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Flop ANTM judge says consumers are to blame for size 0 models, not the progressive fashion industry

Kelly Cutrone, the sharp-tongued fashion publicist and America's Next Top Model judge, believes society's 'emphasis on thin' stems from consumers, rather than the fashion industry.

The 47-year-old founder of publication relations firm, People's Revolution, told The Fashion Spot: 'Society has a hyper emphasis on thin and that trend comes from the consumers — it does not come from the fashion industry.

'The fashion industry needs to make money, that's what we do. If people said, "we want a 300 pound purple person," the first industry to do it would be fashion.'

She continued: 'You look at the Dove campaign in Times Square — it sticks out like a sore thumb. Those girls in the white T-shirts and underwear, next to Calvin Klein [and all the other fashion ads].

'As a consumer, it doesn't make me want to buy Dove. I'm all for the real look, but as a consumer it doesn't make me want to buy clothes.'

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign, however, which has been viewed more than 55 million times on YouTube since its release in April, was instantly praised for its 'inspiring reality check' by consumers.

And according to AdAge, Dove's U.S. sales increased by one per cent in the four weeks after the ad's release, with an overall three per cent rise for the full year.

The opinionated Ms Cutrone also touched on the body differences between swim models, and fashion models, speaking in the lead-up to America's Next Top Model's twentieth cycle, which premieres on August 2.

'Most fashion models do not look good in bikinis, because they're too thin,' she said.

'It's really about the breasts. Fashion models are a size 34A or 34B, and their hips are the same, 34 [inches], so essentially you're looking at a very straight body.

'So for swim, a girl who's more curvy or more busty, a 34C — a full C — that's really what we look for. Someone with ample curves.'

And when it for aspiring models, Ms Cutrone had a few words of advice: 'If you're 5'6", just stay home. Don't pretend you're 5'8" or 5'9".

'If you want to be a beauty model, I guess that's fine, you can do glamour, but you're not going to do runway.

'If you're over 29 — 26 even — I would suggest you work regionally and not try to work nationally. These are the things no one ever wants to say, because they're mean, but it's true.'

I really can't stand anyone involved in this show anymore. I'll probably end up attempting to watch this season since they have guys but it's been dead to me for a while and what is with that arbitrary point system that they've added now? Please stop.

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