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General Hospital's 50th Anniversary Plans!

A trip to GH these days feels like the 1980s, especially during the filming of the Nurses Ball. Airing April 5, 8 and 9 it has Rick Springfield returning as Dr. Noah Drake. Frisco is trying to woo back Felicia, while Anna is once again in the arms of Duke. And look, it's the long-lost Nurse Bobbie! Fitness guru Richard Simmons is on hand as the charity gala's pushy choreographer.

"Getting back together for the Nurses Ball has been the coolest thing ever," says Lynn Herring, who is juggling 13 gown changes as emcee Lucy Coe. "Finola, Kristina, Jackie and I have been in hysterics reminiscing about how we'd get pregnant at the same time and drive the producers crazy. It's been 25 or 30 years for most of us, yet it's like no time has passed at all."

Tell that to Springfield. "When I started, I was the new young stud in town. Now there's a little girl running around calling me grandfather. I'm like, 'Whoa! How the hell did this happen?'"

"This would be the ideal time for Robin to walk through the door," concurs head writer Ron Carlivati. "While I'm promising a lot of surprises, I'm not promising what they'll be."

Luke and Laura won't be in attendance because they're busy hopping choppers to hunt for their daughter Lulu, a hot pursuit that leads them to the evil Helena Cassadine.

"These episodes are pure nostalgia — the kind of high-stakes, high-energy, really well-conceived plotting." says the actor. "When I saw in the script that Genie and I would be getting on a helicopter, I figured we'd fake it. But then [exec producer] Frank Valentini says, 'We're going out tomorrow morning! I'll have a real helicopter in the parking lot!'

Carlivati, who grew up watching all this on TV, says, "We couldn't celebrate the 50th without another epic Luke and Laura adventure. They're no longer a couple, and they may never again be a couple, but their love for each other — like GH itself — is still going strong."

Kassie DePaiva’s 2nd Life to Live!

One Life to Live started taping the reboot on March 18 in Stamford, Connecticut . OLTL 2.0 is an online series produced by Prospect Park , slated to air on TOLN, Hulu and other sites beginning April 29, 2013. Most of the original faves are on board – including Llanview’s favorite bad girl Blair Cramer, played by (who else?) Kassie DePaiva.

Carolyn: How did you feel walking onto a OLTL set again?

Kassie: My whole body just shook with happiness. I am so glad to be doing this again. There is a really good energy there. So many of the people that I had grown to love at OLTL are there, and I had a complete flashback to P&G with all the people working there that I know from Guiding Light.

Carolyn: Right – you were Chelsea Reardon! Is OLTL coming back fast-forwarded years ahead like AMC?

Kassie: No. There are some recasts, but other than that it’s pretty much current time. I have not seen Natalie and John’s baby yet, but I’m sure he’ll be a little older. My little Sam is the same. Well, he’s not mine, he’s Margaret’s [laughs]. They’re making the teenagers young adults. You can tell a different tale when you’re 21 than when you’re 16. I think the fans will like it. It’s creative. I look at it that we have an opportunity to be more than a soap – it’s scripted drama. We can tell a different type of story.

Carolyn: Where do we find Blair?

Kassie: Blair is pretty much where she was. They’re addressing what happened at the end of OLTL, not what went on in Port Charles [on GH]. There’s a Tomas reference, then we pick up with her relationship with Todd. Roger [Howarth] is there. Todd comes back to town because of a family issue, and Blair and Todd pick up where they left off. They have a lot of unfinished business, a lot of rich history to pull from. Fans need to know that [head writer] Susie Bedsow Horgan was producing OLTL during the ‘Golden Balloon’ wedding, and she honors that.

Carolyn: How long is Roger going to be on OLTL?

Kassie: I don’t know the length of his stay, whether it’s short-lived or long-term. I don’t know if a deal has been worked out between Prospect Park and ABC. Gosh, I hope so. I love my daughter Starr and I love my off-and-on bad-boy husband. I watch GH. It was refreshing to see Todd in a new environment on GH where he was not colored by his past. But here it’s like, ‘Dude, we know who you are.’ I love that.

Carolyn: Does OLTL address Todd’s relationship with Carly on GH?

Kassie: We don’t mention Carly, but I only have this week’s scripts. I would love for that to happen. What I am playing is, ‘I love Todd but I know he has slept with Carly.’ That has not been addressed, but I’m playing it. Blair and Todd have always been so terribly jealous of any other relationship, so it’s embryonic. I hope they address that Blair knows: ‘Why don’t you go home to your blah-blah girlfriend, Todd?!’

Carolyn: What can you tell me about Trevor St. John returning as a very much alive Victor?

Kassie: We’ve got to address something there – that was the last shot of the episode! That’s all I’m going to say.

Carolyn: How about the other characters?

Kassie: They pick up with Viki and Clint, and Dorian is a big frickin’ senator. There’s a big event that is going to shake up a lot of things, and some big reveals. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a soap, full of things that make you want to tune in tomorrow.

