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ABC Family Stars Set for Live Twitter Chat + Twisted Discussion Post

Twisted Spoilers: Maddie Hasson on Chris Zylka and What Pushes Jo Into Tyler's Arms — Exclusive!

Move over Joey Potter, there’s a new tomboy at the center of a tortured teen love triangle on television, and her name is Jo Masteron.

Fans of ABC Family’s new hit series, Twisted, know Jo (Madelaine Hasson) as the hapless teenage girl in love with her former best friend Danny (Avan Jogia) — who just so happens to be hooking up with their mutual friend Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) — and unknowingly ignoring the affections of her geeky BFF Rico. But if you thought that love square was complicated, just wait until Tyler (Chris Zylka) comes into the picture on Episode 7, “We Need to Talk About Danny.” He’s about to rock Jo’s world completely, and like another good-looking enigmatic teen we know (ahem, Danny), we’re not sure whether or not we can trust him.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Madelaine Hasson about Jo’s complicated love life, her impending style transformation, and Tyler’s motives. Plus, what happens between Lacey and Danny that drives Jo into Tyler’s arms?

Wetpaint Entertainment: So let’s talk about the relationship between Rico and Jo. He’s super uncomfortable with her friendship with Danny. Plus, he witnessed Karen throwing the necklace off the pier. Are things going to be different for Jo and Rico now?

Madelaine Hasson: It definitely changes, and Jo is really oblivious to it because apparently, she can’t see the obvious signs that someone likes her. But things definitely change between them, and it’s unclear whether it changes because she realizes his feelings for her on the last episode [of the season]. The season ends with Jo, in her love life, battling between three guys in three different types of relationships.

Whoa! Three? Who’s the third potential love interest for Jo?

Chris Zylka, who plays Tyler. He comes in Episode 7 [“We Need to Talk About Danny”]. He’s amazing to work with. I’m so lucky! They’re all so talented to work with — Ashton is like this surfer boy who talks incredibly fast and says “like” a lot, and he’s so energetic that you won’t know, until you listen really closely to what he’s saying, that it’s probably the smartest thing you’ve ever heard.

So what can you tell me about Tyler? How does he fit into Jo’s love life?

He’s this generation’s version of a jock. In this generation the classic jock has been changed into a more creative, cool hipster type. So the cool guy is now the guy that does art and has a lot of passion for things, so that’s Tyler. He’s head of the film club — he’s still kind of a d-bag — and kind of pretentious. It’s unclear whether or not he’s pursuing Jo for the wrong reasons or the right reasons. Chris balances that really well.

Obviously, by the the end of the first half of this season, Jo is going to have three guys complicating her love life, but she very clearly has feelings for Danny. Does she love Danny as more than a friend?

I think she’s confused because when Danny left, he was her best friend, and they knew each other before Lacey knew them. It was always her and Danny, and then Lacey came in, so when he left, it was like this huge pull for her. But when he came back, I think she didn’t realize how much she missed having that companionship, so those feelings came rushing back. Then the dynamic started changing because they’re older, and they’re trying to find their footing in their new relationship. She doesn’t know if she wants it to be romantic or not, and I think she’s also experiencing her first crush, which is always really confusing. She’s very naive.

Such a scandalous crush! Green Grove’s most wanted...

Jo doesn’t go halfway on anything! She’s fearless in that sense, but at the same time, she’s very sensitive, so when it comes crashing down around her, she feels it. Teenage angst is high with Jo — it’s so high!

What about the relationship between Jo and Lacey? How will that dynamic change?

It’s going to be rocky. They were forced to work together, and opened up about middle school and what happened after Danny left.

The show is disarmingly funny for a series about a potential teen murderer.

It really is! Avan [Jogia], Kylie [Bunbury], and Ashton [Moio], who plays Rico — he is hilarious, by the way, and so similiar to his character — get the best lines. And it’s just so natural for them to be charismatic and funny. It gets funnier too!

Phoebe is my favorite. She kills me on a weekly basis.

Oh my god. Brittany Curran is the craziest, funniest person you will ever meet. She is borderline psychotic, and I am in love with her. She is amazing. I can’t wait until she gets more incorporated into the show. There’s this one scene — which unfortunately got cut — at Lacey’s sleepover where Phoebe is biting into a cupcake, and she comes up to me and say, “Did you just call Lacey’s mom a slut?” But on that line, she’s holding a cupcake and taking bites out of this cupcake in the most psychotic, crazy way! They cut out the bite, and I’m so sad! I couldn’t look at her!
Twisted Spoiler Photo
Credit: ABC Family

The running joke throughout the show so far is Jo’s hair. There’s always one comment in every episode, which I really appreciate.

It’s so sad! But not as sad as the mom jeans I have to wear — I think if we get to film the second half of the season, I won’t have to wear those anymore, which I’m really glad for because they are not flattering!

