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The Ageless Reign of the Choverlord

As we celebrate John Cho's 41st birthday today, we might ask ourselves: how in the fucking hell? Yes, the South-Korean born California native is, indeed, preternaturally youthful. But surely he must have changed a LITTLE over the past ~20 years?

Well, take a look at our exclusive retrospective and decide for yourself.

1997: First real role in "Shopping for Fangs," a $100k indie directed by Fast & Furious auteur Justin Lin.
AGE: 25

1998: A role in "Charmed" as Piper's doomed goast boyfriend in "Dead Man Dating."
AGE: 26

1999: Breakout role as "MILF Guy #2" in "American Pie," introducing the word to everyone's lexicon.  Truly a moment of cultural legend.
AGE: 27

2001:"Delivering Milo," where he played a full-grown angel opposite TINY BABY ANTON YELCHIN, who would later be his helmsmate Pavel Chekov in "Star Trek."  Are you creeped out yet
AGE: 29

2002: Justin Lin's breakout film "Better Luck Tomorrow."
AGE: 30

2004: Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, bitches.
AGE: 32

2005-2006: Teddy in "Kitchen Confidential," opposite BCoop.
AGE: 33-34

2007:"West 32nd" and "How I Met Your Mother."
AGE: 35

2008: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
AGE: 36

AGE: 37

2010: FlashForward
AGE: 38

2011: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas
AGE: 39

2012: Total Recall
AGE: 39

2013: Star Trek Into Darkness
AGE: 40

2013: Last week
AGE: ~41

[Source: Zimbio, the google machine, my friend with a bike]

So what's the consensus, ONTD? Black magic? Blood of virgins? Aegyo sal? Or simply a portrait in the attic? Theorize here. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN CHO!!

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