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Michelle Stafford Breaks Her Silence!

In a fantastic farewell interview in Soap Opera Digest, one of the best actresses to ever grace the daytime genre, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) breaks her silence about the real reasons she left the show, how she'd feel if she was recast and what she plans to do now.

She also talks about how TPTB reacted to her decision to say good-bye."No one tried to make me stay, but in their defense, I was pretty definite about going," she says. "And I did it so there wouldn’t be any drama, so that they knew I wasn’t going to play a negotiation game. I really care for everyone at the show. I established long-lasting relationships with them. And I wanted it to be all above-board. So I think they knew I was serious."

Digest: How would you feel if the show recast you?
Stafford: You know what? Let's be honest with this. I absolutely think they will if they haven't already done it. They are just going to be quiet about it. And I say this because the character is so instrumental in the show. The character of Phyllis is such a driver of people's stories.

She is so instrumental in how they are writing the story now in Jack's life, Avery's, Summer's and Nick's lives. Phyllis created conflict. As a producer, I see how they can't lose the character. I'm pretty sure they will recast. They may, as a courtesy, ask if I wanted to come back; I don't know, they may not. It's okay with me. It doesn't matter because I am done. I'm completely done. And I'm not upset if they recast, I totally would understand.

Even when I called Angelica [McDaniel, head of CBS Daytime], I said, 'You will probably recast.' And she said, 'No, no, no. We won't recast.' And I said, 'Well, I have some ideas, if you are interested.'

First joining the cast in 1994, she was introduced as an obsessed fangirl stalking rock star Danny Romalotti. Stafford left the show in 1997 and returned in 2000. Stafford's role earned her Daytime Emmy's for Best Drama Supporting Actress in 1997 and Best Drama Actress in 2004.

It’s A Wrap For Kelly Sullivan As She Tapes Her Final Day On General Hospital!

All good things must come to an end. The fabulous Kelly Sullivan tweeted a few hours ago that she was on her way into General Hospital to tape her final day on the ABC soap opera.

As fans know at the end of June, we learned that Kelly’s character of Connie Falconeri was being written off the canvas! Now just how she leaves the series is up to much speculation.

Kelly took to Twitter this morning announcing her final day at GH stating, “My last day. It’s gonna be a good one.” Meanwhile her cast mate Laura Wright (Carly) sent her some well wishes on Twitter for her final day at the studio.

The Young and the Restless' Tracey Bregman is Kidnapped Again!

She's been held hostage in a cage, imprisoned in an abandoned zoo and even buried alive. Now The Young and the Restless' Lauren Fenmore — played by Emmy winner Tracey E. Bregman — has been kidnapped by her crazed ex-lover Carmine, who has her stashed away in a mountain cabin. Look for a violent clash between Carmine and Lauren's hubby Michael on Monday, July 29 — with a twisty conclusion!

TV Guide: What is it with you and psycho stalkers?
Bregman: [Laughs] Honey, what's with me and duct tape? Every Y&R writer finds a way to somehow bind me in duct tape. But this one I never saw coming. Obviously Carmine was obsessed with Lauren. But he started out such a sweet, gentle soul. She never imagined he'd become psychotic and physically dangerous. Neither did I!

TV Guide: Seriously? After all your experience with nutjobs?
Bregman: I'm serious! And I truly believe Lauren did not see this coming, that she did not see the depths of Carmine's feelings for her. She thought she was just having a fun fling during the worst time of her life. He was her escape.

TV Guide: A little something happens in the July 29 episode that suggests the Y&R writers may be turning Carmine into another Sheila.
Bregman: The Sheila fans are certainly hoping there's a connection!

TV Guide: Meaning what, that they think he secretly is Sheila?
Bregman: Hey, it's happened! This is Y&R! [Laughs] Everybody else has played her! You know, it's funny about the fans. They liked the flirting between Lauren and Carmine but the second it crossed the line into an actual affair, it was really hard for them to take. They had such an emotional investment in Michael and Lauren being the only happy couple in Genoa City...but when our characters were the happiest, we were mostly off-screen.

TV Guide: The objectification of women and, particularly, violence against women isn't okay — no big spoiler there — yet over the years there's been so much of it on Y&R where Lauren is concerned. Do you ever take issue with that?
Bregman: It's a very serious issue, which is why I am thrilled to see that they have Lauren fighting back. Our show has tackled a lot of socially relevant subjects and done it very well. We try to keep the stories emotional. I would hate to think we were playing any of the physical violence for entertainment. For Lauren, this is a story of survival, and that she has the strength to fight back even when the odds are against her and she's physically outmatched. We're asking questions like, how far would you go to protect your family? It got very hairy for a couple of episodes, nothing I'd ever want to repeat in a storyline, but you do see the fighter in Lauren. She's been pushed to that brink. There's another huge twist coming I can't wait for you to see.