Is Jo getting a makeover?

Yeah! She transforms a little bit. The last episode is a really big turning point for Jo. And that yellow sweater, also, needs to go. It’s not cold in LA! It’s never, ever cold there, and when we come to shoot on the East Coast for exteriors, it’s pretty hot. It’s never cold when we’re shooting for winter.

So it sounds like Jo is going to have a lot of growth in the first half of the season.

When I came on for the pilot, they told me they had this whole transformation planned, which is really cool for me because I never played a character who had that much of a plan to begin with. They really have a strict plan of where she’s going to go, and how she’s going to transform and what’s going to happen — so much so that wardrobe is kind of hell to go to because they really want me in sweaters and baggy jeans and boots. I’m always asking, “When can I start wearing fitted clothing?” It’s Episode 7, and she’s going on a date! She needs to look presentable!

At the heart of the show is Danny and whether or not he’s telling the truth about his aunt’s murder. Are we going to have more reveals? Does he know more than he’s telling Jo and Lacey?

Yes. There’s a reveal in every episode, but in Episode 7, Phoebe’s brother Tyler, played by Chris, comes in, and he shows a mysterious interest in Danny and Jo. So he invites them to a party in a cemetery. I felt so bad shooting there — morally, in my soul, it kind of hurts. I was like, “Where do I step? I don’t know!” It was really cool, really creepy at first, but cool. But at the party, Lacey and Jo confront Danny, and they’re like, “Look, you’ve been keeping secrets from us since day one. You won’t tell us why you murdered your aunt. Will you give us something?” And he’s such a good charmer and con artist that he actually flips it on us, and we end up telling him a secret of ours!

It’s that charm! Is Jo ever going to find out about Danny and Lacey’s kiss because I don’t think his charm is going to get him out of that one...

She finds out about something else that happens between them. She finds out in a really messed up way. If I found out that my best friend and the boy that I’ve been crushing on... if I found out in this way, I’d freak.

Oh ......

But Chris Zylka isn’t the worst rebound a girl could have!

When that happens, it pushes her toward Tyler — a lot. There already is friction between Danny and Tyler in the beginning episodes, but after she finds that out, in the last episode of the first half of the season, she goes to Tyler and makes a really daring move. All cards are on the table. She’s a whole new woman. It’s crazy what she does!

Catch the next episode of Twisted on Tuesday, July 23, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC Family.

Cody Christian, who stars on ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" as Aria's younger brother Mike Montgomery, and Ashton Moio, who stars as Jo's loyal friend Rico on "Twisted," will participate in live chats via Twitter during the East Coast broadcasts of their series July 23rd starting at 8:00 p.m. ET / 5:00 p.m. PT.

Cody Christian will be tweeting live via his handle @ReallyCody during the East Coast broadcast of "Pretty Little Liars" from 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. ET / 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. PT. To ask Cody a question, fans should tweet at his handle and include the hashtag #PLLChat in their tweets. In the new episode, "Crash and Burn, Girl!" Caleb and Toby team up to investigate "A" and what really happened the night of the lodge fire, and encounter a source that points to a new possible identity for "Red Coat." Hanna struggles to act like everything is normal, and her friends are unsure about how to help her. Aria worries about Mike's behavior in light of an incident at school and Ezra struggles with how he now fits into her life. Meanwhile, The Liars are determined to find a new suspect in Wilden's murder, and their tactics have unintended consequences. And "A's" new plan threatens to send everything crashing down around one of the Liars.

Ashton Moio of "Twisted" will be tweeting live via his handle @AshtonMoio during the East Coast broadcast of his series from 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. PT. Fans should tweet at Ashton's handle and include the hashtag #TwistedChat to ask Ashton their questions. Secrets are revealed when Danny, Jo and Lacey attend a party at Green Grove Cemetery in the all-new episode of "Twisted" titled "We Need to Talk About Danny." When Phoebe's brother Tyler (played by Chris Zylka) holds a party at the cemetery, Jo and Lacey press Danny to reveal the secrets he's been keeping and end up spilling one of their own. Danny suffers the consequences of a mishap on the soccer team and Lacey defends Danny against Archie's increasingly vicious verbal attacks. Meanwhile, Rico confronts Jo about her obsession with Danny's case. Karen fails at a job interview, and Kyle seizes an opportunity to win her trust.

"Pretty Little Liars" is produced by Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television and is executive-produced by I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick, Leslie Morgenstein and Joseph Dougherty. The series stars Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, Laura Leighton, Shay Mitchell, Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse.

"Twisted" is executive-produced by Gavin Polone, David Babcock and Adam Milch, who also wrote the pilot. The drama stars Avan Jogia, Maddie Hasson, Kylie Bunbury, Kimberly Quinn, Sam Robards, Ashton Moio and Denise Richards. The series is produced by Prodco, Inc.

