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Midnight Red performing at LA Fashion Week

Midnight Red teamed up with DanceOn to do a tutorial for the choreography of the breakdown in Hell Yeah

Midnight Red's interview on Musique Plus

Midnight Red performs Hell Yeah on Musique Plus

Midnight Red performs One Club at a Time on Musique Plus (lol at the host "one night at a club")

Midnight Red plays 20 questons with Hollywire TV

Midnight Red talk about their debut album and opening up for KNOTBSB

Midnight Red dances around Los Angeles to Gangham Style

My fave Colton slays Kellegend Clarkson's Dark Side

Midnight Red get interviewed in a bathroom

Midnight Red in the November issue of PopStar

Midnight Red in the December issue of J-14

Fashion Stock's YouTube: 1
DanceOn's YouTube: 1
Some Random Chick's YouTube: 1 2 3
HollyWireTV's YouTube: 1 2
Midnight Red's YouTube: 1 2 3
My Tumblr: 1 2 

My princes<3<3<3 Hell Yeah is on iTunes. UK & France, there is an EP on iTunes that includes Hell Yeah, One Club at a Time, and two songs that aren't currenty available for digital purchase here in the States. Mods, sorry for all the previous errors. I hope this time I've fixed the sources and the tags. 

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