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Real Housewives of New York City Cast Settles Contract Dispute! Season 6 Is A Go!


Reps for Ramona, Carole, LuAnn, Heather, Sonja and Aviva have come to an agreement that the women will sign their contracts for Season 6, an individual told TheWrap.

The insider said that no contracts have been finalized, but are expected to be completed early next week during business hours, despite reports to the contrary on Saturday. The network is remaning cautious about the agreements until the women actually sign on the dotted line.

We're told the network didn't budge on its previous offers, despite the women's "Friends-style" negotiating tactic that postponed production earlier this week. Production is expected to resume as soon as the agreements are inked next week.

On Friday, Bravo insiders told TheWrap that the network was not going to back down on its previous salary offers to the ladies. It would rather fire the entire cast, postpone production and recast the show then set the precedent of allowing its casts to band together during negotiations.

Production insiders said Singer, Radziwill, Thomson and Drescher had accepted the network's offer and were on their way to inking their contracts before deciding they wanted more money.

"They're getting greedy and feeling entitled," an insider said about firing the entire cast if they don't stand down. "They are all replaceable." While Bravo wanted to avoid recasting, it already had new cast members waiting in the wings and was prepping to find more if the women didn't accept their offers.

Kyle Richards Talks Returning to RHOBH With Sister Kim: "If We Did, It Would Be Together!"

Kyle's lips are sealed when it comes to her season-four status, but that doesn't mean she won't drop any clues.

Tipping toeing around the much-buzzed about topic, the mother of four would not confirm whether she'll be back on Bravo, but she did dish deets on sister Kim's status.

"Our relationship is in a much better place," the reality told E! News while promoting her contribution to the new Clorox Ick-tionary. "My sister is in a great place, she's very strong."

Although Kim's recovery from her alcohol addiction was a big storyline for season three, there were rumors the former child actress would not be returning to the show, but Kyle hints the twosome will return together.

"We can't really talk about [the next season] whether we're moving forward or not, but if we did, it would be together," she said.

"There have been so many rumors," Kyle said of the new castmember, who will be filling Maloof's high-heeled shoes. "There's that woman [the Baroness] there's Lisa Rinna, there was another one yesterday and all of these are exactly what you just said: rumors."

She continued, adding she has no idea who will be joining the upcoming season, "That really is true, that's not even like, 'Oh I can't talk about it.' I really really don't know."

Kyle can talk about the type of woman she hopes will join the show.

"Someone who's a girl's girl, someone who is supportive, someone who is intelligent, someone with a sense of humor and likes to have fun," she explained. "So I feel like it's someone that I could have fun with and wouldn't stab you in the back and try to make up lies about you and make you look bad so they look better—ha!"

Miss Lawrence Explains Why He Doesn't Get Along With Kandi!

Over the years, we've all gotten to know and love Miss Lawrence on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. He started off his RHoA run as Sheree Whitfield's trusty gusband, but has since flocked to Kenya Moore's side on Season 5.

But back in Season 3, he collaborated with a different Housewife, Kandi Burruss. The pair worked on "Closet Freak" together, a song that proved Miss Lawrence wasn't just a great hairdresser — girl's got some pipes on her, too! Unlike Kim Zolciak, Lawrence can actually sing and Kandi loved that. Kandi and Lawrence seemed excited about their future business relationship … until things got sour.

During a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, Lawrence opened up about their demise.

"I think Kandi developed ill feelings because I declined her offer to be signed to Kandi Koated Entertainment and I declined because it wasn’t really a fair contract," Lawrence explained.

Apparently, signing with Kandi meant giving up a percentage of everything he ever worked on for the rest of his career, and Lawrence wasn't cool with that. He went on to share that Kandi doesn't love rejection, so she never really got over the snub. In fact, his song has been taken down from iTunes.

But Lawrence opted to skip the drama and just let it go, since it really didn't affect him in the end.

"I’m fine. I’m gonna still eat my caviar honey and feel nothing. It’s no tea. I don’t eat caviar for real, but you understand what I’m saying," he said.

TheWrap, WetPaint, E!

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