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Twisted Recap: Was Regina Involved With Danny’s Dad?

What’s a successful television show without a road trip episode? The July 16 episode of ‘Twisted’ put Jo, Danny and Lacey in a car together in order to find some answers — and what they found was completely unexpected! Were Regina and Danny’s dad linked?

The July 16 episode of Twisted turned out to be the least intense episode so far, but even so, there was plenty of drama and crazy revelations to be had. And oddly enough, the craziest revelation has to do with two dead people!

Jo Takes Off Without Telling Her Parents

Just like the ABC Family hashtag said, #UhOhJo! The once-goody-two-shoes Jo (Maddie Hasson) is becoming quite the rebel. This time, she left on a road trip with Danny (Avan Jogia) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) to solve the mystery behind the letter Lacey found on the July 9 episode — without telling her parents!

Although Jo’s mom trusted her and assumed she’s with Danny and Lacey, her dad was infuriated that Jo would take off with Danny without warning.

But really, Chief Masterson (Sam Robards) needs to cool his jets. Danny may not have the best reputation in the town, but it’s clear he wants to ensure that Jo is always safe and happy.

So now that Danny, Jo and Lacey were all packed in a car together, did this mean the trio are the Three Musketeers again?!
Danny Attempts To Play Peacemaker

No Three Musketeers excitement just yet! Jo and Lacey seemed to be bickering more than getting along in the car. And Danny, right in the middle of the bicker-fest, did what he could to repair their broken friendship.

In his cleverly tricky Danny way, he locked them out of the car until they apologized to each other for whatever it was that made them grow apart. But neither apology was sincere whatsoever.

Finally, Jo burst. She confessed that Lacey was the reason she wasn’t invited to a birthday party that everyone in their grade was invited to while Danny was away. Since then, she hasn’t been able to entirely forgive Lacey for how popular and perfect she has to be, which meant leaving Jo out of the picture.

Not gonna lie, it was one of the more well-acted scenes this show has seen yet. Twisted is doing a great job at balancing personal drama and murder-mystery drama!

After Jo revealed the truth behind the distance between her and Lacey, Jo and Danny had a conversation that made it clear all Danny wants is for the three of them to be best friends again. He told Jo what he told Lacey when they had their “sleepover,” which basically was that he’s not sure if he regrets killing his aunt, but he does care about the fact that doing so hurt Jo and Lacey.

Danny Gets Caught

After a failed first attempt to get up to the apartment that was on Regina’s mysterious letter, the girls were ready to go home once the security guard threatened to call the cops on them. But Danny was determined to find out who sent that letter one way or another.

The funny thing is, even though Danny was the one that manages to sneak up to the apartment, Jo and Lacey were the ones that figured out who the apartment belongs to.

Under the captivity of the apartment building security guard, Danny disappeared for quite some time after breaking in, and Jo and Lacey were starting to wonder if he was caught. While they were waiting to see if the security guard came back to the front desk while Danny was still gone, Jo spread her rebellious wings one step further and went onto the guard’s computer to find out exactly who lived in apartment 413.

Was Regina Involved With Danny’s Dad?

And for this week’s biggest Twisted twist: the apartment on the letter belonged to Vikram Desai, also known as DANNY’S DAD!

But how could Vikram send a letter to Regina when he has been dead for months? Oh, how we all wonder the same question. Including Jo and Lacey.

Upon finding out that crazy and confusing information, the two estranged best friends went on to save Danny from the evil
apartment security guard, which involved a made up story about Danny’s longing to talk to a woman in the apartment building.

Once the three were together again in the car, Jo and Lacey didn’t bother to tell Danny what they found out about his dad being the owner of apartment 413, and who knows when they plan on doing so — or especially how he’ll take the news when they finally break it to him.

Rico Tattles On Karen

While all of this crazy crime solving was going on with Danny, Jo and Lacey, Rico (Ashton Moio) spent some time with good ole Chief Masterson.

At first, the Chief just wanted to use Rico to figure out where Jo was. Once that mystery was solved, Rico began to spill the beans about seeing Danny’s mom throwing the necklace into the lake, but realized tattling on Karen would end up hurting Jo in the end if Danny gets found out, and he couldn’t do that to her.

Eventually, though, Rico’s conscious took over and he told Chief Masterson about what he witnessed, which the Chief looked pretty pleased about knowing.

What’s going to happen with the case of Danny, Regina and the necklace now that Chief Masterson knows? But, more importantly, was Regina involved with Danny’s dad somehow? We hope to find out these answers soon!

What did YOU think of tonight’s episode, HollywoodLifers? Do YOU think Danny’s dad was linked to Regina?

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