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♕Perfect Pop Post♕

Najwa Karam, the Reigning Queen of Arabic Music, welcomes you in.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite pop stars’ personalities are really like? MTV Lebanon has compiled a summary of the personalities of MENA’s biggest pop stars based on their appearances on Kalam Nawaem. Here is the round-up about Haifa Wehbe, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Najwa Karam and Elissa.
Elissa is the one who is most often at the centre of real drama and feuds (as opposed to those created by the tabloids). This is probably because she is so honest that she tends to hurt people’s feelings. Naïve to a fault, Elissa is often moody and hurt. She wears her heart on her sleeve and this is why she is believable as the Voice of Romantic Music.
Najwa Karam, known as Shams el-Ghinnieh (the sun of song), is the Great Voice of Arabic music. She is also known as a true lady: classy, respectable and good-hearted, Najwa conducts herself with the utmost respect of self and of others. She is never seen to be unkind. Her longevity puts her in the same sphere as Umm Kulthum and Fairouz.
Nawal Al Zoghbi has been around for a very long time and, through it all, has kept her emphasis on emotional realness at the forefront of her public persona. She is down-to-earth and quite a jokester, often prompting others to call her “cute” as the go-to description. She does not forget faces as she is quite the people person, her popularity making her a favourite among all classes of people.

Haifa Wehbe is known to be very sexy and naughty, often pissing off the MENA conservatives because of her sexpot status. However, Haifa is also very gentle in her dealings with others and is also known to be very generous. She laughs a lot and tries to keep others laughing, preferring to deal with her troubles and her mourning behind closed doors.

A Real Doll/Nancy Ajram Round-Up for Your Time

Nancy Ajram’s Interview with OMG! Nujoom

This won’t embed. Watch it here.

Nancy Ajram Meets Okan Yalabık
Nancy Turkey
Nancy Ajram met Okan Yalabık who stars on the Turkish soap opera Muhteşem Yüzyıl as Ibrahim Pasha. The television show published a picture of the two on its Facebook page and this pleased many people since the Lebanese Nancy Ajram is hugely popular in Turkey and, in turn, Turkish soap operas are hugely popular in Lebanon.

Nancy Ajram Divorce?

Nancy Divorce
Divorce rumors were surrounding the Lebanese super star Nancy Ajram, but to show everyone she is happily married to her dentist husband Fadi Al-Hashem, Nancy went for a walk with her husband and 2 daughters in the streets of Beirut.
nancy Family
Some say that the reason there are divorce rumors surrounding Nancy is that she cried during a performance by Mirna one of the contestants at Arab Idol,  when Nancy Ajram could not stop crying.
But Nancy Ajram then explained that she was crying because of the difficult decision she had to make in choosing one of the contestants and eliminate the other.

  Other MENA entertainment news is also included.

Maya Diab Gossip
Sources say that Maya Diab is indeed divorced, despite some insider claims to the contrary. It helps, of course, that her ex-husband, Abbas Nasser, is prohibited from entering Lebanon because of the marital divorce drama of his other wife and two sons in Africa. Despite his problems with his other family, however, Nasser is still taking Diab to court in Syria, in attempts to get custody of their daughter Kay. His lawsuit claims that she is unfit as a parent.

Rami Ayach Gossip
Rami Ayach has cultivated a reputation as a pop star who is friends with many and, this time, his friendship with Tamer Hosny was put on display when he congratulated the Egyptian and his wife Basma Boussil on the birth of their daughter Talia on his Twitter account.

Ahlam Gossip
Ahlam and Shams have been going at it for years now. Shams, back in February, alleged that Ahlam had made death threats against her and took her case to court via a lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged that Ahlam had threatened to kill Shams and that the UAE singer also defamed and libelled Shams. The case has been stalled thus far in Beirut as the prosecution, represented by Maya Knaan, waits for more evidence from Shams and her lawyer, Samer Simon. If Ahlam is found responsible, she could faces anything ranging from fines to up to three years in prison.

Elissa Gossip
Elissa has always been known to be outspoken in areas where others stay silent. Most recently, her opinions turned political when, on Twitter, she spoke of the current Syrian Civil War. Elissa said that the world should be ashamed of itself because it sees what is happening to the Syrian people and says nothing. She then stated that she prays for Syria and hoped that her followers would follow suit.
This post has been brought to you by your resident ONTD MENA entertainment news correspondent and is always dedicated to all my habibis who enjoy MENA entertainment news. Sources translated by clarelove.

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