witch and Wizard" series. When we left them last, Whit and Whisty were leading the resistance against the The One Who Is The One, and having technical difficulties. This time, Whisty falls for a guy named Heath who also has powers. Will she join her brother and stand against the unfair regime – or put her trust in someone else?


3. "The Fallout," by S. A. Bodeen

Out in September: Second in "The Compound" series. Eli figured out his father's lies and escaped the compound before the family ate the babies, thank goodness. The family – minus their evil dad – have reunited with Eli's twin, who they thought was dead, and are now trying to live as normally as possible. But the media won't leave them alone and their father’s former adviser won't hand over the company, even though Eli and his twin are the heirs.


4. "Russian Roulette: The Story of an Assassin," by Anthony Horowitz

Out in October: This is the latest in the "Alex Rider" series. Alex has sworn to kill Yassen, who was trained by Alex's father. This is the story of Yassen and how he became a killer. I don't know about you, but I was always fascinated by and curious about Yassen and I can't wait to learn his backstory. He and Alex aren't really that different, are they?


5. "Hollow City," by Ransom Riggs

Out in January: This is the next book in the "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" series. The children have just barely escaped their Island and are now on their way to London. On the way they meet new friends, strange animals, and run into all sorts of interesting situations.

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OP NOTE: I Know what i want to read.....



On a more serious note, what books are you guys looking forward to reading??? and what are you reading now?

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