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Big Brother 15 Spoilers


Who got evicted? Which team won the HOH competition? & Who is the new HOH?


Who was evicted?

The man with no brain, but a head of hair.... DAVID

Helen, Spencer, Judd, Howard, Andy, Amanda and Nick voted to evict David.
Candice, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Gina and Aaryn voted to evict Elissa.

David also parted ways by giving Julie one of the most difficult interviews ever. He lacked mental comprehension, and I think even she was caught off guard.

HOH Results

This week's HOH was determined through a team relay-like challenge. (The challenge that happens every year where people need to fill up a jug to collect a small ping pong ball. Though, this time, it was team based)

Teams were:

Aaryn & Jeremy
Jessie & Howard
Spencer & Helen
Andy & Elissa
Nick & Judd
Amanda & Kaitlin
Candice & GinaMarie

And the winning team was....

The racist and the misogynist
or known on television as Aaryn and Jeremy...

The 2 now have to decide, who will actually hold the title of HOH and put up nominees.

[edit] & the HOH is the Racist

Thus, this week will be fun. If Jeremy was HOH, i wouldn't have been surprised if only women were on the block. And since Aaryn is HOH, I'd bet on Elissa and minorities being put on the block.

Source: Live Feeds.

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