Carolyn: Has Blair seen David Vickers yet?

Kassie: I work with Tuc [Watkins] tomorrow. He’ll bring a bunch of sunshine to the set. It’s all good. I adore the actors on OLTL, it was so wonderful to see Erika [Slezak] on Monday. The only bad thing is that Florencia [Lozano, Tea] and I have dressing rooms that are further apart. Hillary [B. Smith, Nora] and Florencia are in a different section, I miss them.

Carolyn: What’s your overall impression so far?

Kassie: It’s a lot of hard work. Even though we all know what we’re doing, there’s a new crew, new sets, new boss, new facility. I equate it with putting on my 3-inch pumps: ‘I’ll get used to walking soon.’ I want you to come out Carolyn, it’s a really good vibe. Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz want this to be successful. They watch every scene. They are very hands-on and very appreciative. After working under the umbrella of a network for so long, I feel so much more freedom. They are really grateful and say ‘Thank you.’ Not that ABC wasn’t grateful, but it was a machine. We were so used to being the red-headed stepchild at OLTL; now we’re the gem in the crown. It’s nice. One actress – I won’t tell you which one – said, ‘It’s like having an abusive boyfriend that you didn’t know was abusive until you dated a nice guy.’ For the last 25 years I feel like I’ve been fighting to keep these soaps on the air. Now, it’s a fresh start. It feels similar, but it’s totally different. It’s not a daytime soap anymore. Any time you want to watch us, we’re there. It will be good for the binge watcher and for the person who just wants to visit Llanview – and really good for everyone who missed it.


For 50 years, GENERAL HOSPITAL has entertained and amazed its viewers with unforgettable romance, action and cutting-edge story lines. To celebrate the pop icon’s golden anniversary, Katie Couric and 20/20 travel to the fictional town of Port Charles to experience first-hand the passion, intrigue and adventure that has made the daytime soap opera the longest running scripted drama currently on television.

The hour special will feature interviews with fan favorites including Tony Geary, Genie Francis, Maurice Benard, Jack Wagner, Rick Springfield, many other cast members, and Executive Producer Frank Valentini.

20/20 goes behind-the-scenes and offers a visitor’s guide to Port Charles and its residents, and show how love in the afternoon has changed dramatically.

The special will also look at how GENERAL HOSPITAL has been the launching pad for many actors including Demi Moore, John Stamos, Kristin Davis and Richard Simmons, as well as for chart-topping music hits; and how it has led the way in cultural stories like HIV, teen sex, working moms, birth control and breast cancer.

Anchored by Katie Couric, GENERAL HOSPITAL – THE REAL SOAP DISH, A Special Edition of 20/20, airs Saturday, April 6 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC.

First Look: All My Children Returns on the Web!

Yes, soap fans, it's really, truly, finally happening. New 30-minute episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live — cancelled by ABC back in 2011 — will premiere April 29 on The Online Network (available via Hulu and iTunes). These long-delayed, buzzed-about reboots are "a new and really exciting way of telling soap stories," says AMC's Thorsten Kaye. AMC will leap some five years into the future to help explain why certain characters have vanished from Pine Valley (hello...Erica?) and others are suddenly grown.

"Our little ones are now teenagers in order to make them more dramatically viable," Kaye says. "I mean, how interesting is a 7-year-old?" Some have sprouted even more, like the former "Petey" Cortlandt, who is now "Peter" and being played by strapping The Price Is Right model Rob Wilson.

How's it going so far? Ever the realist, Kaye says "It's been terrific getting back to work but we're definitely experiencing some growing pains. This is a huge undertaking. ABC did it for 40 years. For a company that's new to soaps like Prospect Park, it's a whole other ball game. We ask the fans to bear with us. It will take a bit of time to get it right but I do believe we can!"

Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of GENERAL HOSPITAL!

As General Hospital gets ready to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary, I had the honor of sitting down and talking with Finola Hughes & Ian Buchanan for a fun and personal interview. They were known as one the hottest couples on General Hospital during the 1980s, so fans couldn't be happier to see them back as Anna Devane & Duke Lavery. General Hospital has been climbing up the charts as they bring back old characters and get ready for the biggest event in Port Charles...The Nurses Ball! These two soap icons truly represent the 50th Anniversary of General Hospital and I can't wait to see what the show's future holds for the both of them!

DAYS alum Molly Burnett stars in new MTV movie!

Rising stars Dave Davis and Melia Renee join actress Molly Burnett (DAYS OF OUR LIVES) to lead an ensemble cast in a romantic comedy about how friends team up to transform an "average Joe" into a certified charmer in Ladies Man: A MADE Movie.

MTV's original TV movie premieres on Tuesday, April 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Leading into the premiere of the movie, MTV will also air all new "MADE" episodes beginning on April 1 at 6 p.m. ET/PT.