TV Guide: How the heck did you turn 50? I remember watching you when you were 14 on Days of Our Lives! This can't be possible!
Bregman: I can't believe it myself! I'm, like, how on earth did this happen? But it's better than the alternative, right? I wake up every morning grateful for the opportunity to see another day. I tell all the young girls on Y&R, "Aging isn't for sissies — and it's even harder when you're in HD!" People are always asking how I remain so dedicated to staying in shape. [Laughs] Trust me, it's no big mystery. When your ass is in HD, you have dedication. I tell people all the time that I'm 50, and why not? If I don't, the Internet will get me anyway. It's not like I'm hiding anything but it is weird. I still feel there's an 18-year-old dancing inside of me.

TV Guide: Well, now that you're a divorcee, you're also staying young by doing the cougar thing. Isn't your new guy, Aaron Cameron, like 12-years-old?
Bregman: He's not 12 years old! But he's younger than me.

TV Guide: Well, I'm very happy for you, except for one thing. By divorcing your husband, Ron Recht, you had to give up the best stripper name ever — Tracey E. Recht!
Bregman: [Laughs] Lemme tell ya, it was really hard to give up that name! That was a rough one. But somehow I pulled through. Somehow I managed.

TV Guide: Because, like Lauren Fenmore, you're a survivor?
Bregman: Actually, I don't consider myself a survivor at all. I think of myself as a thriver. [Laughs] And there's a big, big difference!

B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang & Don Diamont Talk BRILL!!

Once again The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke, (or as Stephanie Forrester and recently her sister, Katie recently called her, “The slut from the Valley”) made a faux-pas and slept with her sister’s hubby, Dollar Bill Spencer! Of course, there were “extenuating circumstances” that led to the deed of passion. For one, Katie gave her ring back to Bill in front of Brooke! Katie seems to do that alot! And then of course, the house of cards came tumbling down and Taylor brought out Brooke and Bill’s affair which produced a baby, which Brooke miscarried! And so the story goes from there!

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Uncensored, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Don Diamont (Bill) are named the Sexiest Couple Alive 2013, even though the duo are not technically together on the canvas of the CBS soap. Katherine and Don shared their thoughts on the future and the coupling known as “Brill” in the interview, and the story which gave them and five-time Daytime Emmy winner, Heather Tom (Katie) plenty to play. Here are a few excerpts below!

Katherine and Don on if they knew felt their on-screen pairing would take off:

Don: “I thought it would be great from the start. I had to pull Kelly along… didn’t I?” Katherine: “I thought it would be great, too. I was just concerned about the pregnancy. But I did think that Katie being Brooke’s sister would add a new dynamic to my performances with Heather and the story. Katie did totally say goodbye to Bill, like how many times? She threw her rings in Bill’s face. Actually, Bill was very nice to her during that time.” Don: ”That’s what I think! Yeah! Thanks for having my back, Kelly. That’s my girl.”

Katherine and Don if they think Brill has a real future: DON: ”I certainly think they could. It’s plausible. That could legitimately be written. I think so. I don’t know if they are going that way or not…” Katherine: “It’s possible. But there would always be that tension with Katie. Does Brooke want to do that to Katie? I know Katie still loves Bill. That would be hard for Brooke.”

Actress Deidre Hall dishes on the future of soaps!

She's survived a plane crash, hysterical amnesia and a plunge from a 30th-floor window without even mussing her hair. She's been married eight times, four of them to the same guy; been kidnapped and comatose; played a surrogate mother and serial killer. And, oh yeah, did we mention her demonic possession?

There's never a dull moment in the life of Dr. Marlena Evans, the psychiatrist brought to life by actress Deidre Hall on NBC's "Days of Our Lives" since 1976.

In the interview, Hall discussed how she has maintained her ageless look, her favorite storylines and her love for her "soap family."

Q: What do you believe is the future of soap operas today? What does the industry need to do to keep them relevant to today's generation of viewers?

A: The two ABC shows, All My Children and One Life to Live, were canceled by a man who was not very knowledgeable about what he was doing. He thought it would be cheaper to do a game show or reality show.

It isn't about budgets. Women have been watching these shows for so many generations they are invested. They've shared them with their grandparents and grandchildren. It's their touchstone, it's their family.

The reason we are their family is because we've been there for viewers almost 50 years. We were there when they came home from school and Grandma was in the kitchen with our show on, when they went off to college and had something in common with their roommates watching the show.

We are there when people go into rest homes, on holidays when nobody comes to the table. We know our audience really loves us. We're family. The ABC executive, who is now gone, didn't get that.

We're never going off the air. There will always be a wonderful place for soap operas.

Q: What about the soaps trying to make a comeback online? Do you think it's feasible?

A: I don't know if you can ask your audiences to go [to the smaller screen]. They are used to having you right there in their house.

We don't ask you to pay for it (the daily show); online needs the audience to pay a dollar (soaps on iTunes are 99 cents per episode download). It's a different way to do business.

Q: What has been your favorite storyline on "Days of Our Lives?"

A: I've had a couple. The most infamous storyline was the (satanic) possession story, because it was so groundbreaking and so trendsetting.

Jim Reilly, who wrote that story, was a devout Catholic and medical doctor, so he made sure it was done with great professionalism and believability. The audience really resonated to it. That was so great to play because it was so outside the margin.

The other was with my twin sister, Andrea. (Andrea Hall played Samantha Evans, twin sister of Marlena, for five years. She returned in 2000, to play Hattie, a Marlena lookalike.)

