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Proof the Voice Never Left! 10 Live Mariah Carey Flawree™ Performances within the Last Year

So Mariah Carey's 2013 year has been interesting. From a terribly lip-synced BET performance, to the infamous voice split during her GMA Performance of #Beautiful stans of under-talented heathens, Arianators and little monsters have been trying to rip into Mariah Carey, accusing her of not being able to sing live anymore.

Is this true? No. Simply not. A previous post, in vain, attempted to prove that she could still sing by using 10 year old performances, but, we all know the fantastic Messiah can still take even Jesus to the roman-catholic church when she gives her all. Thus, without further ado, let's go and review the evidence that her vocal chops are still there and that the pasture of lambs have been greener than how they were in like, 1999 or something.

1. Hero, 7/4/2013

Lowering the key a little bit for her to sing the song fully, Mariah was #triumphant as she ripped through accusations of losing her voice from the BETgate fall out. However, she performed the song with the original key (just toyed with the notes a bit) for Monaco's performance and Morocco's performance, both of which were pretty good and, for the former, 100% live.

Notes to look out for: Belted D5s that briefly reach E5. She also hits an Eb3 in her Gold Coast rendition.

2. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme), Monaco. 6/2/2012

Performing this song 100% live for the first time ever, Mariah Carey keeps it poised and cool until the climax, where she straight up belts the entire thing out. Of course, she played with the song a bit so it's not as vocally demanding as the studio version, but she does come out guns ablazing with this fantastic rendition.

Notes to look out for: The whole damn climax is filled with C5-C#5s. The "SHINES BRIGHTLYYYYYYEEEEYYYYY" is a D5.

3. #Beautiful, 7/4/2013

After the BET and GMA fiasco, it seemed like Mariah would never be able to actually do this song justice (and her fear/being forced to sit because of Tiny Yet Strong Flying Legs Miguel probably did not help matters). Luckily, fireworks happened on 4th of July as Mariah performed this song in earnest and slayedT it.

Notes to look out for: No super high belts or anything, but she raised the key on the whistles which ranged from E6 to A6 and peaked at C#7.

4. We Belong Together, GMA Performance 2013

GMA might have been overshadowed by that.... whatever that was, but she definitely showed off her belting prowess at early morning in the cold, which should knock any singer on their ass completely. Mariah hung in there enough to perform a new climax of WBT which, to my ear, sounds live. She has much better pre-recorded endings for this song (and she has no shame in using them for 10+ years!)

Notes to look out for: E5 at "We Belong Together Baby!", then standard C5s across the board. She also performed the climax fully at American Idol's finale and she sung it a year earlier in Morocco, the liveness of it is dubious but, at the very least, she used a different prerecorded "live" vocal that hits an F5s. Bless ha for giving the lambs what they want: extravagant endings that we later use to judge her other performances. She also mighta sung it live at the Gold Coast earlier. Fitriah does not pant that easily!

5. Any I'll Be There performance

It's kinda a cop out but I'll be damned if it isn't true! Mariah Carey has SLAYED this song under any condition. She belts multiple E5s during her Morocco and Monaco performances and continued to SLAY at the Gold Coast.

Notes to look out for: Every belt is above a C5, so that's unimportant but she does dip into Eb3/E3 for her lower register. A fantastic A5 in Head Voice. Also, at the Gold Coast, she hits an E6 in her whistle register before chirping it up to a C#7. Damn girl!

6. Dreamlover (Some sort of 1994 skittering Synth Remix) at Morroco

Mariah took the stage to perform this usually optional hit. She handled it with all the grace her raspy voice could do. Still, she managed to pull it off despite her voice not being the most pristine (on the other hand, you can clearly tell what was live!).

Notes to look out for: That beautiful, live C7 in the beginning. When will ur faves eva??? Also, she hits a B5 and A5 in head voice, showing that it's not going to waste. Her belts briefly peak at D5.

7. Don't Forget About Us in Australia

Performing the supposedly unforgettable Don't Forget About Us (as reputed on the Platinum Edition of The Emancipation of Mimi), Mariah remembered about the song's existence and decided to sing it. She performed it flawlessly and with minor lipping.

Notes to look out for: The lower range Bb2, exactly like the recording! Her whistle register hits with F6-G6. Her belts have some slight lipping but she does hit an extended Bb4, you can tell by that out of breath growl she hits out at the last second. Her other performance is is more consistent with whistles but a little shaky on the belts

8. All I Want for Christmas Is You on Jimmy Kimmel!

Anyone who thinks Mariah is a voiceless granny needs to have several with this song. In the original key, Mariah sings along accompanied by a little kid choir (the adorable girl on the far left is superior to everything your fav will try in their career.), the roots using standard little kid instruments and ....Jimmy Kimmel existing or something. The video became memetic and reminded us that late night talk shows exist.

Notes to look out for: Flawless E5 belts. G5s and A5s in head voice which are powerful and breezy enough to make your favs look awful. She did something similar at the Rockerfeller Center in a clearly peppermint inspired ensemble. Also, of note, Mariah proposes Santa Claus and her go to the ghetto after the performance! Santa Claus proudly accepts.

9. That Jazz Performance, sometime in September 2012

After having a lackluster Triumphant performance (the only memorable parts were the whistles, peaking at her standard C7), Messiah Carey graced us at Belhman's Bar where she sung her heart out. Probably on that bubbly, she slayed the world multiple times over to the extent where she collected enough dragon balls to promptly revive us and set the world back to normal. Thank you, Mimi.

Notes to look out for: A gorgeous C3 for her lowest note. And a D5-E5 belted note. Classic vocal impromptu arrangements and she showed off her musicality with her love for Jazz! Sometimes it's not all about the notes!

10. American Idol Performance(s)
I know what some of you are thinking. "She lipped this performance! How does it count?!" Well, she didn't. American Idol is just shady af and didn't sync up the audio and video. She actually performed 3 separate takes, each of them very distinct and chose the best ones to be spliced together! I included one of the takes that just laid her performance over the video because I know some of you hate looking at black screens.

The other two takes can be found (albeit there's only half of the second take) here and here

Notes to look out for: Oh, god, where to begin. First of all, the above Vision of Love take hits a belted F5. One of Make It Happen's peaks at F#5, and all of the extended notes are E5, some of which are at the best of her career's. My All, in the second and third take climbs and scales an E5 like drunk batman rock climbing. Hero hits an E5, but it had the strength to carry on to F5/F#5 depending on the take. WBT hits an E5 as well. Then we have a heavily dubbed, and slightly irrelevant #Beautiful, but she hits E6-F6 in the whistle register. Also, of note, the third take contains snippets of Breakdown, as Mariah performed songs like Underneath the Stars, Can't Let Go, Heartbreaker, Breakdown and the Roof in between the sets to satisfy her unusually carnivore leaning lambs.

What are your favorite Mariah Carey performances from the past year? Of all time? Mariah Party post y/y/y? Also, of note, her vocal range, as of this past year, is Bb2 -> D7. I could have used Mariah's Theme (remix), Always be my baby, It's like that and Emotions performances but, you know, trying to keep it to ten!

Sources for the videos are the videos themselves. The terribly rambling writing was written by syntheses, hence the ONTD Original!

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