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The 12 Best Easter Candies of All-Time

Americans spent over $2 billion on Easter candy last year, and with good reason. The stuff is amazing—who cares if it induces diabetes on the spot? Do you remember all of the hours you spent laboring over tie-dyed eggs as a kid? Of course you don’t. You were too busy spiking your blood sugar.

Unlike Halloween, you didn’t have to go from door to door begging strangers for candy. Instead, you were presented with a massive bouquet of confectionery gifts, the stuff a hyperactive child's dreams are made of. Or, if you actually wanted to work for your sugar, the Easter egg hunt allowed you to do just that.

Although years of consuming these treats may have led to unwanted trips to the dentist, we regret nothing, and we'll continue to indulge as long as we live.

In preparation for the molars we'll soon have to excavate, we present the 12 Best Easter Candies of All-Time.

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs
Maker: Cadbury

Encapsulated in a crisp, crunchy candy coating is the smooth milk chocolate for which Cadbury is known. No Easter is complete without a bag of these in our basket, inside toy Easter eggs, in your back pocket, and in your hand—all at the same damn time.

One can never have too many Mini Eggs, as the pleasure received from their consumption is immeasurable. You did a great thing here, Cadbury; we can't thank you enough for the gifts to Easter candy game.

2. Peeps
Maker: Rodda Candy Company

One might think that these brightly-colored, animal-shaped confections would rank as the number one Easter candy of all time, but they're just a close second in our book. The yellow chicks are the OG's of the Peep game, but since they were first introduced sixty years ago, we've been blessed with an assortment of shapes, colors, and even some new flavors.

We don't appreciate the pumpkin-shaped peeps during the fall, though. Peeps at any time other than Easter seems borderline blasphemous.

3. Cadbury Creme Eggs
Maker: Cadbury

How do you like your eggs? With a white and yellow fondant center surrounded by a thick, chocolate shell, please and thank you. The jingle tells us "Nobunny knows Easter better than Cadbury's," and the Cadbury creme egg is proof of that.

We may have been brainwashed to like these things, though. Those commercials back in the day definitely had some hidden subliminal messages. Why else would we love them so much?

4. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Maker: Jelly Belly

Because beans and eggs are aesthetically similar, beans decided to demand in on the holiday shine. Jelly beans were introduced into the Easter candy mix in the 1930s. And while generic, medicinal tasting jelly beans inevitably found their way into those plastic eggs, the only ones that got our taste buds amped were those of the Jelly Belly variety. We weren't stopping until we tried every last flavor.

Didn't it make you furious when jelly beans were used as mere decorations? Loose jelly beans scattered into those shreds of paper grass in your basket? Now, why you gotta go and do that, Mom, huh?

5. Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs
Maker: Russell Stover Candies

Russell Stover's has the holiday themed candy game on lock and they don't fail to come through for us every Easter. The mounds of marshmallow delicately draped in chocolate are a definite must-have item in every basket. They're like the abbreviated version of 'Smores—no mess, and sans the graham crackers. Your only options isn't just milk or dark chocolate, though. Russell Stover's gave us pink and chocolate marshmallow filling, cookie dough insides, and even eggs with white chocolate drizzle.

Upgrading a classic to give us more options? Slick move, Russell Stover.

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happy easter ontd!. what candies are your faves? i love me some charleston chews cherry airheads and cherry jolly ranchers.

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