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Holland & Posey on Loveline Live!

Loveline is a radio show that has a variety of hosts on. Last Sunday (June 23, 2013), Tyler Posey and Holland Roden made an appearance. They walk in at around the 12:35 mark, but the actual interview begins around the 17:45 mark.
Video won't embed. Watch here.
Warning: the audio is NSFW in most parts.
Great way to start the week. @i_love_harveys @hollandrodenisreal
Some highlights from the show were:
Posey Highlights

  • Posey is called a powerbottom. (Reminded me of when Posey said Isaac was going to thrust Posey with Isaac's greatness.)

  • Posey was quite the slut when he was younger and, ergo, the subject of his bro's admiration.

  • Posey is just as beautiful in real life as he is on Teen Wolf.

  • Posey is basically married with his girlfriend whom he met and was in love with since they were 11.

  • The host is OBSESSED with Posey's beauty

  • Posey says no to threesomes even when if the girlfriend says yes.

  • Posey jokes about liking some light bondage.

  • Posey likes pooping with the door open. (He seems to like the word "poop" and its variations, doesn't he?)

  • Posey knows the difference between blunts and joints. (no comment)

Holland Highlights

  • Holland is Even better looking in person than on Teen Wolf.

  • Holland likes older guys and dated guys whom were 10-12 years older than her when she was younger. (Ian/Holland looking more and more canon)

  • Holland picked Teen Wolf while in college where she was originally pre-med. (So is Teen Wolf an upgrade or a downgrade?)

  • Holland is flustered when she swears.

  • Holland doesn't pick her nose or litter.

  • Holland hates the act of showering, but loves its consequences.

  • Holland is an angelic, humble soul that shames all your conceited faves.

  • Studied women's studies.

  • Holland gives some good advice.

Misc Highlights

  • Many straight guys like tranny porn.

  • "What do you do when your partner is away?" is the question for this episode. The callers, the hosts, Holland, and Posey answer.

  • Holland and Posey are asked how they deal with the downsides of celebrity, e.g. fans and paparazzi alike stalking and photographing them at every available opportunity.

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Teen Wolf live watch post?

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