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Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Under Fire: Customer Says She Had Cardboard In Salad TWICE!


The star’s restaurant is no stranger to controversy, but the customer says she certainly didn’t order the cardboard that showed up in their salad.

Villa Blanca had 10 violations on their last inspection that was conducted on 2/26/2013. The violations include disrepair, non-food contact surfaces – not clean (minor) and wiping cloths – not clean/inadequate sanitizer/storage. The restaurant has a 90 rating which is an A.

“I ordered a salad and noticed after a few bites that there was a piece of cardboard buried in the salad, covered with dressing,” the customer said. RadarOnline.com has an Exclusive Photo the customer says is their lobster and crab salad with the piece of cardboard.

“I immediately told the waiter who took the dish and promptly returned the salad to the kitchen. When they brought the second salad out I was completely shocked when found ANOTHER piece of cardboard in the salad!”

“I tried to be understanding about the first piece of cardboard,” she said. “But when the second one came out and had cardboard in it I was done. My two other guests and I did not finish our meals, we were disgusted.”

The restaurant did comp their entire meal and even gave them complimentary glasses of wine. The diner also told RadarOnline.com that while Lisa’s husband Ken Todd was in the restaurant he did not come over to the table to speak with them or apologize.

Brandi Slams Report Claiming She Dissed LeAnn Rimes' New Music"

Don't hold your breath for that feud between Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes to ever be over.
A new report from In Touch claims the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star slammed the country crooner's latest album "Spitfire", saying she's "surprised it's so bad."

The tabloid reports Glanville criticized LeAnn's new tracks, claiming her songs are the "worst" and insisting Rimes "needs to work on her songwriting" if she "wants her career back."

But Eddie Cibrian's former missus is firing back at the In Touch report, maintaining her words were over-exaggerated and taken out of context—the mag is standing by the report.

"I said Leann has a beautiful voice and I haven't heard any of the record," the Bravo star exclusively tells E! News. "But I don't think anyone wants to listen to songs about a family being broken up. If she wants to have a hit song she should hire Pharrell. That's all I said!!!!!"

Well, that's settled. For now.

Melissa: If This Show Starts To Affect My Family, I’m Out Of Here!

Season 4 of Real Housewives of New Jersey was perhaps the most tumultuous we’ve watched so far, and with so many explosive incidents we wondered whether the Gorga-Giudice family could ever hash out their differences. But good news, Housewives fans! Melissa Gorga tells Wetpaint Entertainment that everyone’s been getting along.

We recently chatted exclusively with Melissa at fellow New Jerseyan DJ Pauly D’s REMIX Cocktails summer kickoff bash in New York City on May 23, where she discussed the improved dynamic among her castmates, and even dished on whether she’s considered leaving the show.

Wetpaint Entertainment: You and Joe attended Teresa’s birthday party recently. How did the celebration go?
Melissa Gorga: It was nice, we just went to dinner. It was no big deal. It was a nice dinner and everyone’s getting along.

Now that you and Teresa have a better relationship, do all of your children get to see each other more often?
Yes, yes, thank God! They actually take a cheerleading class together right now, and they see each other a lot more often which was the goal, which makes me extremely happy. When the kids are happy, I’m happy!

Last season your family went through so much together. Did you ever consider leaving the show?
No, you know what, I feel like if it ever really starts to affect my family you won’t see me anymore. So until then, here I am!

And are you and the family still moving to Franklin Lakes?
Our house is still for sale, we have not sold it yet. If it sells, then yes, we will be going to Franklin Lakes.

InTouch, RadarOnline, WetPaint

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