Q: I understand you are getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

A. Next year. It is so surreal to me. I still think about it and go, "Really?" I'm so flattered. But I don't act because I want the applause. I act because I love the creative process.

New DAYS Deal For Kristian Alfonso!

Fan favorite Kristian Alfonso, who recently marked 30 years as DAYS's Hope, has signed a new contract with the soap she first joined in 1983.

"I'm excited about the future and always humbled to be asked to stay with DAYS OF OUR LIVES for another year," the actress tells Digest exclusively.

Jackie Zeman savors memories of growing up in Bergen County!

When actress Jacklyn Zeman visits her sister in Upper Saddle River, she always wakes up well-rested. Bergen County still feels like home to actress Jackie Zeman, who stays at her sister's place when she returns to New Jersey.

"Whenever I come to your house I sleep like a rock," Zeman said to Carol Kolb on a recent visit. It isn't because Kolb's house is comfortable – although it is comfortable, Zeman said. It's because Zeman is relaxed here, Kolb told her. "It's home," Zeman agreed. Home is a feeling, not a building. It's peace and comfort. It's Zeman back in Bergen County.

Jackie Zeman, who is best-known to soap opera fans as Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital, grew up in Bergenfield. It was there that she and her two younger sisters, Lauren and Carol, developed their interests and lasting friendships. It was there that Zeman first felt inspired to follow the adventurous spirit she inherited from her father.

"I remember growing up and looking at my mom and my dad — my mom was the one who watched us while he went to work every day, but I remember thinking, 'He's having all the fun,'" said Zeman, 60.

Her dad worked at IBM, but outside of the office, he had a motorcycle and a speedboat and a pilot's license. He took the family hiking and camping and waterskiing. Zeman followed his risk-taking lead, parachute jumping and traveling all over the world.

Zeman's father has passed away but both of her sisters and her mother, Rita, still live in Bergen County. "Everybody stayed in the pod," Zeman laughed. As Zeman and Kolb, who is four years younger, sat in the Ridgewood Starbucks on a recent afternoon, their laughter at times overtook the place as they reminisced about their youth.

Their white ranch house on Graphic Boulevard had apple, peach, pear and plum trees that the three sisters would climb. They had two cats and a dog and a pool in their back yard, which spread seamlessly into the neighbors' lawn. There were no gates or fences.

"You had your yard, you had everybody's yard," said Zeman. "We knew all of our neighbors. Everybody's moms were home. … We were really lucky. We had a pretty good life growing up." In the summers, nobody went to camp, they just played. Zeman and a friend would put together a play for the neighborhood kids to perform. "We would do it on the breezeway," said Kolb. "The parents would all come."

Zeman immediately recalled one of Kolb's greatest breezeway moments. "I remember when you did that song, 'My Daddy is President,'" Zeman said to Kolb. "You were so good. I remember thinking, 'She's killing it.'"

In the winter, they vividly recall watching the snow fall outside and waiting for the phone chain to get to their house announcing a snow day. She and her sisters would grab their flying saucer and head to the "big" hill on Main Street in Park Ridge.

"We grew up with this automatic, built-in social life that was just provided to us," Zeman said. "It was actually really safe now that I think back. That was so much fun."Once a week, they would go out to dinner as a family. Once a week, their parents would go out to dinner alone. As the girls got older, they hit Washington Avenue. "That was our hangout," said Zeman.

The Florence Shop department store. Silver Spoon diner for french fries and a vanilla Coke every day after school. ("We couldn't afford the burger," Zeman said with a laugh.) A boutique called Sports Flair for the "cool stuff"— bell-bottoms, short leather skirts.

They had dances on the playground at their elementary school and big block parties. They remember participating in many town parades as Girl Scouts or members of the Safety Patrol. At Bergenfield High School, Zeman met drama teacher Martin Winkler and learned to love acting as much as dance.

Dance was Zeman's first love, though, and she left high school early to pursue it, getting her GED and heading to the dance department at NYU at only 15. Just two years later, she moved to Caracas, Venezuela, to be a dancer there. After that, she moved to New York City, but frequently crossed the river to the Jersey side.

"All the time," Zeman said. "When I lived in New York, I had a car so I could drive back and forth. I've always been really close with my family."

She was a model and a Playboy Bunny. "I was on the softball team," she said of her time as one of Hugh Hefner's girls. "Played third base." She traveled often, working for Hefner's record company and then as a district manager for Elaine Powers exercise studios. When she didn't want to travel, she had a decision to make.

Zeman had been taking acting classes for fun but not going on auditions. She decided a soap opera would be the perfect job. Many filmed in New York and they were only a half-hour long. A half-hour of work a day, then she could do other things. She laughs now at the ignorance of her youth.

She took a role on "One Life to Live," then soon after was offered a contract for "General Hospital." The show shot in Los Angeles but the contract was for only two years. She was 24 and this would be yet another adventure. Nearly four decades later, she is still living in California.

"I never thought I'd end up there," said Zeman, who raised her two daughters, now 22 and 21, on the West Coast. Despite the miles, Zeman stayed close to her family and Jersey roots. "I used to take that redeye back all the time," she said.

