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Hurts @ The Sun's Biz sessions (perform, talk Elton John and the Gallagher brothers, etc.)

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THEO HUTCHCRAFT fears his video shoots are "cursed"– after nearly drowning on one and coming close to losing an eye on another.

The Hurts frontman was still sporting a livid scar and black eye when the duo popped into for a Biz Session some six weeks after a horrific accident during filming.

The star needed eight stitches when he fell down the stairs on the shoot for the new single — ironically called Blind.

Theo joked: “Our videos seemed to be cursed.

“When we did a video for Stay, I nearly drowned and a female co-star broke her leg.

“We were in the water, in Iceland, and a huge wave came over and wiped us out. We both went underwater and she disappeared – and we both had to be rescued.”

And on the video for Blind, Theo refused doctors’ orders to stay in hospital so he could finish filming.

He revealed: “It was about half a cm from actually losing the eye.

“The whole town had come out to watch us make a video and all the kids were screaming. There was blood everywhere – and I went to the hospital and they stitched it up.

“I had eight stitches and the anaesthetic didn’t work so I was in agony but I said, ‘I’ve got to go’ “The doctor said no so I waited until they left the room and I walked out of the hospital with this grotesque eye, then carried on for the next two and half days.”

Theo admits he is quite keen on the way the scar makes him look and is busy inventing stories about saving a coach full of children from going over a cliff and battling bears to make it look even cooler.

And bandmate Adam Anderson is full of sympathy.

He said: “It would have been a strange fate if you’d have been blinded while filming a video for a song called Blind. I would have loved that!”
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Blind – released this week – is the second single from the album Exile which also includes the track Help, a collaboration with Elton John.

Theo explained: ““I met him two years ago at a gig he did and he mentioned he was a fan, which made my day.

“Then I always remembered it. Then we got round to doing the album and we thought, “Who shall we ask?” and it was like, ‘Elton, maybe?’

“He’s one of our idols, because he is a legend. For him to have an interest and to come all the way to the studio in Camden to come and play on our song was magic.

“He hung out, much longer than he needed to, talking about the kids and his life.”

The dapper duo – who covered Ryan Adams’ rendition of Oasis' Wonderwall in the Biz Session – also achieved a rare feat in getting Liam and Noel Gallagher to agree on something.

Theo explained: “We know Noel quite well and he is such a lovely person.

“I met Liam once in a pub and I thought he would hate our music, because Noel is a big fan, which is incredible.

“But Liam came over and told me he really liked our music. So it was two of the greatest compliments I could ever get, from my favourite band.”

As well as releasing a new single, Theo and Adam have recently announced tour dates for the autumn.

Known for their theatrical stage shows after three years on the road following their platinum-selling Happiness album – they promise this one will be bigger and better.

But they also vowed not to get to the point they did on the last tour – where Adam fell asleep on stage and Theo suffered blackouts.

Adam sais: “We were on tour for three years and didn’t have a weekend off, so it’s about managing it.

“There was a point in that tour which was really amazing and there was a point where we were losing our minds.

“We had so much hunger for it because we’d been taken out of a life where we’d been sitting on our arse for years, on the dole, so we milked the live shows for as long as possible.

“But that’s how we write music too – we go on until we go mental then we stop.”

Hurts' new single Blind and their latest album Exile are out now.
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Theo tyfyt. :)

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