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20 Film Stars You Definitely Won’t Remember In 20 Years

In 20 years time, we’re probably not going to remember 84% of the film stars polluting Hollywood at the moment, let’s be honest. The Adam Sandlers and the Robert Downey Juniors are safe, they have a backing with many established films under their belts.

But there are numerous stars out there who are simply place holders, with nothing special marking them out. If you think about it, there are so many people out there with a pretty face or a good body, but only a small handful will be remembered. Most of them will die off in a couple of years.

It’s not that I’m bitter though. Sure, I’d like to look like Channing Tatum, or earn thousands of pennies for starring in a massive franchise like Twilight. It’s the truth. So many film stars in the movies nowadays are just your flavour of the month. Very few have that longevity that will keep them chugging along for another 20 years. But who will be forgotten? Well…

20. Taylor Kitsch

Forget 20 years, nobody knows who Taylor Kitsch is now. He’s bad news, and don’t we all know it. Kitsch helmed recent box office bombs John Carter and Battleship, and as a result, he’s pretty much been branded tainted meat.

If you do a quick Google search of his latest films, the gross doesn’t look that bad. Sure, they flopped hard in America, but they did some business overseas. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t enough to save those films, and I doubt they’ll save Kitsch’s ailing career. He shouldn’t shoulder all of the blame for his recent box office failures, but things are looking pretty bleak for him.

To be honest, there’s little he can do to be remembered. With some luck, he might be able to attach himself to some half decent projects, but I highly doubt it’ll be as a lead actor. After his recent flops, nobody will be knocking down his door anytime soon.

19. Brendan Fraser

Oh how the future looked bright for Brendan Fraser when he starred in The Mummy. But then he started doing terrible family films and now no one wants to touch him with a barge pole.

Looney Tunes: Back In Action was a horrible film, and that had the help of an established brand (and Space Jam. SPACE JAM). Fraser has had very few hits outside of anything not related to pyramids and Egypt, and I can’t imagine The Mummy being brought back over and over again so he can indulge in a bit of nostalgia.

Speaking of his terrible family films, he actually hasn’t done one (acting wise, not voice roles) for a while. But he hasn’t done anything for a while. He’s fading into obscurity already, so he doesn’t stand a chance at being remembered in 20 years time.

18. Ron Perlman

I’m not sure to what extent you can call Ron Perlman a “film star” as such, but he’s been around the block. However, when your biggest role sees you plastered in more makeup and prosthetics than a Christmas special of The Only Way Is Essex, you’ve got yourself a problem.

I said Perlman’s status as a “film star” was open to debate, and to be frank, it is. A large majority of his roles are either voice acted or direct to video releases. So yeah, he straddles some blurry line between “film star” and “that guy who voices all those people”, but his issue is that he’s just unrecognisable in his roles. Voice roles are never remembered for the actor, and Hellboy was all about the massive red monster. No one probably even knew it was Perlman underneath all that makeup.

So while Hellboy will live on (maybe, probably not to be honest) Perlman won’t.

17. Hayden Christensen

What has Hayden Christensen done exactly other than play Anakin Skywalker? Very little. The final (or third) Star Wars was released eight years ago. But since then, Christensen has vanished off the radar completely.

Christensen’s performance in Star Wars Episode III was slated; with him being awarded with the Golden Raspberry Award (ok, Razzies are largely a joke award) for Worst Supporting Actor (he also won the award a few years earlier for his performance in Star Wars Episode II), so he was pretty much doomed from the start.

I would say he could salvage his career, but let’s face it, he probably can’t. Having not really featured in a hit since Star Wars, for which he didn’t receive the greatest of receptions, Christensen will be instantly forgotten.

16. Jason Statham

I can’t imagine Jason Statham having a very long shelf life. He’s your generic action film actor, except he doesn’t play it nearly as well as someone like Bruce Willis.

His most recent hits have been The Expendables films, and despite being billed as one of the top stars, I doubt people are turning up to see him. It’s all about Stallone, Willis, Schwarzengger. Household action names. Statham churns out a couple action films a year that all flop and no one really cares about. In fact, in his near fifteen year career, Statham has never starred in a film (other than The Expendables) that has opened to more than $20,000,000 (Box Office Mojo doesn’t count Gnomeo And Juliet or Collateral apparently).

He’s far too generic to be taken seriously. Anyone can star in an action film. John Cena did it, and he is one of the most wooden actors ever to grace the screen. I can’t help but think that if Statham tried his hand at wrestling, he’d experience more success.


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