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YA Movie Adaptations that aren't Divergent City of Bones Catching Fire Ender's Game Maze Runner etc.

Sierra Pictures Acquires 'Obsidian' for the Big Screen (Exclusive)

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Armentrout's YA novel is the first in the five-title "Lux" series.

Sierra Pictures will finance and produce the film adaptation of Obsidian, about a 17-year-old girl who discovers that her neighbor is anything but the normal guy next door.

Jennifer Armentrout's YA novel, published by Entangled Publishing, is the first in the five-title Lux series.

The story follows Katy Swartz as she moves to rural West Virginia just before her senior year, resigned to a life of boredom. Things look up when she meets Daemon Black, her neighbor, but she quickly finds herself infuriated by his arrogance. However, Daemon and his sister soon turn out to have otherworldly powers with a galaxy of enemies pursuing them, with Katy caught in their crosshairs.

Sierra's Nick Meyer and Marc Schaberg will executive produce the movie, with Sierra/Affinity handling international sales. Sierra/Affinity senior vp of production and acquisitions Kelly McCormick and senior vp of sales Kristen Figeroid were instrumental in bringing in the property. McCormick will oversee production.

Armentrout's new e-book Wait for You -- published under the pen name J. Lynn -- debuted at No. 25 on the New York Times E-Book Fiction Best Sellers list before shooting up to No. 1 in its third week. She also topped the Amazon.com self-published list, the Barnes and Noble self-published list and the iTunes self-published list.

Armentrout and Entangled Publishing are represented by the Gersh Agency; Marsal Lyon Agency is the publishing agent.


'Legend' Author Marie Lu On Film Adaptation, New Book Series

The bad news first, "Legend" fans: There's no updates to be had on the movie adaptation of Marie Lu's YA trilogy. The good news: You know that saying "no news is good news," right? Well, in this case, that's probably true.

When Hollywood Crush caught up with Marie at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, she told us that the film's status is the same as it was last time we updated you: Producers are hunting for a director. "I'm excited by the people they're thinking of, and hopefully it'll pan out," she said cheerfully. "I'm excited to see who they pick and excited to see where it goes from there."

As plenty of authors know, just because a production company buys the film rights to a book doesn't mean it'll get past the development process. But Marie is just happy there's the potential of a "Legend" movie. "When I first wrote the book I didn’t even know that we could sell movie rights. I didn’t know that was, like, a thing you could do, so when it happened I was so excited and I still can’t quite believe it," she said. "I definitely fantasize the possibility of going on set. I’d imagine it would be very surreal to see things that are in your brain laid out in the real world."

Giving up control of something you've spent so much time on is nerve-wracking, but Marie said she's comfortable with any changes producers might want to make. "I know there’s a lot of things that won’t translate well to the screen. They’re just two very different mediums," she said. "Especially with 'Legend'—June as a character, a lot of stuff happens in her head, where she’s constantly thinking about numbers and puzzles. I’m sure that would have to be translated differently. I’ve seen the screenplay, and I really love what they’ve done with it."

Whether we'll see a Marie Lu movie or a new Marie Lu book first depends entirely on how fast the often slow film-making process moves. A new book, on the other hand, is definitely coming. Marie said a first draft of the first book in her new series is two thirds of the way done, and should be released by next fall. "It’ll be a YA fantasy series, and it’s called the 'Young Elites' for now," she said.Mb< "I’m sort of pitching it as 'X Men' meets 'Assassin’s Creed.' It’s superheroes but in this fantasy, renaissance-y society. I’ve always wanted to write a fantasy."</b>

And we might not have seen the last of the "Legend" world—Marie said she would be open to revisiting the story in the (far) future. "I never rule anything out. I could see myself potentially revisiting the world in the future, but if it happens, I don’t think it’ll be any time soon," she said. "I think it might be a little while so I can sort of cleanse my palate so I can feel refreshed and ready to go back into the world."


Bite Into 'Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters' Poster!

Filming on the big-screen adaptation of Richelle Mead's bloody best-seller "Vampire Academy" may have just wrapped over the weekend, but the studio behind the February 14 release is already giving fans a chance to bite into part of the production.

A nifty new motion poster for "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" has just hit the web, which captures blood droplets slowly coloring a school seal, with the taglines "Prepare to be tested" and "Registration begins 2014."

The film follows BFFs Rose (a dhampir) and Lissa (a royal Moroi) as they return to St. Vladimir's Academy after running away a few years prior. Plenty of drama unfolds as the girls readjust to campus life and try to find their places in the school's social strata.

Zooey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Danila Kozlovskiy star.

motion video poster @ source

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