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Röyksopp – “Daddy’s Groove”


Late Night Tales is a UK-based mixtape series that asks bands to delve into their own music collections to make a playlist tied together only by the theme “late nights.” Röyksopp are the latest act to join series alumni from MGMT to Belle and Sebastian, and their awesome-sounding, diverse mix opens with an exclusive new song, “Daddy’s Groove.” You can sample it now: all minimalist layers and abstracted, heavily-edited vocals, it sounds like our favorite Röyksopp material, by which we mean like the soundtrack to your next space voyage. Check it out.

Below is the tracklist for Röyksopp’s mix, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes.

Late Night Tales: Röyksopp:

01 Röyksopp: “Daddy’s Groove”
02 Rare Bird: “Passing Through”
03 Little River Band: “The Light Of Day”
04 Tuxedomoon: “In A Manner Of Speaking”
05 Vangelis: “Blade Runner Blues”
06 Röyksopp: “Ice Machine” (Depeche Mode cover)
07 Johann Johannsson: “Adi Et Amo”
08 FR David: “Music”
09 Prelude: “After The Goldrush” (Neil Young cover)
10 Richard Schneider Jnr: “Hello Beach Girls”
11 Acker Bilk: “Stranger On The Shore”
12 Thomas Dolby: “Budapest By Blimp”
13 Byrne & Barnes: “Love You Out Of Your Mind”
14 Andreas Vollenweider: “Hands And Clouds”
15 John Martyn: “Small Hours”
16 XTC: “The Somnambulist”
17 This Mortal Coil: “Till I Can Gain Control Again”
18 Popol Vuh: “Aguirre I” (Lacrime Di Rei)
19 Benedict Cumberbatch: “Flat Of Angles” (part 2)

This cover makes me so happy.

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