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Kim Kardashian tells Kanye West: I won't be a prison wife!


He's famous for his tantrums 
- from losing 
his cool on The Today Show to storming the stage during Taylor Swift's crowning moment at 
the 2009 MTV VMAs.


Now Kanye West, 36, has landed himself in trouble with girlfriend Kim Kardashian as his most recent shenanigans - launching himself at a pap and attempting to take the snapper's camera - mean 
he could face jail time.

Kim, 32 - who's reportedly in the early stages of planning their wedding - read Kanye the riot act over his temper and enlisted the help of a meditation expert 
to help him control his rages.

But she fears it won't be enough and has warned the rapper: 
'I won't be a prison wife.'

Kanye's clearly had difficulty adjusting to the intense press scrutiny since he joined the Kardashian circus.

And one thing's become clear over the 
last few months: Kanye is not 
a fan of having his photo taken.

He charged at a paparazzo who was peppering him with questions at LAX Airport on 19 July and is still waiting to find out if he'll face charges.

'Kim's absolutely petrified that Kanye's going to be reprimanded.

'Even if he's let off this time, 
she's worried that with his volatile temper he could end 
up in jail,' reveals a source.


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