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Tulisa’s cocaine deal shame. X Factor star caught setting up secret sale with drugs pal


TULISA is today sensationally exposed as a drug fixer who set up an £800 cocaine deal.

The former X Factor judge, 24, was caught by The Sun as she arranged for a pal to supply half an ounce of the Class A drug. Cocky Tulisa said of the friend: “Whatever you want, he’s got it."

Tulisa has previously claimed she is a role model for young fans and that she turned her back on drugs at 14.

But during our investigation the glamorous star showed off the seedy side she hides from teenage fans — by bragging about her drug links.

The singer was taped telling undercover Sun reporters at London’s posh Nobu restaurant: “Half my phone book sells it. Of course I can get it for you. Half the guys I know are drug dealers. One’s a massive cocaine dealer. He’s my best friend. He’s a gangster — he’s my gangster.”

The N-Dubz star’s shock admission came before she set up an £800 cocaine deal and contrasts vividly with her carefully-crafted public image. She has claimed she is now not only a role model for young fans but “an inspiration for Broken Britain”.

Yet she asked our reporters: “Do you want weed? I’m going to speak to this guy. Whatever you want he’s got it.” When we double checked if drugs other than cannabis were available, she replied: “Anything — cocaine.”

She said she did not take cocaine herself but confirmed she did arrange supplies for pals.

Wearing a figure-hugging black dress, the multi-millionaire casually scrolled through numbers on her mobile phone and explained how she uses a secret code to order drugs from a dealer. She said: “We talk in lingo. Like we know what. I can’t call him and go, ‘Have you got any?’ I’ll say, ‘Hi, have you got any sweets? And he’ll be like, ‘Um, how many sweets do you want?’

“And I’ll say, ‘Oh just a nice bag of sweets.’ And he goes, ‘How big a bag?’ I’ll say maybe like ‘Four sweets’ — and I’m referring to what he knows is what. Like we have a whole lingo.”

Tulisa then showed us the text she had sent. It read: “Hi at the mo bruv, I need some sweets.” She said “white sweets” meant cocaine and “green sweets” meant cannabis. She said: “He’ll go, ‘What kind of sweets do you want?’ And I’ll go, ‘I want the green sweets,’ or I’ll go — not for me because I don’t do it, but for my mates — I’ll go, ‘I want the white sweets,’ and then he gets it. And it’s all codes.”

Tulisa called the dealer. She asked: “Have you got anyone that can get me sweets? White sweets?”

She then told us he had abruptly ended the call and added: “He just said to me, ‘My phone’s being tapped. End of conversation’.”

Days later in a phone call we mentioned plans for a night out and asked: “You know you mentioned you might be able to get some white sweets?”

She replied: “Oh right, yeah. Definitely on the day. What I’ll do, I can definitely sort it — just got to make some more calls.” We promised to keep the deal under wraps and she laughed: “I don’t think it would sound too good if Tulisa was off finding white sweets!”

She went on: “I have a number for a very good friend of mine to call when you would like your white sweets. He will sort you out immediately.

“You just say, ‘Hi, it’s Tulisa’s friend and I’m calling about white sweets for me.’ That’s all you have to say.” She also texted us saying: “I have the number for u to call of my good friend that will sort u out.” She sent us the phone number for part-time rapper Mike GLC.

He and Tulisa have been close for years and were recently spotted hugging tenderly after a night out. Last week he accompanied Tulisa to Marbella after she split from Newcastle footballer Danny Simpson.

When our reporter rang GLC, he said: “She said you were looking for something ain’t ya? What was the amount you wanted exactly?”

We ordered four or five “white sweets” — four or five grams of cocaine — but he said he supplied only wholesale quantities.

He said he could sell half an ounce for £800 and insisted: “It’s top of the line.” Within hours he was at our suite at Mayfair’s Dorchester hotel, pulling out a large plastic bag from a sock and sliding it across the table. He demanded £820, including a delivery charge (lol - op).

He then boasted: “I’m going to Marbella with Tulisa on Friday.

“We’ve been close friends for many years. She’s like a little sister. But we go Friday.

“But what I can do for you is I’ve got my guys down here so while I’m away and you need something just contact me, yeah, so I can arrange it.”

GLC showed off photos of himself with Tulisa at a surprise birthday party she organised for him at the plush Whisky Mist club.

We sent the drugs to a lab, which found the bag weighed 13.95 grams and consisted of cocaine mixed with benzocaine and tetramisole.

Tulisa has hit it rich despite a troubled upbringing on a tough North London estate. Her mother Anne was diagnosed with psychiatric problems including bipolar disorder which led to her being sectioned when Tulisa was five.

Anne returned to the family home only for Tulisa’s father to walk out on them when she was 14. Tulisa suffered bullying and depression.

She left school without qualifications and admitted falling in with a bad crowd, taking drugs and stealing. She said: “I smoked weed when I was a kid and got into fights.” But she has since stressed her clean-cut credentials in a series of interviews orchestrated by highly-paid advisers.

Promoting her biography, Tulisa Honest, she insisted: “I stopped and I’ve never touched anything else since and never will.”

She also accepted she was a role model for young fans, saying: “Why am I a role model? Because I have been myself. I’m an inspiration for Broken Britain.”

In the book she wrote: “I didn’t want to be seen as a negative role model for young kids. I felt like I had a responsibility to behave in a certain way.”

In a book about N-Dubz she warned: “You never know how drugs will affect you. In my opinion, stay away.”

Tulisa — who pocketed £1million from her X Factor stint — has cashed in on her youth appeal. She has her own brand of perfume, called The Female Boss after her nickname, and her own clothing range aimed at teenagers.

Last year she bought a £6million five-bedroom home in Hertfordshire.

Our dossier on Tulisa and her drug contacts has been handed to the Metropolitan Police. A spokesman said: “We have received information concerning the alleged supply of illegal drugs at a central London location. We are considering the information.”

video at the source

I can't believe how she put the GLC person's business out there, chances are he is going to jail. While she will get a slap on the wrist and go on to reinvent herself on some reality show.

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