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Steve Ward, Tough Love Host, Offers Call Girl Spot on Show in Exchange For Sex


Here’s a healthy dose of ick for you.

Steve Ward, best known for his likeable bro schtick on VH1 reality show Tough Love may use the totally scientific method of matchmaking to help lost souls achieve a better life on TV, but in real life, his methods are somehow even less ethical.

But how, you ask? Oh, he’s just accused of offering a spot on his show to an escort in exchange for her services.

In an audio clip obtained by TheDirty, a man who is presumed to be Steve is heard soliciting sex from a prostitute and going into explicit detail about the ins and outs (so to speak) of their transaction.

“I am angling here,” admitted Steve. “You’re in the business of sex so I am going to make you an offer.”


I will promise to do my very best to get you on my show and put you at the very front of the line to be on my show if you f--k me, right now,” Steve tells the woman on the recording. “I think [the producers] would love it. I think they’d f--king love it. I think they would eat it up. I think you would be a star. I really do.”

The woman tells RadarOnline that she and Steve did end up having sex, although he neither paid nor held up his end of the deal.

“She made it up to the top 10 but then got dropped,” an insider for the show claims.

“She did what he wanted, gave him what he wanted and he never lived up to his end of the bargain.”

The recording of the convo is at the SOURCE

The new season of Tough Love Coed airs tonight..... I have nothing else to say lol

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