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X Factor winner James Arthur accidentally gets oral sex from two hookers


Ria spills on giving oral to the star, and being asked to put on a "lesbian show".
When contacted, James insisted he did not know they were hookers.

X FACTOR winner James Arthur romped with two hookers — but insisted on keeping his white socks on.. When contacted by The Sun, James insisted he was not aware the women were hookers at the time.

Ria Vincent, 23, last night told how the millionaire star’s pals booked her and a fellow call girl to party at his flat for £1,000.

The bearded singer, 25, remained dressed in his dark jacket, denim shirt, black cap and his socks while both girls performed a sex act on him.

He also watched the girls writhe around in a lesbian show.

She added: “I had previously really fancied James Arthur — he was on The X Factor.

“But now I just think the guy is a total loser. When you meet him in the flesh you realise he is just a bit of a geek who doesn’t really know what he is doing. He wouldn’t even take off his socks.”

James, from Middlesbrough, won the hearts of teenage girls, mums and grannies across the UK with his down-to-earth manner when winning last year’s X Factor.

Ria told how she was taken to the Impossible singer’s gated London ground-floor flat with her pal at around 4am.

The pair had been booked for two hours, at £130-an-hour each.

They were persuaded to stay for another two hours and were paid a total of more than £1,000.

At one point one of James’s pals went to a cashpoint to pay £500 of the girls’ bill.

Ria and her friend had no idea they were at James’s home until they saw him slumped in a chair.

He had been out partying with two other men, in their 40s, and another younger pal — before they all piled back to his flat.

James was hanging out in his living room — as the oven had been smashed in his kitchen, which was covered in glass.

Ria said: “I just couldn’t believe it was him. He’s had a No1 single and he could have had any woman he wanted — but he spent the night with escort girls instead.

“We were led in through his gated entrance, then into the living room of his flat, where the TV was playing a music channel.

“Everyone there seemed wasted. I sat next to James on his grey, corner sofa while he was smoking. He said it had been a mad night of smoking and drinking.He told me who he was then ordered us to get naked — saying ‘Are you going to take your clothes off then?’”

The two girls, plus James and his younger pal, disappeared off to his bedroom and the four began cavorting on the bed. But the star insisted on keeping on his jacket, shirt, hat and socks — while both girls performed a sex act on him.

Ria — a 36D size 10 — said: “I wanted him to take his top off to see all of his tattoos, but he seemed self-conscious about his body and wouldn’t do it. He said that he was not in good enough shape. All the while he was still dressed in his coat, shirt and socks, which was very strange.”

After their two hours were up, the girls got ready to leave — but James begged them to stay and put on a lesbian show. He told the pair he could not afford to pay straight away, but would take them out another night for free drinks.

Ria said: “He kept telling us he was James Arthur off X Factor and had just won £1million — like it meant they should be getting freebies. We returned to our car to go but his mate came out and begged us to stay. We only came back in when one of the men went and got £500 from a cash machine.”

The hookers then put on a lesbian show before leaving around 9am.


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