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Depressing Olympics Ruling of the Day: An Olympic Fencer Refuses To Leave The Floor

An Olympic Fencer Refuses To Leave The Floor After Getting Screwed.

In the match that would decide who would fence for the gold, Germany's Britta Heidemann landed a match-clinching touch. But was it in time? South Korea's Shin A Lam didn't think so. So she refused to leave.

The Stakes:

Germany's Britta Heidemann and South Korea's Shin A Lam had already fought to a draw in regulation. Whichever fencer got a touch next would move on to the gold medal round of the Women's Individual Epeé. There was one second left on the clock in the extra frame.

The Complaint:

The clock never started! So Heidemann had more than one second to land the winning touch. At the very least, whether she landed it in time was highly in doubt. The match should have continued into another round, but instead Shin was declared the loser. So South Korea's coach went to the judges.

The Ruling:
Despite the clock issue, they ruled that the touch was good and that Heidemann was the victor. South Korea's coach went off to file a formal appeal.

The Waiting:

And Shin A Lam, now in tears, refused to live the piste (the platform that they fence on). In fencing, leaving the piste means that you have officially accepted the judges' ruling. And seeing as the clock didn't start, and she should still have a shot at gold, she sat down. It's the filibuster of fencing.

Shin waited for 45 minutes, and refused to leave the piste. (:()

The Frustration:
Heidemann didn't know what to do. She communicated with her coaches, but it was clear she was growing impatient. It's hard to blame her. She had been named the winner and so had a gold medal match to prepare for, but obviously whether or not she was actually the winner was still in question.

The Second Ruling:
After 45 minutes, a judge came out with the ruling that the Korean appeal had been lost and that Shin had to vacate the piste. She didn't.

The Stand:

Shin stood up defiant, resulting in one of the more striking images of these Olympics.

The Finale:
Security came out and took Shin away. The crowd gave her a standing ovation.
Shin went on to lose her bronze medal match.

They make it sound so dramatic with the security taking her away lol. But ugh, this just makes me so sad for her. She could have gone on to win a gold medal and didn't get the chance because of the judges error. Not starting the clock should have made it automatically invalid.
At least she tried and stood by what she believed in. It's heartbreaking to see the pictures of her on the piste though.


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