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Tom Cruise is constantly signing boobs


Emily Blunt says Tom Cruise’s fans constantly ask him to autograph their breasts.
The Hollywood stars worked together on the upcoming movie All You Need is Kill and were reunited as they appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday. Emily couldn’t help teasing Tom about his heartthrob status, claiming female admirers regularly approach him with raunchy requests.

When Jay asked Tom what body parts fans have asked him to sign, he was reluctant to answer.

However, Emily quickly interjected and replied: “Their boobs!”

A rather sheepish-looking Tom then nodded in agreement.

Emily and Tom clearly formed a close friendship while working on All You Need Is Kill and happily laughed and joked together for their TV interview last night.

Emily revealed she was thrilled to meet up with Tom again and praised his boundless energy levels.

‘I haven’t seen him [Tom] since the daily wrap, where we like kind of crawled toward the finish line… we were so tired,’” she recalled with a laugh. “I was like ‘Tom, you actually have colour in your cheeks!’”

When asked what it was like to work with the film icon, Emily couldn’t help but gush about her co-star.
“He’s the worst!” Emily joked. “He’s the greatest. I’ve never actually met anyone with more enthusiasm and passion.”

Tom, who is currently enjoying box office success with Oblivion, is renowned for performing his own stunts in action movies.

Emily quipped that while the 50-year-old remained nonchalant about taking part in dangerous scenes, cast and crew feared for his safety.

“Actually, what happens is he get up [from a crash] and he goes ‘I’m good.’ And everyone else goes, ‘Oh my god!’ Everyone freaks out,” she teased.

All You Need Is Kill is due for worldwide release next year.

And Tom being cute while sharing his best movie lines:


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