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Emmys: Exclusive Photos of TV's Biggest Supporting Stars


Twenty-seven hot contenders in comedy and drama gathered on May 1 at Siren Orange Studios in Los Angeles for a group portrait (and seriously unfiltered talk about their craft). Photographed by Joe Pugliese.
Kevin Rahm
Mad Men (AMC)
“Just standing in the Mad Men offices is fun. There’s actual research on an account from that period in a folder on our desks. Like, someone really did that for us!”

“I tend to watch a lot of dark dramas like The Walking Dead and Dexter. Maybe Ariel [Winter] and I can guest star on something together as adolescent serial killers? That’d be fun.”
(Damn he got so hot!!)


Chris Messina(UNF!)
The Mindy Project (Fox)
“We have many laughing fits. In one scene, I had a quick exchange with [guest star] Seth Rogen that I could not get through. Everybody was ready to kill me.”


Simon Helberg
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
“The worst acting job I ever had was a MasterCard commercial where I had to wear a rubber suit and be harnessed in the air for 14 hours. They didn’t know how to get it off. I was bleeding, had welts … and I had to go back the next day. It was horrible.”

The Walking Dead (AMC)
“My toughest gig was working in an assisted-living home. It was great because of the people you meet but terrible because sometimes they weren’t there the next day. Also, you’d have to do things for people you are used to doing for babies. That was bad.”

More at the Sauce below:


These are a lot of white people tho...and some of these people will never score a nomination for acting-

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