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B&B is bidding farewell to Stephanie!

While discussing how their lives have been coming apart, Donna and Brooke both wind up saying more than they’d intended to. Brooke tracks down her son and admits to Rick the real reason she came back to town without Ridge. This isn’t news that makes Rick feel any better. He’s already starting to feel bad about his role in breaking up Hope and Liam.

Continuing to unravel, Katie has serious doubts about her capacity to be a mother. Brooke and Bill realize that, even together, they still aren’t enough to get through to her. They decide to seek professional help and turn to Taylor. While Brooke is talking to the shrink, the two women begin discussing Thomas and how much he’s changed lately. It’s clear that there are other things bothering Brooke too. Taylor can’t help but notice that her old enemy’s emotional turmoil is bubbling over onto the surface.

Even though Stephanie is facing a big fight, that doesn’t stop Eric from having a problem with how she’s handling things. They have an argument about it and he winds up heading back to Forrester. Things aren’t exactly going swell around the office. Thomas’ first act in power was throwing Rick out the window and things haven’t gotten much smoother since. Since he’s obviously starting to crack, Donna decides that he could use some advice from her. Meanwhile, Pam turns to her sister for a big favor and Stephanie turns to Brooke with news that will shake her.

The courtroom is stunned by the judge's ruling during Phyllis's' trial. After Summer runs Adam and Chelsea off the road, Adam rescues Summer from her crumpled car and the trio is rushed to the hospital. At first, Adam believes that both Chelsea and her baby will be fine. When Adam begins to fill Nick in on the events leading up to the accident, Nick attacks Adam. Eventually, however, Adam is able to explain to Nick that it was Summer who was driving carelessly - and that Adam rescued Summer and made sure that Summer was rushed to the hospital.

After Nick reluctantly thanks Adam for his assistance, Nick is informed that Summer will be fine. However, while Adam was with Nick, the doctor informs Chelsea that they were NOT able to save her baby. When Adam returns, he learns the truth about Chelsea's baby. The doctor offers the opinion that they can NOT be certain that it was the accident which caused Chelsea's miscarriage. After Chelsea and Adam receive the devastating news about their baby, Adam takes Chelsea home and assures her that there will be other children in their future. Summer remains unaware that Chelsea lost an expected child, following the accident. When Summer arrives to apologize, she makes a flip remark about pretending that it never happened, which causes Chelsea to erupt.

Chelsea then informs Summer about Chelsea's expected child and the fact that the baby miscarried following the accident. After Summer runs away, Adam leaves as well, and Chelsea begins to worry that Adam blames Chelsea for the loss of their child. Adam stops off to see Nick - and informs Nick that Nick's daughter was responsible for the death of Adam's expected son. Cane manages to track down the mystery woman who has been shadowing Cane and his family for weeks. Cane continues to receive messages which COULD be coming from his deceased sister, Samantha. While at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cane receives a handwritten note which contains a familiar Australian nursery rhyme.

Hoping to be able to get a good look at the person who sent the note to him, Cane sets off the fire alarm, and the building is evacuated. As the building is evacuated, Cane spots his mystery woman and threatens to call the police unless she explains what she is doing. After the girl gives her version of events, Cane heads for a heated confrontation with Genevieve and demands to know why Genevieve hired a Samantha look-alike to keep shadowing Cane and his family. Genevieve insists that Cane is wrong, but Cane refuses to listen to Genevieve's side of the story. Jack's announcement brings disastrous repercussions for the Newman family.

Nikki discovers that Victor has collapsed, and rushes him to the hospital. Sharon's breakdown at the Newman Ranch has catastrophic consequences.

It’s out.

Rafe’s about to get out his giggle stick when his reunion with Sami is interrupted by some grim news. When Rafe gets to the hospital, he discovers that Nicole has lost her child. He does his best to comfort her. As she weeps, a drunken EJ blunders in at the moment that she tells the cop that they have to continue keeping the paternity a secret.

