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‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 5 ‘Frayed’ just aired! What’d you think?


Teen Wolf season 3, episode 5 just finished airing on the East Coast! Come read a brief recap and discuss “Frayed” with your fellow fans.

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 5 “Frayed” began with a bus ride for cross country practice where we hear Scott making a shocking revelation — Derek is dead!

We jump back in time to Scott confronting Allison about being at the school the other night when they were trying to trap Cora and Boyd. Allison says she can take care of herself, but Scott proves otherwise. They have a close moment, but it passes when Allison is frustrated that Scott beat her.

Scott figures out the Alpha Pack is staying in the same building the Argents are, but when he goes to tell Derek and the others, they already know. And, as Peter says, “The schemers are scheming.” They already have an attack plan in the works.

Allison confronts Lydia about Aidan, but Lydia denies having any involvement with him. The flashback, however, tells a different story.

Back on the bus, they stop because of traffic, and it’s obvious that Boyd is going to do something. Scott gets up to stop him, but we’re sucked into another flashback before we find out what happens.

In the flashback, we see Scott, Derek, and the others fighting the Alpha Pack. Derek falls at the same time Ennis does, and they both land on the stairs below. As far as we can tell, Ennis is dead. But so is Derek.

In the next scene, we see Cora looking at the spot where Derek and Ennis fell. Peter shows up, and there’s a tense moment between the two of them where they say neither one trusts the other. But they are wondering the same thing: Where did the bodies go?

As Scott gets up to stop Boyd from attacking Ethan on the bus, we hear him asking Deaton what he should do and how he should stop Derek and the others. Deaton tells Scott to lead them instead of trying to stop them. Scott persuades Boyd to stop, but they still have another problem on their hands. Why does Ethan keep checking his phone so much?

Thanks to a very persuasive Stiles, and a curious Danny, we find out that Ethan is worried about someone that’s close to him who is sick. That someone is Ennis, and we realize that he isn’t dead. So, does that mean Derek isn’t either?

Morrell enters Deaton’s officen and asks for help. Deaton refuses to save Ennis, but Morrell convinces him that if Ennis dies, the rest of the pack will go after Scott and make him pay. Deaton reluctantly agrees.

On the bus, Stiles is trying his hardest to get Coach to go to the rest stop so he, Allison, and Lydia can figure out why he isn’t healing from his wounds by the Alpha Pack. After Coach’s many refusals, Stiles gets queasy Jerred to puke, and Coach is forced to pull over.

Lydia thinks Scott isn’t healing because he feels so guilty about Derek dying. Lydia and Stiles leave to slow Coach down, while Allison stitches Scott up. After a few touch and go minutes, he wakes up and they walk out of the rest stop…

…Only to find Isaac beating up Ethan. Several people try to stop him, but only Scott has that hold over him now.

Meanwhile, Deaton is finishing up his work on Ennis. Deucalion, however, has other plans, and he kills Ennis and walks away. Kali is not very happy, to say the least.

In the flashback, Derek, Scott, and the others are quickly put in their place. Deucalion wants Derek to kill one of his pack members, but before he can make that decision, Allison shows up and fires arrows at the Alpha Pack.

We catch up to the part of the flashback we saw in the beginning of the episode, and see Derek plunge to his supposed death below. However, the last shot of the show is Derek coming up to M. Blake’s car, bloody and beaten, and then falling over in the parking lot.


YAWN this episode was loosing my attention and the flashback thing was jarring its like I missed an episode or sth. Last 5 minutes or so were somewhat better they should have started in reverse tbh.

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