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS actors Michael Muhney, Daniel Goddard, Billy Miller, Marco Dapper, Joshua Morrow and Redaric Williams are featured in a new ET video discussing (and deflecting) the "hot men" title and also talking about racy soap sex scenes.

THE TALK Celebrates 40 Years Of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS March 25!

THE TALK will commemorate the 40th Anniversary of CBS’s #1 daytime drama THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, on Monday, March 25, 2013, (2:00-3:00 p.m. ET; 1:00-2:00 p.m. PT), with a special celebratory show featuring cast members Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Newman), Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman Abbott), Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman), Michael Muhney (Adam Newman), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers) and Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters).

The Y&R cast will join THE TALK co-hosts in studio to discuss the legacy of the iconic show which has been the #1 daytime drama for more than 24 years. They’ll also look back on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS’ most memorable show moments, both on camera and behind the scenes.

After the completion of the live show, the actors will participate in a web-exclusive 30 minute Q&A titled “Keep Talking: The Young and the Restless Cast” with the show’s studio audience, made up largely of longtime fans of the soap. The Q&A session will be moderated by THE TALK co-host Julie Chen and will be posted exclusively online later that day. For more information, visit TheTalk.com.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on Tuesday, March 26.


Hulu has released the very first trailer touting the return of two beloved series, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN, shot on site in New York’s Hudson Valley at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club. Featuring many of the original cast members and new talent from both series, the trailer signifies the historic return of these two popular franchises on Monday, April 29th.

In addition, actor and musician Corbin Bleu, best known for this role as Chad Danforth in the popular Disney film franchise, “High School Musical,” and now the newest cast member of The Online Network’s ONE LIFE TO LIVE, was on set taping scenes with Erika Slezak on the first day of production of the beloved serial drama. Last week it was announced that Bleu would join the cast as Jeffrey King, friend of Matthew Buchanan and Danielle Manning, a brilliant young reporter who moves to Llanview to work for publisher, Victoria Lord at Llanview’s newspaper, The Banner.

Bleu said, "It's incredible to be a part of such an iconic series and to be embraced by such a talented cast. I am truly excited to tackle another form of acting and to play such a compelling and diverse character. I'm having a blast so far, and I'm absolutely thrilled to work alongside legendary, Erika Slezak."


Soap Fans United (SFU) and GLOBE magazine editor Jeff Rodack co-sponsored a "welcome back" rally on Monday in front of the Connecticut Film Center, the new home of ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN. It was ONE LIFE TO LIVE's first day back in production with Erika Slezak, Kassie DePaiva, Melissa Archer, Laura Harrier, Jerry Ver Dorn, Robert Gorrie, Kelley Missal, Andrew Trischitta and Corbin Bleu were among the stars who greeted fans.

ABC Partners With amfAR For Nurses' Ball!

ABC has joined forces with amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, in celebration of GENERAL HOSPITAL 50th Anniversary with an exciting storyline integration. Approaching 50 historic years on ABC on April 1 and to help mark the show’s Golden Anniversary, GENERAL HOSPITAL will reprise the immensely popular Nurses' Ball, a fictional charity event complete with musical performances from the illustrious citizens of Port Charles dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness. The partnership with amfAR marks the first time that the Nurses' Ball will be linked to a non-fictional charity, and helps to continue amfAR’s vastly important mission of raising HIV/AIDS awareness. The inaugural Nurses' Ball aired in 1994 and became an annual event until 2001.

“GENERAL HOSPITAL is proud to be working with amfAR as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary,” said Executive Producer Frank Valentini. “We have pulled out all the stops to make the return of the Nurses Ball an event worth waiting for, and by linking the ball to amfAR we partner in their efforts to raise awareness beyond the town of Port Charles.”

Amber Tamblyn To Star In CBS Drama Pilot ANATOMY OF VIOLENCE!

Inspired by the nonfiction book by Adrian Raine, the 20th TV-produced drama centers on Raines (Skeet Ulrich), a maverick FBI Criminal Psychiatrist with an expertise in sociopaths who partners with Abby (Tamblyn), a young female FBI Agent with whom he shares a conflicted past. Abby joined the Bureau after watching her sister get traumatized at the hands of a gunman thirteen years ago.


B&B tweeted a photo of its young male cast last week.

Vanessa Marcil is officially a free woman!

Marcil's divorce from Carmine Giovinazzo is now final.

Vanessa gets the 2009 Chevy Silverado, their L.A. property, a bunch of bank accounts ... as well as all rights to her baby clothes company called Baby Gagoo.

Carmine gets the mother lode -- a 2002 Mercedes CLK, his 2006 Harley, his 2010 Triumph motorcycle, the 1969 Pontiac GTO, 2009 Ducati, 2011 Chevy Camaro ... plus a bunch of bank accounts and other boring stuff.

Will & Sonny: DAYS OF OUR LIVES' new supercouple!

Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla… Tom and Alice, there’s no doubt you will know at least one of these pairings… they are some of the biggest names to ever grace the screen on wonder soap Days of Our Lives, which still airs in the afternoon on the Nine Network after all these years.

