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Johnny Depp involved in Vanessa Paradis' new album


"Love Songs", the sixth studio album of Vanessa Paradis has been announced for May 13, 2013. And among the list of artists involved are Johnny Depp and daughter Lily Rose.

This isn't the first time the two have collaborated. Depp co-wrote two songs with Vanessa for her 2000 album 'Bliss', and played lead guitar on "Firmaman". In addition, Depp has also directed two music videos from the album for songs "Pourtant" and "Que fait la vie". Johnny's artwork can also be seen on the covers of both 'Bliss' and 'Divinidylle'.


CD 1
1 – L’Au-delà (Mickaël Furnon)
2 – Love Song (Benjamin Biolay – Vanessa Paradis /Benjamin Biolay)
3 – C’est quoi ? (Mathieu Boogaerts)
4 – Les Espaces et les Sentiments (François Villevieille)
5 – Prends garde à moi (Benjamin Biolay)
6 – Tu pars comme on revient (Benjamin Biolay)
7 – The Dark, It Comes (avec Carl Barât) (Carl Barât)
8 – Rocking-Chair (Benjamin Biolay /Vanessa Paradis)
9 – Station Quatre Septembre (Benjamin Biolay)
10 – Tu vois c’que j’vois (Mathieu Boogaerts)

CD 2
1 – La Crème (Pierre Grillet / Ben Ricour)
2 – Le Rempart (Mathieu Boogaerts)
3 – Mi Amor (Adrien Gallo)
4 – New Year (Ruth Ellsworth Carter / Lily Rose Depp -Johnny Depp – Vanessa Paradis)

5 – Tu si na cosa grande (Roberto Gigli / Domenico Modugno)
6 – Sombreros (Jérôme Attal / Ben Ricour)
7 – Être celle (Marcel Kanche / Vanessa Paradis)
8 – Doorway (Vanessa Paradis)
9 – La Chanson des vieux cons (Benjamin Biolay)
10 – Les Roses roses (avec Benjamin Biolay)(Benjamin Biolay)

Titres Bonus (pour édition livre-disque
11 – Plus d’amour (Benjamin Biolay)
12 –Encore (Mathieu Boogaerts)

Source: Picture-Disc

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