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New Sims 4 Info from Games TM Magazine


Click on the images for a larger (readable) version.

For the tl;dr crowd:

  • Sims will now experience different emotional states which will "unlock" different interactions/actions.

  • Moodlets are still part of the game.

  • A Sim's environment will contribute to their emotional state. (Ex. an inspirational painting in a room can cause a Sim to be more creative).

  • You can purchase furniture from an "Ikea-like catalogue".

  • A Sim can be so happy that they laugh to death.

  • There will be new creation tools for custom content.

  • New advances in group behavior-- multiple Sims can now interact together in a more natural way.

  • Players now have control over groups of Sims-- they can tell the group as a whole to do something together.

  • MULTITASKING! Sims can now do things like drink while eating, watch TV while on the treadmill, interact with other Sims while on the treadmill, etc.

  • Create-A-Sim has been totally revamped so instead of sliders, you drag and drop on the actual Sim to change how they look (ex for a Sim with a longer nose, grab his/her nose and pull it to make it longer). 

  • Sims can add hats to their outfits.

  • In Build Mode, you can now build a room, then pick it up and move it to a different spot. Blueprint mode will also be available from the start, but you will be able to tweak it by moving walls, etc.

Source: Screenshots taken on my Nook HD+

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