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Radio Praises New Katy Perry, Lady Gaga Singles

Perry's 'Roar' and Lady Gaga's 'Applause' have blasted into the Pop Songs building chart's top 20, with PDs excited about the superstars' returns

Just as the new tracks from Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are heading for big debuts on Billboard's Digital Songs chart next week, both are in line for lofty moves on the Pop Songs radio airplay chart.

As reported yesterday, after less than two days of airplay, Perry's "Roar" blasted onto the Nielsen BDS-based survey at No. 34. On the building Pop Songs chart, whose tracking week began yesterday (Aug. 12) and runs through Sunday night (18), "Roar" is, as of this posting, already up to No. 16. (Highlights of the finalized chart, including debuts, will post on Billboard.com on Monday, Aug. 19.)

Gaga's "Applause," meanwhile, was released yesterday and has quickly joined "Roar" in the top 20, currently ranking at No. 19 on the building tally. (Both songs have received hourly plays on participating Clear Channel Media and Entertainment-owned stations, 'Roar' on Sunday and 'Applause' yesterday.)

Pop program directors that are spinning both songs are praising each, although a sample of PDs polled reveals a prediction for greater long-term success for "Roar."

"Both songs have been well-received by our audience, but when it comes to social media, Perry’s 'Roar' has garnered more positive response," says Chase Murphy, PD of KXXM San Antonio. "I think, because of its pop appeal and texture, 'Roar' will probably be embraced by more formats and will eventually be heralded as a bigger song than 'Applause'."

"So far, listeners have favored the Katy track more, but both songs are getting great reaction," KHOP Stockton, Calif., PD MoJoe Roberts largely echoes. "I think the message in 'Roar' is connecting and resonating more with our female listeners."

Still, Roberts says, "The Katy single is phenomenal and the Gaga song is great … and much better than expected.

"This is a great way to start off the fall season," Roberts says, alluding to the pending album releases of Perry's "Prism" (Oct. 22) and Gaga's "ARTPOP" (Nov. 11).

"Listener reaction has been great on both new releases. I think both stack up well compared to their previous hit singles," assesses WFLZ Tampa, Fla., PD Tommy Chuck.

Ultimately, Chuck says, Perry and Gaga releasing buzz-generating tracks simultaneously represents not a battle, but an embarrassment of riches for pop radio. "Anytime we have the opportunity to partner with major artists to create excitement for new music, I think it is a great thing.

"If any other major artists want to drop new hit singles, bring it on!"

Source: Billboard


This post dedicated to the lovely KP stans of ONTD, and not the bandwagon jumpers who have adopted her simply to trash Gaga. Paws up, claws out.

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