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Another Big Brother Houseguest Facing Controversy for Racial Remarks (Shocker!)

'Big Brother 15': Amanda the Mean Girl - Candice's 'greasy,' 'nappy hair head'

In the "Big Brother 15" house, it seems as though Amanda has possibly replaced Kaitlin in the Mean Girls -- though honestly, she's kind of always been one. Read on to find out what's been going down, or just sign up for the live feeds to watch all the nastiness for yourself.

We want to like Amanda. We really do. She's a smart game-player and she's pretty funny. However, she is also one of the nastiest people in the house. She may not be dropping n-words or acting like Helen should go make them some rice, but she's a jerk.

The main target for her hate? Candice, for reasons passing understanding. Aaryn also hates Candice, but at least she has a "reason" -- Aaryn blames Candice for making her look bad and for flying off the handle the night Aaryn flipped her bed over.

We don't agree with Aaryn, but Aaryn thinks she has a reason. Meanwhile, Amanda just hates Candice. We've previously documented this, the time Amanda was talking about wanting to stab Candice with a sharpened butter knife and then the feeds went to fish so Big Brother could warn Amanda about talk like that.

Now Amanda and Aaryn are going off again. Friday's gems include:

Aaryn: "I have this perfume I brought with me ... this perfume's like my little baby and she [mimes Candice spraying it on herself]."
Amanda: "She's very inconsiderate."
Aaryn: She's so inconsiderate.
Amanda [Asian stereotype voice]: "You so inconsiderate!"
Aaryn [Asian stereotype voice]: "B****, you so inconsiderate."
Amanda: "F***ing Candice, all day today I wanna just f***ing kill her."

[Andy comes upstairs and says Candice is crying]
Amanda: "Because she's a b****. ... I hate when people try to play the sympathy card. You've been a b**** c***face this entire time. ... B****, you wore my f***ing headband and didn't ask. She took it off your f***ing head and put it on her greasy-a** nappy hair head."

The vitriol spewed this girl's way is mind-boggling to us. Yes, Candice is kind of annoying. She's not our favorite houseguest. But this is ridiculous -- what has Candice done to them that deserves this kind of hate?

Also, can we please stop calling her fat? Candice is not fat and women cutting down other women that way is gross.

Source: Zap2It

just a reminder that this is the girl who constantly says the black houseguests are pulling the "racism card" and then cries because elissa made fun of her one-piece bathing suit.

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