This sudsy soap is one of the world’s most loved. The show is now in its 48th season – it’s quite the epic of efforts. So many characters have come and gone since its inception, and yes, the storylines may be farfetched or extremely over the top dramatic but nobody can do a wedding better than a soap opera – just admit it.

Days of Our Lives has temporarily moved away from the trademark ‘return from the dead’ storyline to show a little bit of modern day, true to life contemporariness – a gay relationship. Yeah it sounds like old news to all of us, but for the daytime soap industry it’s a major step forward.

When news got out that a daytime soap opera was going to flirt with the possibility of writing two gay characters into the show, it caused quite a bit of chat, more positive than negative. But before long, we had Will and Sonny standing in the pink corner. Lusting, longing, fighting, snogging.

Will Horton, portrayed by Chandler Massey, has been paired up with Sonny Kiriakis, played by the hunky Freddie Smith, who you may recognise from his time on the new 90210. For those of you wondering where these Salem children fit in, think back… Will is the son of Sami Brady and Lucas Horton while Sonny is the son of Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis, grandson to grandpa Victor.

Some would say it was a recipe for disaster, a Greek heir ‘coming out’ to grandpa Vic. When the time did come for Sonny to say ‘those words’, Victor surprised everyone. Sonny was free to be himself but what he couldn’t do was be with Will, the boy he fancied. Will on the other hand was still fighting his own inner demons. When Will finally told grandma Marlena he preferred the male kind, things started to unfold… and soon he was out and proud.

There’s been quite a buzz in Salem with Will and Sonny’s on and off relationship taking centre stage. Writers are putting the two characters and their gay storyline front and centre on the show, much to the joy of fans around the world. Social media has proven there’s a great deal of support for the couple, the show’s ratings have been good, and to the delight of the show’s producers has even attracted a new audience.

In 2012, Chandler Massey received an Emmy for Most Outstanding Young Actor in a Drama Series, the first actor ever to receive a Daytime Emmy Award for playing a gay character. Both he and Freddie Smith have been acting their butts off, going above and beyond anyone’s expectations hitting their scenes out of the ballpark. It has been groundbreaking on so many levels, who would have thought… two boys getting it on at Salem’s Horton Town Square. Not even Stefano DiMera can compete with that.

Ricky Paull Goldin Joins The Bold and the Beautiful!

Here comes trouble! TV Guide has exclusively learned that former All My Children and Guiding Light great Ricky Paull Goldin will hit The Bold and the Beautiful May 15 as Jesse, the badass dude who fathered Maya's child. According to a B&B rep, the baby daddy "will arrive on the scene, see Maya with Rick and immediately get jealous." The hyper-busy Goldin, who is exec producer and host of the new HGTV series Spontaneous Construction, reports for work at the CBS soap this week. The gig, while non-contract, could have serious potential.

"I've pretty much put acting on hold but when the Bell family asks you to do a role, it's not that easy to say no!" Goldin tells us. "I worked for them many years ago on The Young and the Restless and it was a wonderful experience. I'm so honored to be back with them."

Truth be told, Goldin also jumped at the chance to play a villain. "I've always been cast as the hero with a few flaws," he says. "Jesse is a really dark guy with a lot of potential layers and that's very attractive to me. How long will he be around? That Fifth Harmony song from The X Factor keeps going through my head — 'Anything Can Happen!'"

Goldin, who declined an opportunity to revive his Jake Martin role in the upcoming AMC reboot, has established his own TV production company, GoldLine Entertainment, and has recently sold projects to MTV, TLC and the Style Network. Spontaneous Construction, a delightfully dizzy concept that mixes social networking, flash mobs and extreme home makeovers, had a soft launch on HGTV in February and will officially premiere on the cable channel in April.

"It's a show that's all about love," Goldin says. "People have been smashed so hard by the economy and one weather crisis after another, so we're putting a hand over the picket fence and helping out our neighbors. There are a lot of tears and a lot of laughs and a whole lot of learning. It's been a beautiful experience."

Jeanne Cooper Heads Back to The Young and the Restless!

No worries, soap fans! Jeanne Cooper is doing just fine. The Emmy-winning grande dame has been absent from The Young and the Restless for several weeks causing much concern among her devotees, especially when her character, Katherine Chancellor, failed to show up Monday for the start of the Victor-Nikki wedding. Turns out Cooper, like many other Y&R stars, was hit with a bad bout of the flu but she's now back and sassier than ever! TV Guide Magazine had a chat with the outspoken, 84-year-old survivor about Y&R's upcoming 40th anniversary (March 26), the infestation of newbies in Genoa City and, of course, those scary symptoms Katherine's been having. Duck for cover!

