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Who Should Be in the Captain Planet Movie?

It was recently announced that Cartoon Network is joining forces with production company Angry Filmworks to begin development of a live-action Captain Planet movie, based on the popular environmental superhero animated series from the 1990s. Now that our nostalgic heartstrings have all been tugged it’s time to think about who we want to star in a live-action Captain Planet film.


Ron Perlman as Captain Planet
Ron Perlman is the quintessential action adventure movie guy. His characteristic look, voice, and demeanor would be perfect for the hulking Captain Planet.
Rupert Grint as Wheeler
Rupert Grint has been kind of MIA since Harry Potter ended and needs a kickstarter. His loveable expressions and fiesty personality would be perfect for Wheeler.
Luis Armand Garcia as Ma-Ti
Garcia was adorable on George Lopez and hasn’t done anything since. Now that he’s a little older he’d be perfect to play the team’s most lovable member.
Ellen Wong as Gi
Ellen Wong is spunky and cute, just like Gi and has done enough fun films that she would probably fit right in with this one.

Edi Gathegi as Kwame
Gathegi is perhaps best known for his role in X-Men: First Class in which he proved he can play a smart and tough hero; just like Kwame.

Emma Bell as Linka
Emma Bell is a capable actress who shows up here and there in movies and TV but has yet to have a role that defines her. Linka could be that role.

Vanessa Williams as Gaia
Gaia is the glue that holds the team together and the force that keeps them going. She is beautiful, regal and strong, just like Vanessa Williams.


Please let this movie die.

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