It was written into her contract that she would get two weeks off at Christmas. She returned home with her girls, took in the winter wonderland she missed in Malibu, continued the family traditions of seeing the Rockettes at Radio City and big meals with friends and family on Christmas Eve.

"We're a big eating family," said Zeman. "My mother would make huge meals, cookies and cakes, sausage bread. It was great." They would walk to church on sidewalks lined with luminaries.

Zeman hasn't been a regular on "GH" for a few years, but recently returned to the fictional city of Port Charles for episodes in honor of the show's 50th anniversary. She remains a recurring character on the ABC soap and hopes to have a chance to pursue good storylines for Bobbi Spencer in the future.

Parker Posey On Grace of Monaco and Her AS THE WORLD TURNS Days!

Last night the Ali Forney Center -- which provides shelters, drop-in centers and outreach for LGBT homeless youth in New York -- held their fourth-annual summer Oasis benefit at the Chelsea Piers. It was our kind of fundraiser: There were cute boys in swimsuits, drag queens (including a performance by Detox of RuPaul's Drag Race) and the evening's emcee was our eternal girl crush, Parker Posey. (Photos below!) All in all, the evening raised $200,000. Mr. Mickey chatted with Posey before she hit the stage to talk Party Girl, the band Oasis and returning to soap operas.

What are your top three tips for being a good emcee?
Oh, you know, just being nice and supportive! And taking pictures.

You're starring in the Grace Kelly movie Grace of Monaco with Nicole Kidman. You play Madge Tivey-Faucon, her scheming lady in waiting -- is it fun to play an evil character?
I like it all really -- this part in the Grace movie is a nod to Mrs. Danvers in [Daphne du Maurier's 1938 novel] Rebecca and Grace is a trapped blond in a Hitchcock-styled monarchy.
It was fun to do.

Which of your movies do fans quote to you the most?
There's been lots of Party Girl lately here in the city because the night life dance scene is picking up again. Work it! It's usually "He-he hello" [from Party Girl] or "air raid, bitches!" [from Dazed and Confused] or "I've been workin' at the DQ." [from Waiting For Guffman.]

Since this is an Oasis event, I have to ask: Do you have a favorite song by the band Oasis?
"Wonderwall." Great song. My old boyfriend Ryan Adams did a cover of it and Liam Gallagher said he liked his version more than his.

I'm a soap opera addict. Any behind the scenes gossip about As the World Turns?
I saw Colleen Zink, who played my aunt a few years ago -- I hadn't seen her for 15 years -- and she still looked the same. The actors on that show were fab. I wish I could go back and do more -- that would be a hoot.

Former GUIDING LIGHT star Michelle Forbes lands role on CHICAGO FIRE!

There are times when Hartley misses the stage and belting out a tune. She’s happy for the memories in theater and the doors it helped open for her career. Those times on the stage were magical, she said.

“I never had the thought I was going to be big or famous, I just knew I enjoyed the feeling of it,” she said. “It made me feel good. It was fun. It was something I enjoyed. I kind of followed that feeling.”

Ryan Brown Visits @NELSON'S!

From soap opera heartthrob with roles on GUIDING LIGHT (Bill Lewis) and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (Billy Abbott), to best-selling author, Ryan Brown dishes about daytime TV and the process of writing fiction on the latest episode of @NELSON'S, hosted by Nelson Aspen.

Watch the interview below.

Jack Wagner: 'Very Disappointed' in The Powers That Be at GENERAL HOSPITAL!

Jack Wagner has spoken out (well, tweeted out) about the way his GENERAL HOSPITAL character, Frisco Jones, was written out of the soap during the 50th anniversary celebration.

Very disappointed in the powers that b @ GH. The ratings momentum around the 50th was blown, BADLY, sorry GH fans we were misled.

The way Frisco was written out was wrong n out of character,I could hv fuckin screamed n should hv but didn't want 2 make waves. Shame on me

It's my fault, I should hv had some sack n stood up 4 the character n his history but was a total pussy. I apologize GH n Frisco fans my bad

I also think so much reality TV is bullshit! A lot of the people r wasted most of the time. Sad the networks sell this shit message 2 kids

BTW I checked w God b4 I chose 2 FINALLY speak my truth about a couple things, He said "It's about time". TY God 4 having my back!!

Later, Wagner tweeted that his thought were only about him and the way he felt.

My tweets aren't about any1 but me n the way I feel. N I'm NOT beating myself up...lv

This is nothing against Frank, I liked him n working w him. He n Ron, whom I've never met, hv their vision n made their choice, so b it..lv

Wagner begins production Wednesday on MY GAL SUNDAY, a new two-hour backdoor pilot and potential primetime series in development for Hallmark Channel.

Billy Magnussen In Talks To Replace Jake Gyllenhaal In Disney's ‘Into The Woods’!

According to Deadline, Billy Magnussen is in final negotiations to replace Jake Gyllenhaal in Disney's Into The Woods. He will play Rapunzel's prince in the Marc Platt-produced adaptation of the stage musical. The film shoots in London this fall with cast that includes Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, James Corden and Emily Blunt. Rob Marshall is directing.

"Into The Woods," with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine, made it's Broadway debut in 1987.