TV Guide: Welcome back. Your fans are freaking!
Cooper: Boy, that flu really knocks you out! It's no joke and so contagious. Melody Thomas Scott [Nikki] had it, then Eric Braeden [Victor] came down with it, and so did Joshua Morrow [Nick]. I really only missed a couple of weeks of work, plus a dark week, but that's a lot of airtime, considering we now shoot 175 episodes a day! At one point my temperature was up to 105 degrees but I refused to go to the hospital. God only knows what you can come home with. My brother went into the hospital for an operation, got a staph infection and it killed him, so I'm all for home care.

TV Guide: And so your character had to miss the wedding of her BFF Nikki.
Cooper: Oh, please! Katherine was supposed to conduct the ceremony, now that she has a minister's license from the Internet. But she's been to most of Nikki's other marriages. Why bother with one more? The gifts alone! [Laughs] Maybe next time Katherine should just send a card.

TV Guide: Happy 40th, by the way! Didn't your character kind of save Y&R soon after it hit the air?
Cooper: The show was not a success at first and [creator] Bill Bell was so discouraged he wanted to close it down. People said, 'Don't! These things take time!" So he brought on Katherine about six months into the show to shake things up. She was a rich boozer socialite with a thing for stable boys who didn't take s--t from anybody. [Laughs] She still doesn't!

TV Guide: Neither do you. Word is, you're not happy with these strange symptoms Mrs. C is experiencing.
Cooper: The writers want you to think it's Alzheimer's and it's driving the audience crazy. It'll turn out to be a benign something or other. But if it was Alzheimer's, I wouldn't have played it.

TV Guide: Meaning you'd have quit the show?
Cooper: Absolutely. Nobody wants to see that. Y&R is an hour of escape and relief for people. That's what's kept it on the air 40 years! The audience wants Katherine vibrant. They want to see her kicking ass. I've worked hard for that. There was a barrage of concern as soon as Katherine started forgetting things and misplacing things. Then I got one script where she was supposed to be seen reading a pamphlet about Alzheimer's. [Head writer] Josh Griffith came rushing into my dressing room all breathless, saying, "Don't worry, it's not what you think! It only looks like Katherine has Alzheimer's." I said, "I'm not worried. You don't think I'd do an Alzheimer's story, do you? You'd have to get somebody else."

TV Guide: How come they didn't fill you in before it started showing up in scripts?
Cooper: Josh said he tried to call me three times. I'm sure he did, but I'm not good at [retrieving] messages. I probably have 18,000 of 'em stacked up. I don't do well with technical stuff. [Laughs] I don't even know how to ring my own fucking doorbell.

TV Guide: How are you handling the invasion of newbies on Y&R?
Cooper: I tell these kids they better show up fully prepared, lines learned, or they're outta here. It's amazing how much these young ones don't know. They don't have the training we did. [Laughs] But, hey, they're good at taking off their clothes, so there's always porn.

TV Guide: Will you ever retire?
Cooper: And do what? Sure, there are days I throw my hands up and say, "I've had it!" But I still love this job. When I signed up for Y&R, my actor friends said, "A daytime soap? It'll kill your career!" Now they'd trade places with me in a heartbeat.

Stephen Martines & Jack Coleman To Recur In BURN NOTICE!

Soap alums Jack Coleman and Stephen Martines have landed recurring roles in USA's BURN NOTICE, according to Deadline.

Martines, who starred in GENERAL HOSPITAL (Nikolas Cassadine), plays Carlos Cruz, a swashbuckling bounty hunter and Fiona’s charming new boyfriend.

Coleman, who had starring roles in DYNASTY and DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Jake Kositchek), will play Andrew Strong, a ranking CIA officer who has seen it all. Noble, but also obsessive at times, Strong is a relentless taskmaster who pushes Michael to do whatever it takes to complete the mission. He is with Domain and Framework.

Production on Season 7, which will mark the show's 100th episode, begins on Monday in Miami.

Jason Thompson Chats On Patrick and Sabrina, A Robin “What If” & General Hospital’s 50th!

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Jason Thompson ask him his thoughts on where Patrick stands with Sabrina, what if there is a Robin sighting, and what is it like being one of the leading actors on a legacy show such as General Hospital, as we countdown to the anniversary episode and the Nurses’ Ball. Here is what Jason had to say about it all!

How do you like working with Teresa Castillo? Do you think it’s going to be hard for people to accept you with anyone else on-screen romantically other than Kimberly McCullough, because people love Patrick and Robin so much?

JASON: Yeah, and I don’t know if that will ever kind of go away. But, Teresa has been great. If you know her, she is nothing like that character, so it’s been a challenge for her. It has been really fun to watch her work. The last month, Sabrina has kind of been coming out of her shell a little bit. It has been really wonderful to see more of who she is. Patrick and Sabrina are getting more comfortable with each other too. We had those scenes in the church that were really fun and touching, and now that the Nurses’ Ball is upon us … we will see what happens.

So, do you think Patrick might be just smitten with Sabrina when she finally gets glammed up for the Nurses’ Ball? I think Patrick loves her already, but he can’t quite admit it to himself.

