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Is Taylor going to expose Brooke & Bill's secret to Katie?!!?

Fourth of July is right around the corner and fireworks are gonna be flying high and not only in the sky. The younger set will throw a celebration and moods will go from fun to displeasure to say the least. It’s gonna hit the fan people and it’s not gonna be very pretty.

Wyatt has his heart set on Hope and she starts to accept the fact the Liam hasn’t given up on Steffy. So she decides to play the game with Wyatt in hopes that Liam will get jealous. Of course Liam doesn’t want to see his ex get used and tells Wyatt to back off, which only makes Wyatt more determined. Hope is kinda digging this between the two as she is the pawn in their difference of opinions. But while Wyatt is playing up to Hope he also has a back up plan with another young thing, so keep watching.

Looks like Maya and Rick have finally have something to celebrate now that they are back together, but that won’t stop Caroline who still has some more tricks up her sleeve. This girls is a true Spencer, no doubt about it!

Katie throws Brooke a birthday party but just as the fun begins Taylor informs Katie what has been going on behind her back. Katie goes into a fit of rage and lets Brooke and Bill have it with both barrels. Will Katie and Bill be able to return to the love they once had? Not if Brooke has anything to say about it. I can say it’s not over between Bill and Brooke and the summer is going to get hotter as these two continue to fight their passion for each other.

Michelle Stafford tweeted “Getting ready to do my last day of work! (that was June 18th) “Have loved this job so much.” Phyllis will be around at least until the beginning of August. And that it will be a “fun” story line with many twists.

Michael Graziadei will be reprising his role as Daniel Romalotti. Michael will air as Daniel on July 30th for 4 episodes. No word yet what the story line will be. But July is when Katherine’s funeral is to be televised so I am thinking he may be returning for that and possibly have something to do with Phyllis’s exit. But before she does her final swan song she has plans for Kyle to keep him away from Summer when they go on a business trip. Kyle leaves the room when Summer calls and Phyllis tells her he is indisposed at the moment, making Summer furious. Kyle returns and Phyllis tells him Summer called but she is going to the spa for awhile. Summer eventually calls back and Phyllis puts the speaker on where Summer hears the whole conversation and it ain’t good. Kyle talks about the beautiful women down by the pool making Summer irate on the other end. MS says that she hates doing this to Summer but feels like she has no choice but then Phyllis realizes she has to take things up a notch.

Nick and Avery set a wedding date but do they make to the altar? And to add more to the mix anther couple is planning their wedding Dylan and Chelsea.

Remember that safe deposit box that holds some secrets? Avery is able to get the safe deposit box opened for Leslie. Inside they discover Gus’s will and pictures of Rose. Gus has left everything to Leslie, Tyler and Rose. This confuses Leslie and makes her more determined than ever to discover who she really is. Meanwhile the mystery person is following them around and we see that the person has the same photos that was in the box.

Jeffrey has not been seen around Genoa City for a while now but we’ll see Gloria’s hubby again on July 8, which means his Ted Shackelford, is back! Given how meddlesome Anita has been in Chelsea’s personal life, expect Jeffrey to also get involved.

Casey Deidrick (Chad) announced via Twitter that he is leaving the show and has taped his final episode. The role is being recast.

Despite reports to the contrary, it doesn’t appear that Drake Hogestyn (John) has returned to the set. His daughter confirmed on Face book that Hogestyn is not taping yet.

Sonny continues to stand his ground against Adrienne’s protests about his relationship with Will and warns her that if it comes down to a choice, she will lose. Adrienne also won’t stop making waves about Justin being on Sami’s legal team much to Justin’s chagrin.

Sami is stunned when she realizes how important Rafe is to Kate.

Jennifer is not happy when JJ is arrested.

Deidre Hall (Marlena) has been scheduled to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Nick and Gabi reach an important decision regarding their marriage.

Paula Benard (wife of Maurice Benard GH) announced on twitter “Going to get work permit for Joshua (her son) to do DOOL. Haven’t done this since Cailey played your son in a nightmare of the death of Lilly on GH 18years ago!”

So Silas is sticking around Port Charles, seems he does have a soul after all, but he will do more for Danny then anyone could ever dream of. Silas does a radical surgery that could save Danny’s life. But he needs bone marrow from a suitable donor, could it be a Quartermaine or a Cassadine, or maybe even Sam’s Dad?

Speaking of which I am hearing that while there is no exact story how Alexis hooked up with this man, rumor has it when she was living on Cassadine island and held as a prisoner in a matter of speaking, she snuck out one night and met a man in a leather jacket and had her fling. She had no clue who he was. But we will find that out soon, as this man is hanging around PC and keeping an eye on Alexis and Sam.

On Friday’s episode you probably realized when Ana mentioned the bullet that shot Olivia did not come from the gun they had in evidence which goes to prove that someone else beside Shawn was out to kill Franco. Who hates Franco more then Sonny and Carly? Who had a child with Franco and is know trying to make a deal with him? Yep Ava Jerome, and there is more to Ms Jerome then meets the eye.

More attempts on Franco’s life as he is beaten to a pulp. But upon awaking he believes he is someone else, someone close to many in PC. What will the folks in Port Chuck now think? What will the viewers think? Of course this is a set up to bring back the Howarth/Wright pairing.

They will be some surprising departures on the show some expected, some totally unexpected, but they are coming.

Looks like the teen scene over in Pine Valley is going to get heavy. Miranda has some big issues she is going to be dealing with. The fact that her mom is gay and that she is a product of rape and to top it off she is beginning to look at AJ in a different way. A story is coming that will be the talk of the town when she finally finds out who her real dad is and this will not sit well with the young teen. Many fans are not happy that mother and daughter are having such problems considering how close they were before the show went off of ABC. And to add more drama to AMC the show is on a 5 week turnover and the new writers are on board. We wont see these for awhile but if sources are correct it’s gonna be an interesting ride.

From where I am sitting it appears that Todd and Blair are back to where it all started, working and trusting one another. With someone out to get their love ones they must work together to figure out what is going on. They will no doubt save the kids and the others on the list but will this be Todd’s swan song? Will he die, go missing or be presumed dead? Rumor has it that they will figure out that Victor is innocent and if he kills Todd he was forced to do so in order to save his family, just as Todd is being forced to kill Victor. Who will get to who first and who wants both brothers dead? In the monitor room it appeared Blair thinks Todd will no longer go after Victor if she did she would tell Tea. But this is Todd who never tells the truth the whole truth and it may just cost him everything if he goes through with his plans.

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