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Backstreet Boys Mega Post! Walk of Fame, 20th Anniversary, etc.


Max Martin will be presenting the Backstreet Boys with a star on the Walk of Fame today!

Click on the picture to see it live.

Backstreet Boys also had their 20th Anniversary party on Saturday.  These are some of the videos I found from the party.  I know some of them are long so I posted the times for the important parts.

Friends & Fans congratulate BSB on their 20 years together. (NKOTB, Kathy Griffen, Fifth Harmony, The Wanted, Naill from 1D)

Part 1 of the live stream.
27:55 They talk about their funniest fan stories and AJ's awkward encounter with Leonardo DiCaprio at a club.
38:55 Premiere of 8 new songs (same songs from my previous post)
1:35:25 Q&A starts

Part 2 of the Live stream

Nick is releasing an exclusive one-off solo song called "I Gotta Get With You" JUST for Fan Club members! This unreleased track will be available on April 22nd ONLY at nickcarter.net. Want to make sure you get this song for free? Join the fan club today! The song will also be available for purchase in the online store.

Walk of Fame
Friends & Fans Tribute
Live Stream

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