JASON: I think he does love her, and I think he just might be smitten. She is very familiar to him, and in a way that Robin was in that she is a really good person. That’s hard to find in Port Charles. (Laughs) As Patrick can attest, he has found some crazy ones along the way! (Laughs)

Many fans are hoping that somehow, someway Robin will make it to the Nurses’ Ball. I know you won’t spill, but what do you think of that set-up; just as Sabrina and Patrick get closer?

JASON: Maybe, I don’t know! (Laughs) But this has all been fun.

This is the 50 year celebration of one of the most iconic soaps of them all, General Hospital. What does that mean for you as an actor?

JASON: We were shooting the actual 50 year episode, and our executive producer Frank Valentini comes up to me and goes, “This is it. This is the episode.” And I was like, “Holy cow!” I looked at my script for the day, and I don’t know how it’s going to edit together, but Patrick is taking some interns on tour of the hospital and he is showing them around and telling them the history of Dr. Hardy. It kind of got to me. I was thinking, “Oh my God. I am part of this!” It is amazing to be a part of something like this, and to feel that the Patrick Drake character has become part of this show after so long. For me personally, it doesn’t matter what happens to me in my career, this is a very special moment.

The on-screen relationship between Patrick and his little girl, Emma is so adorable to watch. You and Brooklyn have made viewers care so much about the well-being of this father/daughter duo!

JASON: It’s been an amazing relationship that we have, and it’s very fun to play scenes with Brooklyn, because she is real and great. I feel I am probably at my best when I am doing scenes with her. For whatever reason, I feel I am at home with her, and I don’t have to be doing anything. We just sit there and say our lines. It’s nice and comfortable. There is no other “stuff” going on. Brooklyn has been such a welcome addition to playing the character of Emma. She started on the show when she was almost four, and now she is just over six. She is becoming a little actress, and she takes direction amazingly well. You can give her pink pages! Frank Valentini will say to her, “When you say this … go to the door, turn around, and say this and then walk out.” And Brooklyn will go, “OK.” I don’t think that she has ever dropped a line! Actually, wait. A few days ago she actually dropped a line, and we were having fun with her with it going, “Oh, it finally happened!” (Laughs) But seriously, that was the first time she ever messed up a line in two years!

Prospect Park’s Jeff Kwatinetz & Rich Frank Included In Most Intriguing People In Media List!

Fantastic news All My Children, One Life to Live and soap fans! Prospect Park’s wunderkinds, Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank were named this morning to highly respected industry daily newsletter Cynopsis: Most Intriguing People in Broadcast, Syndication and Production of 2013 honors list!

Cynopsis related on their picks: “We now turn our attention to the minds driving the on-air content and shows that have changed the way people view appointment television. Our list was selected by the media industry and by Cynopsis staff, and offers a glimpse into the personalities in broadcast, cable and digital who made headlines throughout the industry. Our slate of honorees may have produced a hit series, developed a coveted lineup, overcome a difficult challenge or managed a big deal. All are leaving their mark. Congratulations to our honorees and we look forward to seeing what they have in store for the years ahead!”

Here is who made the list:

Rebecca Eaton, Executive Producer, MASTERPIECE on PBS
Tonia O’Connor, President, Univision
Neal Sabin, Co-President, Weigel Broadcasting
Norm Shapiro, Co-President, Weigel Broadcasting
Chuck Lorre, Creator, Producer, Writer, Two and a Half Men, Mom
Rich Frank, Co-Founder, Prospect Park
Jeff Kwatinez, Co-Founder, Prospect Park
Evan Shapiro, President, Participant Television
Jim Bell, Executive Producer NBC Olympics
Marc DeBevoise, EVP & GM, Entertainment, News & Sports, CBS Interactive
Lauren Lexton, Executive Producer/Co-Founder, Authentic Entertainment
Deborah McDermott, President/CEO, Young Broadcasting
Neal Sabin, Co-President, Weigel Broadcasting
Arthur Smith, Executive Producer/Founder of A. Smith & Co. Productions

Cady McClain’s Latest Blog: Let’s Talk About The Kids (Of All My Children)!

We did not think it was even possible to find Daytime Emmy winner, Cady McClain more endearing than she already is … but in her latest blog on her website, Cady makes us love her even more with her honesty mixed with humor that cuts to the chase.

In her writings, McClain deals with the issue at-hand that has been of concern for long time viewers of All My Children. That is, that when AMC returns on April 29th there will be a host of new faces who have joined the series!

Cady reveals just how exciting the new additions to Pine Valley truly are including: Eric Nelsen (AJ), Ryan Bittle (JR), Sal Stowers (Cassandra), Robert Scott Wilson (Pete(, Jordan Lane Price (Celia), and Heather Roop (Jane) and Denyse Tontz (Miranda). She also reminds the viewers that All My Children had always been about exactly this at its core – the children of the residents of Pine Valley in some shape or form – and the veteran characters who are beloved staples of the iconic series.

