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This Is An ONTD Original : The 2013 ONTD International WORST DRESSED List Nominations + Voting Post!


Hey, ONTD!

Previously, you all voted for the international celebrities who you've nominated and voted as the community's Best Dressed for 2013 as a counter to Vanity Fair's own fashionable list in their annual September style issue. This time around, let's turn the tables and see which celebs will headline the 2013 ONTD International Worst Dressed List in the same way that the infamous fashion critic, the late Mr. Richard Blackwell, released his own "Ten Worst Dressed Women" list--a tradition that began back in 1960 until his death in October 2008.

But I digress... Let's get right down to dragging business up in this fashion bitch!

1.) You can nominate any living celebrity--from actors, musicians, politicians, royalty, athletes, and other well-known media figures--by posting a photo or two of that celebrity dressed in his/her WORST DRESSED outfit. At least one of those pictures should have a look that the celebrity wore from January 2013 to present time.

2.) Once a nominated celebrity has been officially posted by a member, you can vote for that nominated worst dressed celeb by simply commenting -1 (lbr since this is a worst dressed poll, they don't deserve to get a +1 from you in the first place unlike the best dressed). Any member can nominate as many worst dressed celebrities as they want, provided that each individual celeb be only nominated ONCE.

3.) You can also vote for celebrity couples who you think are worst dressed. Simply post a photo or two of the couple together in their WORST DRESSED outfits to qualify for a nomination. At least one of those pictures should have a look that the celebrity couple wore from January 2013 to present time.

4.) Duplicate nominations (and corresponding down votes under that thread) will not be counted, so please refresh your browser from time to time to avoid confusion.

5.) You have until the start of this post until midnight EST of August 11, 2013 (Sunday) to vote for the worst dressed celebrities nominated. which means you guys have the whole weekend to cast your dragging down votes. After the cut-off period, comments will be closed so that I will tally the votes and present the 2013 International Worst Dressed Honorees List by either Monday (Aug 12) or Tuesday (Aug 13). I will continue to update this post once the comments pages start to fill up with nominees and votes, so you guys will be able to see which celebs have already been mentioned.

Thank you for your time, ONTD!


Page 01: Justin Bieber / Miley Cyrus / Liam Payne / Leonardo DiCaprio / Nicki Minaj / Kim Kardashian / Lady GaGa / Brook Lopez / Ezra Miller / Vanessa Hudgens / Zachary Quinto / Lindsay Lohan / Amanda Bynes

Page 02: Britney Spears / Benedict Cumberbatch / Ellen Page / Rita Ora / Rihanna / Kristen Stewart / Heidi Klum / Iggy Azalea / Katy Perry / Cara Delevingne / Ariana Grande / Ashley Benson / Lana Del Rey / Kaley Cuoco

Page 03: Azealia Banks / Avril Lavigne / Courtney Stodden / Ed Sheeran / Florence Welch / Kelly Osbourne / Johnny Depp / Emma Roberts / Naya Rivera / Zooey Deschanel / Chris Brown / Willow Smith / Holland Roden / AnnE Hathaway

Page 04: Robert Pattinson / Crystal Reed / Jaden Smith / Ke$ha / Taylor Swift / Lena Dunham / Ashton Kutcher / Jesse Eisenberg + Mia Wasikowska (couple) / Hayley Williams of Paramore / Little Mix / Selena Gomez / Drake / Perez Hilton / Fifth Harmony

Page 05: Alfie Allen / Mary-Kate Olsen / Beyonce Knowles / Tom Sturridge / Madonna / Martin Freeman

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