Magnussen was most recently nominated at the Tony Awards for his work in "Vanya And Sonia And Masha And Spike." He starred as Casey Hughes in AS THE WORLD TURNS from 2008-2010.

Gyllenhaal dropped out due to a scheduling conflict.

GENERAL HOSPITAL casting new female role!

GH is hunting for an African-American actress, 25-37, to fill a contract role slated to begin shooting in September.

"She changes a room just by entering it," the character description says.

Peter Reckell: 'The Doors That Are Opening For Me Are Not In Daytime TV'!

Peter Reckell, who left DAYS OF OUR LIVES in 2012 after playing the character of Bo Brady for much of the past 30 years, confirmed on Twitter that he had recent talks with DAYS about a return.

"Ken [Corday, executive producer] and I talked, and as before we could not come to in [sic] agreement," Reckell wrote.

He also addressed the rumors about him possibly joining GENERAL HOSPITAL.

"As for the rumors about other soaps, including DOOL., over the last year," he tweeted, "Those were started by people who thought they could benefit from them. The doors that are opening for me are not in daytime TV. Thanks as always for your generous love and support. :-) :-) :-)"

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Casting Contract Role of "Seth"& Seeking "Name Actor Only"!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES is casting two new roles. The show is seeking a daytime or prime-time "name actor only" to start shooting in mid-August for the contract role of Seth, who is described as a 45-55 gorgeous male.

DAYS is looking for an actor that also meets these qualifications: "All ethnicities. Seth is an outgoing, charismatic extremely handsome man. He is charming and funny but is also opinionated at times, He is very sure of himself which sometimes can be mistaken as arrogance…. The one real chink in his armor is his young son. He is fiercely protective of him. There is some mystery as to their past and he could very well have a darker to his personality when backed into a corner."


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS is casting two roles.

The show is seeking an actor to play the role of David Sherman, a Caucasian male in his 30s who will play the attorney reading the Katherine Chancellor's will after the character passes away. He is the son of the Kay's long-time lawyer, Mitchell Sherman.

Y&R is also seeking an under-five for the part of Dr. Lintz, a pediatric eye specialist.

YOU Can Win A Speaking Role in Kimberly McCullough’s New Film Creve Couer, MO!

Today soap opera fan favorite and director, Kimberly McCullough (Robin, General Hospital) is continuing her awareness and financing drive to bring her exciting film project Creve Couer, MO to life!

Kimberly has announced two exciting pieces of news today for fans who are following the progress and are interested in being part of the film process! First, for just a $2 donation tot he Indiegogo campaign for Creve Coeur, MO., your name will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a speaking role in the film! Winner will be picked at random and announced at the end of the fundraising campaign.

But here is another great perk of the $2 donation! Let’s say you don’t want to be on-camera, and you are picked as the winner of the drawing, Kimberly is offering a picnic lunch with her and other available cast members of the film! It’s a win-win if you ask us and for only a couple of bucks donation!

Now speaking of cast! Kimberly is thrilled to announce Disney star Bella Thorne @BellaThorne is now attached to the project to play the lead role of “Alex”! Bella is known for her work on Shake It Up!, and is currently filming Adam Sandler’s motion picture Blended!

McCullough said on the casting of Thorne: “We are looking forward to getting this movie funded and Bella up on the big screen. She is an incredible talent and we feel so lucky to have her on board.”

To get Creve Couer, MO made it into a feature, Kimberly needs to raise $100,000 and right now she is near $30,000, so this is your chance to help her dream project come to life with some exciting perks along the way. For more on the project, follow them on Twitter @crevecouerfilm!

Now, watch the fundraising drive promo of McCullough discussing Creve Couer, MO to learn more about it.

Cruise With Byrne!

How would you like to take a cruise with AS THE WORLD TURNS' Martha Byrne (Lily)? Well, technically the ship isn't going to go anywhere, but Soap Fan Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines are holding a luncheon on one of their ships in New York City on Saturday, August 24, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm where fans will have the opportunity to take a tour of a Carnival Fun Ship and enjoy lunch with the actress!

The ship is the same one that will host the Soap Reunion 2014 cruise, where fans will be able to cruise with ATWT stars Byrne, Colleen Zenk (Barbara), Trent Dawson (Henry) and Michael Park (Jack). And for just the cost of a $25 ticket, you'll be able to get a taste of what that cruise might be like. As a bonus, Carnival Cruise Lines is donating 100% of that ticket price to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, a charity near and dear to Byrne's heart.

Letherman Talks About GH Return!

Go ahead. Admit it. When a buzzer summoned GENERAL HOSPITAL's Maxie into Connie's Crimson office and the chair behind her desk swung around to reveal a smiling Georgie, you reacted the same way Maxie did. You gasped and then went, "Awwww."

December is the six-year mark of when Georgie was killed by the Text Message Killer, a plot device that had many a GH fan crying foul. She was always a beloved character and her untimely (and unnecessary) death only firmed up that consensus. As it turned out, the relationship between sisters Maxie and Georgie didn't die when Georgie did. Instead, it continued and strengthened on a whole other level.

