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'The View' Season 17 With Jenny McCarthy -- Who Will Fill The Empty Spot?


Whoopi's face says it all...

Season 17, which premieres on Monday, September 9th, will look a whole lot different from years past. Both Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar are no longer with the show, and Jenny McCarthy has joined the roundtable to sit between co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg.

And while ABC still has another chair to fill (the show has yet to announce Behar's replacement), the network clearly wants you to know one thing: 'The View' will be a whole lot of fun with McCarthy.

Joy Behar Says GoodBye To The View

Barbara Walters threw Joy Behar a 60-minute going-away party on "The View" Friday and Behar said thanks by tossing a blunt f-word at an old Walters adversary.

Behar ended her brief farewell remarks at the end of the show by saying "something I've been meaning to say on [Walter's] behalf for 16 years: 'Fuck Harry Reasoner.'"

When Walters broke the gender line by coanchoring the ABC Evening News from 1976 to 1978, Reasoner was her unhappy partner. He was visibly uncomfortable with the arrangement, and Walters later said he made her life difficult.

Behar started on "The View" on Aug. 11, 1997. Regis Philbin, one of the live guests who dropped in Friday to say goodbye, said he was responsible for Walters first meeting Behar - after which, Walters said, she immediately wanted Behar for "The View."

Behar's old friend and long-time "View" colleague Meredith Vieira contributed an extended lesbian joke to the farewell, and ended it by planting a kiss on Behar's lips.

Other drop-ins included Joan Rivers, Alan Alda and Susie Essman, with taped goodbyes from Carol Burnett, Steve Martin and others.

The show was framed as a "This Is Your Life" episode, with Mario Cantone as host.

Walters spoke briefly toward the end, prefacing her comments by saying Behar "would always punch a hole in the conversation if it got too sentimental."

She and Behar exchanged "I love you" messages before Behar briefly thanked family, friends, producers, cohorts and her hair and makeup people before making her closing pronouncement on Reasoner.

And by the way, if Elisabeth Hasselbeck was watching somewhere and was tempted to send Walters a note saying, "You always liked Joy better!", she would not have been without ammunition.

When Hasselbeck left the show earlier this summer, her farewell segment lasted less than 15 minutes.

Who would you like to see as the fifth co-host? Brooke Shields, Ali Wentworth, Hota Kotb, and Mario Cantone are all possible contenders.

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