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Nikita 3x02 Promo and Dillon Casey Interview for Season 3


The wait for Nikita Season 3 comes to an end tonight. Questions will be answered. And battles will be fought.

Since May, fans have been not-so-patiently standing by to find out whether Nikita, Ryan and the gang can really turn Division around or not. And, more importantly, whether Sean and Alex ever get their date!

I spoke with Dillon Casey (Sean) to get the scoop on Nikita's third season and it looks like we are in for another action-packed ride. He teased that something "huge ... happens right off the bat between Michael and Nikita."

But who cares about Michael and Nikita; it's Sean and Alex that we all want to know about, right?


What's going on with Sean and Alex? Do they ever get their date?
There's not really much time for dating on a show like Nikita. So probably your classic idea of a date isn't going to happen. I guess it might down the road. If Sean and Alex are going out to get dinner and drinks then there's also going to be some guns involved, some danger involved. It's not going to be your classic [date] ... like they're not going to go to a movie and get some frozen yogurt unless the frozen yogurt is poisoned and they're trying to kill a terrorist.

But there is still a lot of heat there between them, but I wouldn't say it's going very smoothly though... It's hard to say if they are a couple, if they are an item yet. It's tough to have a regular life for either of these people. One's a Navy SEAL, the other is an agent... They have have gotten a lot closer, but things have gotten a lot more intense. It's hard to say.

How does Sean feel about the new Division?
Sean is a Navy SEAL. He was brought to Division to clean it up. His ultimate goal was to take it down, to close it down. He doesn't think that a place like this should exist even if it's meant for good. He has that outside perspective to know that a place with this much power, although it's meant for good, is going to lose control of itself just by the nature of it. I don't think he is for it going over to the government.

If it was up to him he'd just shut it down and say we don't need this. He's always been an outsider and he's going to remain that way. He's not part of this big happy family that Division wants to be. The only thing really keeping him there is Alex. Of course, he'll stand by as long as he can to try and keep her safe. She's ultimately her own person and he's got to get on with his life as well. That's sorta were they stand.

Is there tension in the new Division?
Between Nikita and Ryan, there's definitely going to be some tension there. She was a rogue agent when she meet Ryan and now that Ryan's her boss, she's still a rogue agent. She's not used to answering orders and answering to people. And, even though Ryan means well and wants to do the right thing, it doesn't mean he has control over her. Nobody can really control her. 
When it comes to Sean, there's two sides of the coin for Alex -- her loyalty to Nikita and her love or her caring for Sean. She's being pulled in two directions: Should I go on with my live and get out because I've basically achieved my goal? Or, do I owe something to Nikita? That definitely leads to a lot of tension going on between those three for sure. 

Sean is still dealing with his mother's death
Nikita is the reason that Sean's mom died. Division was the reason Sean's mom died. He doesn't trust this place. I think that being a soldier he knows that these things happen. ... It's not that he doesn't trust Nikita, it's just that he thinks she's dangerous to be near. He thinks there's better ways to do things. He thinks that her way is not the best way. 

How does Sean fit into the new Division?
He's not the type to complain. He does want to help, he does want to do the right thing. Basically, he's there just because of his loyalty to Alex. He really cares for this woman, so he doesn't want to just disappear. He can help. He's a very powerful tool for Division to use but at the same time he doesn't work for Division. He's sort of like a freelance agent, so when he's there [he'll]  chip in on the mission. But, he can leave at any time.

He starts seeing the recklessness of the way Division works and the amount of danger that these people get into for missions that aren't necessarily in the interest of national security. It's hard to draw the line between: Are we doing the right thing? Or, are we trying to help Nikita's own personal vendettas and personal missions?
At first, he thinks they are doing the right thing, but then he starts to have an open perspective seeing Alex getting into these really really dangerous situations. That's when he says I think it's time for me to check out. There's not really anything keeping me here. 

He wants to save Alex, but I'm not sure that Alex wants to be saved. 

Any deaths on the way?
Anyone could be killed, including Nikita.

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So what're everyone's thoughts on the premiere?  Where do you want this season to go?

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