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A dangerous love triangle will lead to a war between family that could have deadly consequences this week on The Bold and The Beautiful!

Bill takes too many drinks and ends up in Brooke's arms after nearly destroying some lives in an accident. The two get very very close but not as close as they would have wanted because Katie just happens to walk in in the two and hits the roof. She decides she is done with Bill and her sister. But will this stop Bill and Brooke? Heck no, they get so upset with what had happen that they start laughing and, end up kissing yet again. This is right after the first kiss. These two can't seem to keep their hands off of each other while Katie gets more and more angry and distant by the day and Katie has decided she is not through with these two!

Don't read anything into Ronn Moss going to the 26th anniversary, he's got too much on his plate to be going back to Bold anytime soon. A conversation between one of our own and someone highly in the know revealed that Ronn himself stated he's not even considering Bold, he's got a trip to Italy and traveling with his band on his mind, not spending 8 hours a day on scripts.

Lots of talk about the current absence of Jeanne Cooper, well people she is doing just fine. She had a bout with the flu as several cast and crew members did and I am sure many of you out there as well. Jeanne was down and out for a week but she is back better then ever.

Adam is shot protecting Victor. Who would have thunk it. The shooter is caught and while tied up Nick realizes he has seen him before and asks where he knows him from. The shooter says it does not matter what he thinks because soon they will all be dead.

Is Lauren having too much fun these days? She is very attracted to Carmine who makes her laugh and feel really good about herself, something she hasn't felt in ages. After an intense night with Carmen she returns home and Michael is waiting for her and asks where she has been. Lauren of course does not like that Michael is attacking her with these questions and strikes back. Michael then makes a surprising decision. As for Carmine he has a secret agenda.

Tracey Bregman has now confirmed she is no longer recurring but now on contract.

Sonny learns of Kate and Rafe's fling and try as she might, Kate wants to break things off with Rafe but just can't seem to do it.

Nick is very rattled when he encounters Vargas.

Chloe's new sinister plan is to force Jennifer to convince Daniel she doesn't want to be with him by threatening to keep Parker away from Daniel.

John approaches Sami for help with Brady and Brady tells Marlena about his plans to marry Kristen.

Kate stumbles onto something that could throw a wrench into Chloe's scheme to land Daniel.

Cameron is keeping a secret and Chad and Abby are determined to find out what it is.

Sami lets Nicole have it.

A mystery person is coming to Port Charles but lips are sealed so tight no one knows. Everyone is keeping quiet. Frank has put the fear of God in everyone and this is one guy you don't want to cross. All I know is someone was very quietly slipped into the studio and no one has a clue who it is. The only name I have heard pop up in conversation recently is Georgie Jones. But she's dead isn't she? Yea she is but then again so was Faison, AJ, Anna, Robert and the list goes on and on. Is it Ms. Jones, no one knows but I am keeping my ears to the ground.

I am hearing that Robin will be popping up around the time the Nurse's Ball is on, as it has been said KM has been at the studio over the last few weeks.

Friday's show revealed that Dr Britt and Dr Obrecht are mother and daughter and now we will see these two do what they do best. As Dr O said "you don't have to be crazy to do evil things - you can just be evil" and with that said sources are implying that Britt and Dr. Orbecht are out to get Patrick and Sabrina. Mother helps daughter. I am hearing is that something big is going to happen at the Nurses Ball. Anna sees Dr. Orbecht and Britt together and recognizes the evil doctor and her antenna goes up. With Lulu missing the search is on a countdown for Lulu, as Anna and Dante discover a crucial clue.

The Nurse's Ball goes is into full motion as Carly unveils the remodeled Metro Court Ballroom to Lucy when the ball gets into full swing a gun goes off, and someone stops the bullet with a body.

What if Britt was pregnant and she inseminated herself with Dante/Lulu's fertilized egg to get even with Patrick and say it is his?

With the recent photos of the cast of OLTL many were wondering why Robin Strasser who plays Dorian Lord was not in attendance. With the flu running rampit these past months Strasser was a victim of the illness but it went it bit further and it turned into pneumonia. Keeping her fans informed at her twitter account Strasser said that her doctors wanted her to take it slow and easy. Upset that she was not able to begin taping with only days left she was upset that she was going to let the cast and crew down. But TPTB at Prospect worked it out giving Strasser more time to recuperate and pushed her scenes back. Monday Strasser tweeted, ”I begin taping #OLTL next week-#ProspectPark adjusted [my] schedule to give me more recovery time-Pneumonia's harsh-but they think I’m worth it.”

Many are wondering who will be brought back to Pine Valley and one question was posed to Rebecca Budig via her twitter account if she was asked to return, in her response Budig tweeted back “Yes and no. Not for the next round of shooting.” Apparently PP is attempting to bring her back for the future. Will she compile? Budig tweeted “You guys are very sweet, we’ll see!”.

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