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12 Raunchiest Music Videos Of All Time


Sex sells. And there is nothing like a raunchy music video to go along with your song to propel it high into the charts. It is an art form.

I think that out there, Hip Hop has the edge when it comes to raunchy videos. Following Ludacris’ P Poppin’ and Nelly’s Tipdrill Remix videos, I don’t think the raunch factor could be turned up any higher or else it would veer into out and out pornography. This will actually probably happen or has happened. But it wouldn’t be as appealing as the power of suggestion or the odd peek of a nipple. We don’t need full on sex – too overwhelming.

The videos below all have a high raunch quotient which makes them fascinating to watch, if not erotic as well. Some are very naughty and others are more suggestive.

7. Christina Aguilera – Dirty

“I need that !!! To get me off. Sweating til my clothes come off”

Good raucous dirty fun with Xtina – who by the way is upstaged by her skimpy red knickers which she proceeds to flash around at any given moment in the video. Those knickers are the real star of the show. Knickers aside, the raunchiest thing is Christina’s dancing which knocked my socks off. The choreography is amazing and Christina herself has a killer body to excite the male viewers. The video has a raw, fresh energy, like a lot of it was improvised. Kudos to the makers of the video and kudos to Christina.

(and while we're on the subject of Xtina....)

6. Tatu – All the Things She Said

Rainy cod lesbian school girl antics with the two lovely lassies from Tatu. I remember when this video came out and being totally fascinated by it – the rampant portrayal of lipstick lesbianism on the music television channels during the day time. The two girls are in school uniform and they are behind bars looking out at a group of people who are all holding up black umbrellas and staring coldly at the girls who seem to be pleading with them for tolerance and understanding. In between their pleas there are close ups of the two girls snogging. They eventually walk off hand in hand in the sun.

The two girls are very good looking and their sapphic capering would provide a mild sexual thrill to male viewers for sure, and also to our lesbian/bisexual sisters. For a further perviness factor, they are dressed in schoolgirl uniforms with skirts so short the whole world is their gynaecologist. Raunchy for sure and a good tune to boot.

3. Nelly – Tip Drill Remix

“It must be your ass cos it ain’t your face”

Fairly obnoxious raunchy video by Nelly and his crew for a fairly obnoxious song which ta\kes a very cynical view of sex. Lots of women in bikinis shake their ass and frolic in baths together while Nelly and his mates film them and throw what must be thousands of hundred dollar bills at these women. It’s a pretty sleazy and down market affair – one scene at the end shows Nelly with his credit card, ‘swiping’ it down a girl’s butt cheeks – the obvious message of this act is that any woman can be bought if the price is high enough.

The women get their own voice in, and they sound as cynical about love and sex as Nelly – “It must be your money cos it ain’t your face” they chide the men -”I know you a trick gonna spend that s**t”. All the while, beautiful girls are jiggling their butts like jelly. It is a raunchy video but it is deeply unwholesome at the same time. Which makes me love it all the more.

2. Madonna – Justify My Love

Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another…

Sounds quite warped to me but that’s the message Madonna wants to get across in this video. It all begins in B&W with Madonna dressed in a raincoat with a suitcase walking down a corridor. She falls against the wall, fiddles with her clothing, and then herself. A man comes along and leads her into a room full of men and women dressed in drag and mild scenes of BDSM. Madonna is on a bed kissing and caressing a woman, the man she came in with watches her and gets pretty hot and bothered. She cavorts with the man as well until the end of the song when we see her running up the corridor laughing.

The video for Justify My Love is an erotic classic. It is a great adaptation of the song which I happen to really like. The video has a debauched atmosphere and it plays with sexuality in ways to surprise, intrigue and challenge the viewer. Madonna is always a pioneer when it comes to videos and she made further kinky videos with Erotica and Human Nature which were also really good.

1. Ludacris – P Poppin

I like a woman who makes her own dough
Don’t need a lot of help
But your heart will melt
If I put a thousand in your garter belt!

A video so raunchy it borders on the pornographic, P Poppin is a very explicit song and video about pole dancing and strip teasing. There are numerous shots of women in skimpy costumes shaking their asses. Ludacris himself is surrounded by naked dancers in the video and we can see their bare breasts and cha chas.

From what I can tell, this is a contest to find the woman who can P Pop the best. There are lots of strippers sliding down poles and here are several split beaver shots in the unexpurgated version. Ludacris and his pals are watching the entertainment and going buck wild. Thy are literally throwing thousands and thousands of dollars at these women, and this spurs the women on to do raunchier and raunchier things to get money. At the end of the video, we see the strippers all scrabbling on the floor to pick up the $100 bills.

So is this misogyny and exploitation of women in a raunchy music video? I think we all have free will and if women choose to work in the sex industry, that is their affair. If they want to dance in a Ludacris video – fair play to them. By the look of the heap of money they got, it was well worth their time.


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