At first, Elvis doesn’t clue in that the baby is dead and calls to order a paternity test. When the news finally reaches him that the child is gone, he’s left to grieve alone. Later, Nicole does everything she can to convince Daniel that Jenn really did shove her down the steps of doom. He’s not sure what to think.

He heads over to the cop shop after learning that Jenn has been arrested. She’s sitting in her cell when her daughter comes to visit. Jenn doesn’t know what to tell Abby. Hope promises to get her cousin a lawyer. The doctor arrives and she assures him that she is innocent. He believes her.

EJ goes to see Nicole. He does his best to act sympathetic, all the while recording their conversation. After offering to help her make sure Jenn suffers, he prods her to admit that the baby was his. She’s so heavily sedated she can’t lie about it. Down the hall, Sami runs into Rafe. He breaks the news about the baby and she consoles him until it turns into making out. They go home and are about to climb into bed but the grief is almost overwhelming to him.

EJ shows up to ruin the mood even more. He confronts them with the recording he made of Nic’s unwitting confession. Rafe won’t cover it up. EJ smugly leaves and Sami lashes out at Rafe, refusing to let him make any excuses.

Jenn gets bail but has to face the fact that plenty of people think that she might be guilty. She’s absolutely terrified. Abby goes to visit Nicole and attempts to convince her to let her mom off the hook. Nic is not sympathetic. When Daniel drops in to see her, she admits to him that she broke the truth to EJ. He’s worried but still tries to be supportive. He takes some time to grieve the loss of the child and then runs into Jenn. After she thanks him for believing in her, he returns to Nicole and urges her to consider the possibility that the fall may have been an accident.

Sonny and Will spend some time with John and Marlena. It’s a bit awkward and it doesn’t help that John is reluctant to discuss anything from his past. The lads later run into Nick and Gabi on their first date. Nick’s a little shocked to discover that Gabi’s ex is gay. The couples go off separately to make out and plan their next dates.

Stefano finally manages to convince Kristen to return to Salem. As soon as she flies back, she manages to easily make her way into John’s bed. At least in his dreams. In reality, John is just groggy after a night of sensual excess with Marlena. She senses that something is askew with him but John downplays it. Meanwhile, Kristen goes to visit Elvis, who mistakes her for his mother until she corrects him. He isn’t friendly when she says that his father sent her. She begins initiating her plans for John and Marlena. She stalks them around town before managing to corner Marlena at lookout point.

Caroline’s annoyed that her kids keep hovering around her. Roman joins his siblings to make it worse. Kayla finally admits to her ma that it does indeed look like she has Alzheimer’s. Caroline is ready to fight it. Hope begins researching treatments and Victor arrives as Bo and his mother are having a difficult moment. Victor joins them and this makes her more coherent. They reminisce about their past until she falls asleep.

Victor tells his son how sorry he is and how much he wants to help. Maggie and Hope join them. Victor tells his wife how much he cherishes her and Bo makes a vow never to let his ma down. He insists to his siblings that he should become her primary care giver. Bo wants to make up for all of the time they lost after they had a falling out over his paternity.

Lante talk about adopting or surrogacy but Lulu gets upset

FelMac & Shalexis play strip pool

Maxie tells Spinelli she’s divorcing Matt quickly…

She’s gloomy when Spin doesn’t appear to care

Felicia objects to Ellie being in the picture…

Mac contradicts by saying Ellie seems nice

Maxie starts planning a Halloween party

Patrick reprimands Anna for not telling him about her suspicions regarding Robin being alive

Trey agrees that his mom should be hospitalized

Tea is devastated & demands the truth from Todd

Will she learn exactly what he did?

Monica is pleased to be a granny

Tracy & Monica argue

Olivia has more premonitions

Joe Jr is willing to murder to get what he wants

Connie orders Todd to let her be Crimson’s new editor

Carly & Todd move closer to sex?

Jason Voorhees visits Todd for Halloween

Joe Jr. dies…& perhaps someone else

Why is Monica making a mystery phone call?

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