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Age Defying Spice Girls

Saturday night, Emma and Mel C attended a costume party for Leigh Francis and dressed as Baby and Sporty Spice. Let's all take this moment to travel back in time to the 90's, when we were spicing up our lives by wearing platform shoes and eating Spice Girls Chupa Chups.



Geri was there too, but (for reasons unknown) did not dress as Ginger Spice...

Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham spoke at the Vogue Festival in London.

"I'm nice! Everyone thinks I'm going to be a cow," she said, smiling.
"I understand it actually. I think the same when I see the pictures."

"My children are my priority and always have been. I'm up early in the morning
doing spelling tests and maths quizzes before the school run, then up
late with a baby and a 14-year-old who refuses to go to bed - Brooklyn,"
she said, gesturing to her son in the audience.

Now at the helm of an ever-expanding empire, the designer explained that
a high street collaboration is not out of the question ("Maybe one
day, but right now I don't have the time"), and that a fragrance
launch is something she would consider in the future.

"Thank you so much to everyone that came, I didn't
expect so many people. If you'd told me how many, I might
have got up and sung a song. Now that would have been a worry."

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