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Luu Triplets from Pacific Rim


Background Info-

  • Own an athletic garment company (Trifect Athletics)

  • Models/Actors

  • Names are Lance, Mark & Charles.

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Lance(one with a smaller jaw), Charles(one with the jaw)& Mark(one without the jaw imo), in that order.

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We are proud to finally let this video out of its cage.  Some back story on the concept.  Kyle Davison shot this baby in Toronto.  He hired triplets to act in the video, but only two out of the three actually did the work.  We think they did an incredible job of acting.  They actually had to take the blows you see on film…because the PHANTOM camera was shooting at over 1200 frames a second.  There is no faking the funk here.

INSIDE is a song about dealing with the inner struggle of being yourself.  We were pretty shaken when we heard of the teen suicides in the US around the bullying they were experiencing for being LGBT.  (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender).  INSIDE was a song where we tried to put ourselves in their shoes - what these teens must have felt, what were they dealing with, what was the internal struggle they fought?…we drew on the racism we both experienced growing up being minorities - the hate that I had (Fernandez) toward myself for being South Asian and not fitting into life in suburban Hamilton/Stoney Creek.

The director did not know the meaning behind the lyrics but came up with a treatment of a person fighting themselves…it fit perfect to what we had scripted in our words.  Kyle shot and we made no edits to what you see.  We want to work with Kyle again…someday…

Source the triplet's facebookfreedomordeathmusic@ytfulcher agency@yttorontosupershowBTS info of the MV@tumblr

Why do they never smile :(
Mods the tumblr IS the source

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