Here now is an excerpt from Cady’s blog: “I want to talk about the new young people on All My Children, and why I think (and hope) the audience should give them a chance. I am not known for blowing smoke up anybodies hoo-ha, right? Let’s just start with that as a baseline for this conversation!

Before you totally freak on me, let me tell you that I TOTALLY understand what happened to AMC during the ‘oughts of 2000-2010. The show lost heart (in my opinion) and it’s way. Franz and company dominated and upended the show during that time, throwing old favorites into the fire and overwhelming the fans with too many new faces. I can totally get why someone might say, “Oh please, not again!” or “Stop ruining my show!”

Here is why I think, no scratch that, I KNOW that is NOT going to happen. First off: lets look at the COMPANY of actors on the list. On the classic side, there are: Julia Barr (Brooke), Jill Larson (Opal), David Canary (Adam), Ray MacDonnell (Joe Martin), Debbie Morgan (Angie), Darnell Williams (Jesse), me (Dixie), Eden Reigal (Bianca), Vincent Irrizary (David), Francesca James (Evelyn), Jordi Vilacuso (Griff), Lindsay Hartley (Cara), and Thorston Kaye (Zack)… that’s THIRTEEN veterans of the show in place from the START, and you can bet there are more to come.

On the newbie side there are: Eric Nelsen (AJ, son of JR), Ryan Bittle (JR), Jordan Lane Price (Celia, can’t tell you who she’s related to… YET!), Heather Roop (Jane), Sal Stowers (Cassandra, daughter of Angie and Jesse), Robert Scott Wilson (Pete Cortland, son of Opal and Palmer), and Denyse Tontz (Miranda, daughter of Bianca)… that’s only SEVEN and almost all of them are related to long standing, beloved core characters!

Then lets consider that Agnes Nixon was not allowed to give hardly ANY input when Franzie was running things. He REALLY threw her to the fire! NOW she is back in FULL FORCE and is totally and completely respected by the new bosses of the show. I have personally heard Jeff Kwatinetz talk about how blown away he is by her and her genius. Not only that, but Ginger Smith, who was an associate producer under every regime since I started, oh 25 years ago (lets not talk about that number, shall we?) is AT THE HELM. In all my years, I have never known ANYONE who LOVED and UNDERSTOOD All My Children at it’s CORE like Ginger. She is the MAIN reason I returned. I love and respect her so much.

Now let me tell you about my experiences with these young people. I don’t know if you’ve heard me talk about this yet, but you will. The short version is: when I came to the set the first day, I COULD NOT LEAVE IT. Even though I wasn’t shooting until the end of the day, I stayed on the set for HOURS. Guess who sat next to me all that time? Eric Nelsen who plays “AJ.”

We sat and watched the monitor and I talked to him about the show, it’s history, how to work with cameras, everything that came into my mind on that very special day. He was a total doll, respectful, grateful and attentive. He studied at PCS, aka Professional Children’s School for Actors, and I could tell he is very passionate and committed to his work. As a child actor myself, we had an instant bond. Later, I got to watch him do his thing on set. He is totally committed, adorable, and incredibly talented. I can’t speak highly enough of this young man. I totally adore him.”

DAYS Eric Martsolf On The Women & The Love Life Of Brady Black!

According to NBC and Days of our Lives, March is the month of Brady Black! And that gives Eric Martsolf the opportunity for his very own spotlight video interview with NBC.com!

In this very funny recap of the women in the thus far disastrous love life of Brady Black (in more ways than one), Martsolf talks about his alter-egos relationship with Chloe Lane, Arianna Hernandez, Madison James and Kristen DiMera.

In addition, Martsolf takes a look at the current state of the relationship between Brady and his father John Black (Drake Hogestyn), which has sort of dissolved thanks to Kristen’s continued machinations!

Interview with Casey Deidrick of ‘Days of our Lives’!

Casey Deidrick is a newcomer to the soap world, but since his debut in 2009 as Chad DiMera, yet another child of “The Phoenix” Stefano DiMera, on Days of our Lives, he’s been the hottest ticket in Salem.

A California native, Deidrick is an avid skateboarder and even participated in the 2004 Vans World Amateur Competition at the age of 17. But, a head injury in 2004 caused him to take a break from the sport to follow his other interests. After graduating high school in 2005, Deidrick attended Metropolitan State College in Denver where he studied Psychology and Theatre Arts for one year. It was during this time that Deidrick decided to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Aside from Days, Deidrick has had guest spots on The CW’s 90210 and the ABC medical dramedy Body of Proof. TheCelebrityCafe.com’s Sari N. Kent got the chance to talk to Deidrick about being on the long-running daytime drama, his other projects and what’s ahead for Chad in Salem.

SNK: What’s it like playing Chad DiMera on Days of our Lives?

CD: I’m actually having the most fun I’ve ever had with a character. It’s a chance to kinda be someone I’m not in real life and a chance to play myself as well. Basically, I’m just havin’ a lot of fun and that’s all I can really ask for in this role.