"Georgie and Maxie have always had such a strong bond and Georgie was always a conscience for Maxie when she wasn't one for herself," says her portrayer, Lindze Letherman. "She was always the person who could get through to Maxie and be that voice of reason and that kind of compass. Nobody else could do that for her. But Maxie put the strength in Georgie, too, to take the risks that she would never take. So they really were counterbalances for each other. That's why their relationship was so wonderful."

The acting bug has stopped biting Letherman, who is on a completely different career path now. She runs TOP CHEF alumni Fabio Viviani's restaurant Café Firenze in Moorpark, CA. On the other hand, you'll be happy to know that if GH came calling, she wouldn't mind making an occasional appearance.

"Oh, I would ALWAYS be down for that," she cheers. "I've always loved GH and it has always been a large part of my life. For me, going back there and seeing all the people that I loved so dearly and seeing the changes in their lives, it was such a treat. To catch up with people was amazingly wonderful. I'd always go back."

Sean Kanan To Screen ‘I’m A Soap Star’ Rap Video!

Remember that rap video teaser showing Sean Kanan (AJ Quartermaine, General Hospital) rapping alongside some of daytime’s finest men including Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful) and Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman, The Young and the Restless)?

Turns out you’ll finally get a chance to view the video in its entirety during Kanan’s upcoming November appearance schedule as part of his birthday bash weekend. From Saturday, November 2 (Kanan’s actual birthday) through Sunday, November 3, Kanan has scheduled appearances in New York and New Jersey that’ll include a screening of the rap video “I’m a Soap Star,” stand-up comedy, an autograph signing, and posing with fans.

The full schedule is as follows:

November 2, 2013

First Event
Brokerage Entertainment Club
2797 Merrick Road
Bellmore, NY
(516) 781-5233
Showtime: 2:00 p.m.
Tickets: $50.00

Second Event
Private dinner
Astoria, NY
(718) 728-8581
Showtime: 7 p.m.
Tickets: $150.00

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Uncle Vinnie’s
520 Arnold Avenue
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
(732) 899-3900
Showtime: 11:00 a.m
Tickets: $45

Y&R’s Doug Davidson and DAYS Eric Martsolf Join the Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise!

Get ready to party, because this year’s Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise, hosted by the rocker (Dr. Noah Drake, General Hospital) himself, has added two special guests to the event: recent Emmy winner, Doug Davidson (Paul Williams, The Young and the Restless), and Days of our Lives’ Eric Martsolf (Brady Black).

The cruise, which will take place from November 14 to November 18, sets sail from Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Not only is the cruise all-inclusive (that means alcohol is included — score!), there will be full band concerts, acoustic sessions, question and answer sessions, photo opportunities, cocktail parties and more.

“Kindly come out with Rick and I,” Martsolf tweeted. “This will be ridiculously fun.”

The Bold and the Beautiful Moves Room 8 to the Internet!

CBS is about to make a little suds history. TV Guide has exclusively learned that Room 8, the fictional web series currently featured on the network's daytime soap The Bold and the Beautiful, will be launched as a real online series on August 8 via the website Room8TheSeries.com.

The eight-episode project will star B&B's Karla Mosley (Maya) and Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter), once again in the roles of Lance and Scarlett, two attractive up-and-comers who unknowingly rent the same apartment and decide to share it, even though they rub each other the wrong way. This being a romantic comedy, they'll soon be rubbing each other the right way, of course!

"This is Rafael's original vision for Room 8 — the one that would have been filmed if Caroline Spencer hadn't gotten involved and started changing it up to make Rick jealous," says Saint-Victor, who is writing and producing the online version of Room 8 with Mosley. This isn't their first Internet teaming. The two actors, who also costarred on CBS' Guiding Light, created and starred in their own online series, Wed-Locked, after GL got the axe.

"When we were hired at B&B, [exec producer] Brad Bell asked us a lot of questions about Wed-Locked — how we created it, how we shot it — and that in a way became the inspiration for Room 8," Saint-Victor says. Adds Mosley: "Brad gave us a lot of creative freedom with this. Like the version of Room 8 you've seen on B&B, this one starts with Lance and Scarlett meeting and moving in together, and Brad had a great idea for the final episode. So, basically, we were given the bookends and the rest was up to us."

Saint-Victor and Mosley expanded Room 8 to include three more players — Sean Whalen as wacky landlord Randy, Deborah S. Craig as Scarlett's BFF Missy and Ross Kiddor as Lance's gamer pal Dex — and they shot the entire series in one day on the B&B soundstage, using the show's production crew.

"This is the first time a network soap has taken a story arc and turned it into a separate series for the Internet," notes Mosley. "It's a really exciting experiment and we're eager to see how it's received. The most wonderful thing about new media is that it's new. The possibilities are endless!"

Another GENERAL HOSPITAL novel from Molly!

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Molly Lansing-Davis has written a follow-up to Love In Maine, the romance novel Connie tried to pass off on her own! Maine Squeeze will be released as an E-book on Tuesday, August 13, and follows the courtship of Stephanie and Jeff, the best pal and brother of Love In Maine's heroine, Maddie.

To pre-order the Kindle edition, visit Amazon.com

‘Into The Woods’ Casts Its Rapunzel!

