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X Factor UK secrets and 'fixing' exposed (by Frankie Cokeupthenozza!)

X Factor UK’s secrets and fixing have been supposedly revealed.


Former X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza, who was last year booted out of the show, has told how many aspects of the show aren’t what they seem.

In truth, it’s nothing that new, but it’s rare for a former contestant to go into so much detail.

Frankie explained that bosses had originally did “everything they could” to keep him in the show, before then forcing him out.

He tells the Daily Star newspaper today: “I just got caned week in week out. I didn’t want to be there but they did everything they could to keep me in.

“And then when I kept getting through each week I think they thought: ‘Sh*t, he could win this and we can’t have that,’ so they f***ed me off in the most horrible way.

“I thought those people were my mates but then I realised I couldn’t trust them.”

The teenager also claims that bosses would ferry him to nightclubs, despite banning the other contestants from going out.

“I was the only one allowed out on the show last year,” he explained. “They’d tell me I had VIP at a club and would book me a car to take me to the door. I used to laugh at the others because they weren’t allowed out. I was such a dick.

“Then when I arrived there were paps everywhere!”

And finally, Frankie suggested that all of the decisions on everything from song choice to styling didn’t come from the judges.

Although we find it hard to believe any one other than Louis Walsh has been choosing District3′s tracks this series.

Frankie, who releases his The Motorcycle EP next month, reveals to the tabloid: “They wouldn’t let me do the songs I wanted to do, they wouldn’t let me wear what I wanted to, and I was just too much of a pussy to say no.

“And those decisions didn’t come from my mentor Gary Barlow, they came from above.

“The judges don’t pick songs and stuff, they’ll be told to choose between four. It’s ridiculous, actually ridiculous.”

The news follows claims earlier this week that the shows judges are told which acts to keep when it comes to the results sing off.

Following in the fallout from the previous two decisions on the results show, which both saw the judges sent the vote to deadlock, a former employee has said it is “well known” backstage that the panel are “briefed on who should go”.

“The judges are told who to keep for the sake of the ratings,” the former employee told Reveal magazine this week.

TV watchdog Ofcom is expected to announce next week whether or not it will investigate the show after more than 3,000 complained when Carolynne Poole left ahead of Rylan Clark.


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