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Classy Anna Friel ends night puffing on a cigarette in taxi with bottle of wine for company

The actress says farewell to glamour in favour of ciggies, booze and tracksuit bottoms

Oh Anna Friel – she usually looks so ladylike in her 1920's dresses with vintage-inspired tresses.

So why, oh why did the actress decide to ditch all that for her trackies and trainers on a night out?

And if her casual attire wasn’t upsetting enough she also chose to drag away on a cigarette in the taxi as she left Groucho Club on Thursday evening.

Clearly unconcerned about getting ash all over the poor driver’s car (they charge you £60 to clean it normally, don’t you know) the 36-year-old acted more like a rebellious 16-year-old stealthily enjoying a crafty cigarette than a sophisticated thespian.

A book on suicide ...How creepy

She did however have her, no doubt designer, bag wide open to catch the debris. How lovely.

While we’re on the topic of the bag, we need to discuss what was inside it – firstly there was a bottle of wine.

Now it’s quite normal for people to pick up some booze on their way home to carry on the party but frankly it made the Frielster look a little on the lonely side - her downcast expression didn't help either.

Secondly – now this is where things get even weirder – she had a book in her bag entitled Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide.

After a lot of academic research (ok, a two second search on Google) we’ve discovered that the non-fiction book by Dr Kay Redfield Jamison is about how suicide has become one of the most common killers of Americans between the ages of fifteen and forty-five.

Yeah, we know right? Perfect bed side reading, no wonder she’s got a bottle of wine in her bag.

Right enough about the book, let’s get back to discussing her ensemble (if you can really call it that).

As far as we know Groucho Club is rather fancy so why anyone would or could get away with wearing what she did is beyond us.

Don’t get us wrong the look is perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll, but not to a nice venue.

Anna had even allowed her hair to take on a life of it's own AND she went make-up free (which is actually very rare for her).

There was also something a little funny going on in her lip area, which we can't work out whether it's due to too much red wine or something more sinister altogether.

Perhaps she has been taking tips from her scruffy other half Rhys Ifans or maybe it was just one of those days.

Don’t worry Anna we’ve all had them (in fact we do most days).

Something is not quite right there


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