MacKenzie Mauzy has landed the role of Rapunzel in Disney’s Into The Woods musical, which has been ramping up its ensemble cast ahead of a fall start date. Mauzy’s screen credits include runs on CBS soaps Guiding Light and The Bold and the Beautiful, which she followed with Broadway turns in shows A Tale Of Two Cities, Next To Normal, and the 2011 Chicago production of White Noise.

Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, and Billy Magnussen are set to star in Into The Woods, which is directed by Rob Marshall and set to hit theaters Christmas 2014. Mauzy is repped by Cindy Osbrink, Susan Nickells, and PJ Stapiro.

The Week In The Year 2012!

Thomas and Caroline bonded over keeping Anthony's accident from Dayzee until after her wedding. The day after the wedding, Marcus finally dished to Dayzee that he had hit Anthony with his car and Anthony was in the hospital. Marcus and Dayzee visited Anthony, and Anthony wanted Marcus arrested. The Baker boys complied despite Dayzee's pleas with Anthony and the police. Hope and Liam bonded after Hope had forgiven him when he told her his version of what had happened with Steffy in Italy, but the bonding didn't last long. Brooke had downloaded the Steffy and Liam video to her computer by mistake, and Hope saw it. Hope freaked out on Brooke after Hope realized that Brooke had known all along about the video and what Liam had done with Steffy. Brooke told Hope to let it go because Liam obviously loved Hope enough to marry her. Hope was furious and confronted Liam, but Liam told Hope not to overreact because nothing had happened between him and Steffy. Liam promised they would get through their problems, but Hope wasn't so sure. Steffy continued to recall her passionate moments with Liam. Brooke told Steffy that Hope had seen the video, and Steffy realized that Hope and Liam's marriage might not survive.

Daniel was upset with Nicole because she thought if they spent time together, it might distract him for a few hours while the authorities searched for Melanie. Maggie told Victor to stop interfering in Daniel's life, even if it meant that he wanted to be with Nicole. Lucas gave Sami an ultimatum and told her it was either him or E.J. Sami explained to Lucas that for the sake of Sydney and Johnny, she had to prove E.J.'s innocence and that he should try to understand. Later, Kate cautioned Lucas about getting involved with Sami, or risk being hurt again. Brady and Madison told Ian that they were through with his games and tricks to try to split them up. Madison told him that she and Brady planned to marry the next day. Ian panicked when he realized that Sami had a flash drive that could prove that someone had framed E.J. Ian had a worker delete the footage of Ian removing E.J.'s gloves from the dumpster, unaware that Sami had copied it to a disk. Sami was attacked in the park, and someone stole the flash drive. Bo and Hope questioned Gabi and were concerned with the inconsistencies of her answers. Melanie finally saw Andrew's face and used her charm to steal his cell phone. Chad received a mysterious message from Melanie, and she told him something about tunnels before the phone went dead. As he prepared for his wedding, Brady bumped into Chad and immediately jumped at the chance to help him find Melanie. Brady and Chad headed to the tunnels and instructed Gabi to go to the police. Instead, she went into the tunnels to try to help Melanie get away from Andrew. However, when she and Melanie tried to escape, Andrew threatened to reveal to Melanie that Gabi was involved in her kidnapping. To help keep her mind off Melanie's disappearance, Abigail agreed to help Cameron with the plans for Lexie's benefit. Madison was heartbroken when she thought that Brady had stood her up for the wedding, unaware that he was helping to rescue Melanie. John and Marlena tried to convince Madison that Brady loved her and would never walk out on her, but Ian used the opportunity to put more doubts in Madison's mind. Sami bailed E.J. out of jail, but his problems escalated after Sami and Will agreed to help him escape. Roman was baffled and angry at Sami and Will's determination to support E.J. Roman and the Salem Police Department tracked down E.J. and Sami at the DiMera warehouse. Seconds later, a major explosion rocked Salem and left many residents seriously injured in the debris and rubble.

Anna tracked Luke down to the cabin in the woods. Luke was shot when Heather took aim at Anna. Tracy paid Luke a visit in the hospital, while he was recovered from his gunshot wound. Heather was arrested for a string of crimes, including the murder of Maggie Wurth and injecting Olivia with a concentrated dose of LSD. Heather revealed to Anna that Robin was in the critical care wing at Ferncliff. After Robin's failed attempt to escape, Ewen Keenan ordered Nurse Fletcher to give Robin an electroshock treatment. Robin slipped into a near catatonic state as a result of the treatment. Ewen decided to send Robin to a clinic in Switzerland when he realized that Anna was snooping around Ferncliff. Lulu reached out to Ewen to help Patrick with Patrick's substance abuse problem. Ewen admitted that he missed Elizabeth and was still interested in pursuing a relationship with her. Patrick encouraged Elizabeth to give Ewen a second chance. Blair announced that she was engaged to Tomas. Todd blamed John for driving Blair away from Todd, so Todd decided to send the picture of John and Sam's Fourth of July kiss to Natalie. Todd learned the truth about the accident that had killed Hope and Cole when Todd reviewed footage from the camera that Heather had hidden in Johnny's office. Todd threatened to tell Carly about Johnny's secret, so Johnny revealed that he knew about the baby switch.

