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When Sexy Goes Wrong: *5 Unfortunate Album Covers

Earlier today Ariana Grande unveiled the cover of Yours Truly on Instagram and triggered a heated debate about the appropriateness of posing on a bed of roses in frilly lingerie. The general consensus is that she missed the mark but never fear, Arianators — the 20-year-old is in very good company!

Some of pop music’s biggest names have dropped the ball in the pursuit of sexy. Here are 10 examples of great albums that are a little hard on the eye. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I totally understand if Barbra Streisand in hotpants floats your boat. It kind of works for me too.

Bette Midler — Thighs And Whispers
This is a really fun album. Unfortunately, Bette looks like she just escaped from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But it was the disco era, so she gets a pass.

Brooke Hogan — The Redemption
What is this? A drawing or computer-generated animation? In any case, it's kind of terrifying.

Millie Jackson — Back To The Shit
I'm obsessed with Millie Jackson but she torpedoed an extremely successful career by posing on the john for this LP cover.

Khia — Thug Misses
This cover sums up the femcee's descent from Janet Jackson collaborator to the face of struggle.

Christina Aguilera — Lotus
This whole album is about rebirth and starting over. If only the designer embraced that mentality and tried again after coming up with this concept.


Bad album covers post, ONTD!

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