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New Q&A with Jeff Davis on the Teen Wolf tumblr


Jeff Davis answered fan questions.
Some of the more informative/less stupid ones under the cut!

will we see derek/ms. blake scenes tomorrow?

are we going to see more of erica?
yep! you didn’t think we’d just leave her a body in a closet, did you?

are there going to be more virgin sacrifices?
very good question. and something that has stiles quite worried at the beginning of tomorrow night’s episode.

hey jeff! i ask this every time, but i really only have one question: are peter and chris ever going to have any interaction?! a hello would suffice. hell, a glare would suffice.

yo so does isaac want to get it in with everyone or what
well, he is a teenager.

any hope for lydia and peter being together in the future?
a scene? yes.

in which episode(s) do we get to delve into danny and ethan's "interactions"?
tomorrow night.

will lydia and allison ever share a kiss?
if it was right for the story…

where is grandpa argent?! :0

will we find out why cora didn’t try to find derek over the past 6-7 years?
you understand more details tomorrow night.

will lyida have any life-threatening scenes?
more than one unfortunately as she develops her “talent.”

will there be a love intrest for isaac or stiles this season?
yes to one. possibly both.

will stiles be one of the virgin targets?
that question is answered tomorrow night.

is papa stilinski going to finally learn about everything? i can only assume that everything would be 90% easier with him on their side.
that question is raised in the episode we’re cutting right now. there is a scene between scott and stiles where they argue about whether he’s safer not knowing or knowing.

is there another creature amongst beacon hills? (other than wolves & alphas)
another villain yes. but another creature? you’ll have to wait and see.

what episode will we find out what is going on with lydia?

someone will put a name to it this season. but i’m not saying which episode.

why was stiles so mad at lydia for calling the cops before she called him? i've seen a few different interpretations but i'd like to get the word of god reason!
not mad so much as frustrated. stiles wants to be the first on the scene. and he wants lydia to trust him.
(this is my awkwardly phrased question)

hey jeff! are we ever going to see a disabled character who isn't evil? it's getting kind of disappointing... :(
that is something we should definitely try for. thanks for the suggestion!

are ever get to meet boyd or erica's family?
a member of boyd’s family, yes.

where does isaac live?! is he homeless?
he lives with derek.

will somebody die tomorrow?

how big is beacon hills? is it a small town or like a small city?
i compare it to the town i grew up, milford, ct. it’s a regular suburban town but you can get to the city pretty fast. new haven was only five minutes away. we imagine derek’s loft to be in a downtown la or new haven type of city.

okay so witches. real or no? if they are, are they more like buffy witches, or charmed witches?
no witches on teen wolf. at least not this season.

will we ever get a lesbian character who lives for more than 1 episode?
you just did. played by the very talented zelda williams. i’m hoping to bring her back.

does cora know that peter killed laura?

is awesome but unnamed chick from episode one ms morrell's sister? is awesome but unnamed chick alive? will awesome but unnamed chick ever get a name?
no. possibly. yes.

is lydia psychic? or does she have some sort of innate spark, like stiles does? does that factor into why peter used her to come back to life or was that just him seeing an opportunity and taking it?
not psychic.


he actually answered my question :o


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