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Celebrities tweet about hurricane Sandy


As Hurricane Sandy is about to bear down on the East Coast, and states of emergency are being declared, several celebs have taken to Twitter to comment on the superstorm.

The comments range from caring and concerned to downright crazy.

Check out what the stars had to say about Sandy.

Alec Baldwin: Sandy…..that bitch!

Kim Kardashian: Back in Miami now. Missed the storm. I’m praying for everyone on the East Coast. I hope everyone is safe!

Bethenny: I’m nervous. People say sandy is worse than Irene. We’re on the water in the hamptons & near it in the city. Both will be evacuated

Jimmy Kimmel: starting to get windy here in #Brooklyn…I hope our shows don’t fly away

Larry King: Is #Sandy a boy or a girl?

Khloe Kardashian: Praying for everyone on the East.

Lo Bosworth: SANDY

Rob Lowe:
”Oh Sandy, this boardwalk life for me is through.” @springsteen

Lena Dunham: My dad re: the hurricane: “I have tons of cash and a salad”

Jerry Seinfeld: Mayor Bloomberg going with zip up neck sweater to fight Sandy. Shows preparedness. Windy: zip it up Storm over: back down

Ricky Gervais: This “Sandy” who’s on TV all the time and is blowing the entire east coast, I assume she’s a Kardashian right?

Kirstie Alley: hello Maine … Is the storm hitting around Camden Maine?? thank you

Andy Cohen: In preparation for #Sandy I am downloading 10 more episodes of #FridayNightLights

Pam Anderson: EAST COAST: As Frankenstorm approaches, remember to care for your animal companions

Ricky Martin: A great walk in the park before the storm. We may not have foliage after it

Kristin Chenoweth: No Katie Couric show tomorrow because she needs to cover Frankenstorm! Scary stuff!

Josh Groban: hang tight and stay safe east coasters. gonna be a doozy. #sandy#whyamiinla

Vinny Guadagnino: I heard someone say it best: we made it through #9/11 we can make it through anything . #NewYork #SANDY

Jimmy Fallon: East coasters stay safe – watch the news and look for updates. #Sandy We will be doing a new show tomorrow night no matter what. #LateNight

Howard Stern: Yes, the show must go on. We are planning on doing a radio show tomorrow.

Sophia Bush: I hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe during Sandy this week. Y’all are in my thoughts. xoxo

Peter Facinelli: Hoping every on the East coast stays safe during the storm.

Maria Menounos: NY is shut down but my dedicated colorist @kylecolor opened Oscar blandi 4 me!pizza/color be4 storm

Olivia Wilde: Were there this many hurricanes before Twitter? #justsayin

Michelle Trachtenberg: You know NYC is on hurricane watch when the bread isle at the grocery store is empty. Don’t think that would be the case in carb fearing LA!

Bill Maher: Republicans saying we may have to wait till Thurs to find out exactly how and where Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy was incompetent

Zachary Quinto: sending thoughts of safety to the entire east coast in the path of hurricane sandy.

Rob Lowe: Flying home from east coast and #Sandy. Wish I could bring all in harms way with me. #StaySafe

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: “Come here Sandy, Come here girl!” -Little Orphan Annie & some guy on the east coast who really needs a day off tomorrow.


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