Billy fired Phyllis from Restless Style because his investors wanted her out. Phyllis resented that Billy planned to use her on the next cover. Later, Nick slugged Billy for betraying Phyllis, unaware that the office cameras had recorded the assault. Ashley insisted that Jack could not be the CEO of a Jabot/Beauty of Nature merger, so Jack met with two Jabot board members to convince them to vote his way. Jeff told Gloria he'd had Anita declared legally dead; therefore, Anita wasn't his wife. Chelsea loved that Adam had bought her the lakeside mansion. Jeff and Anita tried to wheedle their way into Chelsea's rich new life. Cane helped Genevieve in the aftermath of her room being trashed. Genevieve found an old photo of her, Colin, Cane, Caleb, and Samantha and tried to get Tucker to comfort her. Cane and Lily considered who, other than Genevieve, could be attacking the Atkinsons. Sofia told Neil about her exciting New York job offer. Neil said if Sofia dared take the position, he'd fight for Moses in court. After being rejected by Adam and unhappy with Victor, Sharon acted out by stealing items at Fenmore's. Chelsea, in post-wedding bliss, told Sharon to keep away from Adam. Tim's neighbor identified Phyllis to the police. Phyllis admitted that she had paid off her ex-psychiatrist to go on vacation. Tim received a call from his neighbor about Phyllis being arrested. Michael and Ronan accused Christine of having a vendetta against Phyllis. Heather demanded Paul fire Christine as his attorney because Phyllis distracted her. Jack and Nikki agreed to a wedding the next week, even though he was not yet able to walk. Ashley witnessed a passionate argument between Genevieve and Tucker and was convinced Tucker had never loved her like that. Adam liked Chelsea's name for Kevin and Chloe's website. Abby was unable to convince Gloria to rehire Carmine. Kyle asked Eden out on a date.


EJ tries to be of comfort to Sami while visiting her in prison; Sonny and Will refuse to forgive Adrienne; Chad makes a confession to Justin.

Sami and EJ are hopeful she will make bail, until a surprise witness appears; Chad's CT scan pops up with concerning results.

EJ delivers some possible good news to Sami; Will believes he is holding Sonny back.

Eric turns to Hope for advice about Nicole; Cameron has some bad news about Chad's health.

Kristen impersonates someone from the past; JJ tries to retrieve his drugs without Nicole noticing.

The ELQ votes are tallied, and Alice and Kiki's support saves A.J. from being ousted from his position as CEO; Connie tries desperately to save (?)

Sonny withholds information about the Quartermaine drama from Connie after Morgan begs him to keep their relationship secret

Morgan has a nightmare about Sonny, and worries he will betray his illegitimate son

Morgan's pending nuptials are the subject of debate for Sonny and Carly, who plans to break off his engagement to Kiki

Anna and Duke go to Sonny out of concern for the Jerome family; Connie tries to prove Kiki's paternity is not what Ava claims

The revelation of Quinn's secret wreaks havoc with Wyatt's world; Katie asserts her dominace at Spencer Publications.

Katie is not ready to forgive and forget when it comes to Brooke; Hope listens in as Wyatt and Liam compare themselves to one another.

Donna learns of Katie's secret scheme regarding Brooke and Bill; Wyatt persists in winning Hope's affection.

Rick and Caroline team up to save Forrester Creations.

Maya and Rick disagree about what lies behind Caroline's offfer of assistance; Hope issues Liam an ultimatum abut Steffy.

7/29, The blogger acts against Neil's family; Michael and Carmine's battles reaches a climax.

7/30, Daniel Romalotti returns to town; Billy and Melanie join forces against Adam.

7/31, Cane and Lily respond to their situation in kind; Nick and Daniel butt heads.

8/1, Billy contacts Victoria; Michael and Lauren get unexpected new about Fen.

8/2, Jack proclaims his love for Phyllis; the case against Adam take an unexpected turn.

ALL MY CHILDREN (Episode 46)
Will Angie be able to get to Cassandra before she makes a life-alerting decision? Colby lets down her guard and shows her vulnerable side when Cassandra needs her the most. In his moment of need, who posts bail for Jesse and what's the catch? Miranda finds herself drifting even further from AJ.

ALL MY CHILDREN (Episode 47)
While coming to blows over Angie, David drops a bomb on Jesse. Colby makes a drastic move that will turn Celia's night at the big Chandler Media Gala upside down. Now that AJ is going to the gala with Heather, who will Miranda choose to escort her?

ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Episode 45)
Viki is horrified to see the depths that Clint has sunk to. Matthew becomes uneasy with both Dani and Destiny’s new relationships. Jack turns to David for advice on Kate.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Episode 46)
Bo, Nora, and Viki take control after Clint causes a major scene in public. Dorian figures out that Jack may be seeing someone. Todd and Blair receive a new message from the mysterious organization that changes everything for them.

Chapter 14, MORE ALL MY CHILDREN (Episode 48 and MORE ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Episode 47)
Soaps, sex and stars, behind the scenes of ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE TO LIVE! Exclusive actor interviews, inside scoops and a first look at what's coming up next!

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