SNK: You’ve been on Days since 2009, have you gotten close with any cast members? I know you work closely with James Scott and Joseph Mascolo

CD: James Scott definitely and Kate Mansi. We pretty much hang out every other day.

SNK: Your bio says that you’re an exceptional skateboarder, but had to take a break from it due to a head injury in 2004. Do you plan on taking it up again?

CD: I still skateboard when I’ve got some free time. I go to the skate park and skate around. I’m not doing it as competitively or as hard as I was prior to being on the show.

SNK: What made you decide to study Theatre Arts when you attended Metropolitan State College in Denver?

CD: I always had a curiosity and that’s what led me to take that class. I’m glad I did.

SNK: Aside from Days, you’ve done a few guest spots on shows like 90210 and Wizards of Waverly Place. What were those experiences like?

CD: You get to meet new people. You get to see how different people work. You’re playing different characters. It’s such a win-win situation. I just recently did a guest spot on the NBC show Revolution, which was amazing. I had the best time, they flew me out to North Carolina and I had the best couple of days of shooting. It’s really great to expand your horizons with taking in new roles.

SNK: Your bio also says that you’re the lead vocalist in a heavy metal band called A Dreadful Fall, that’s performed in local clubs around Southern California. How did you become interested in music?

CD: I’m actually in a new band with Chandler Massey [who plays Will Horton on Days]. It’s another kind of electronica band and we’re called Calling All Capulets. I’ve always been into metal music, playing and listening to it. I’ve been doing it for a long time, since high school. We’re actually trying to make something of this band.

SNK: Can you give me any tidbits in what’s in store for Chad on the show?

CD: Well, I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say. I do know that he’s still trying to pursue Abigail and there’s this huge roadblock with what Chad did at the wedding and Chandler [Will] being in the picture as well. There’s also this whole thing going on with EJ and Stefano that Chad is kept in the dark about right now. Basically, Chad is trying to pick up the pieces after what happened with the wedding.

The Week In The Year 1998!

Joe told Hayley that Mateo might remain comatose for the rest of his life. Mateo was then discharged from the hospital and sent to Chandler Mansion for care. Edmund paid a visit to one of Jim's cronies and learned that Jim had dabbled in explosives once before. Jim caught up to Edmund, clobbered him, and locked him in a dank room at an undisclosed location. Jim later pressured Brooke into moving up the wedding date. Bianca was sent to a New York clinic to continue her treatment. Kelsey and Camille bonded over love woes. Liza learned that the rough landing hadn't caused her to miscarry -- a rare virus had. She headed to court and asked the judge if she could back out of the petition for divorce.

Molly crashed a party given to welcome Holden back home. John decided to adopt a baby, thinking it would cure his marital problems. Lily refused to give David the money, and he decided to sue. Molly wanted David to buy a publishing house and publish her novel. Nikki overheard a conversation between Lisa and Carly and tried to warn her dad.

Ridge arrived at Taylor's and proceeded to bond with Thomas. Amber gave a performance at Insomnia, accompanied by Rick and C.J. in front of a celebrity. Grant and Macy grew closer, which prompted Macy to throw away Thorne's new telephone number. C.J. challenged Rick to a drag race. When Rick hesitated, Amber spurred him on to accept. With Amber riding in the car with him, Rick crashed. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and was readied for surgery.

Stefano suffered a heart attack at Kristen's funeral, drawing Lexie closer to him than ever. Edmund and "Susan" announced their engagement, as did Jack and Jennifer. Kristen, disguised as Susan, was unable to leave Salem. Susan plotted to escape the harem before the sultan could execute her for her lousy dancing. Roman and Abe found that a controlled drug called Placidin had been in Kristen's system when she died -- the same drug Marlena had prescribed to Laura. John and Marlena nearly made love, but were interrupted. Bo prevented Billie from leaving town while Hope asked Stefano about her past at Maison Blanche. Franco and Sami used one of Austin's boxing coaches in the next phase of their plan to break up Austin and Carrie. Carrie's feelings for Mike deepened as she continued to work on his PR campaign. Vivian mourned Jonesy, but returned to the townhouse in Salem, not knowing it was actually Stefano's.

Luke revealed to Lucky what had happened the night he raped Laura. Jax found out someone was out to murder him. Robin discovered Tony was the kidnapper, and Tony then kidnapped Robin.

Holly searched for Fletcher and Meg. While helping her, Hart was arrested. Abby went to prison. Blake continued to put her marriage in jeopardy in order to save Abby. As Clone Reva continued to age, she became a handful for Josh and Michael. Clone Reva met Marah and Cassie at the park. Ben showed the tape to Blake, but didn't give it to her. Beth entered the elevator and found herself face-to-face with Carl.

Viki was furious at Clint for printing Mel's article. Kevin returned home from the hospital. Viki, Dorian, and Renee had a "tea party." Georgie taped Nora and Bo making love. Dorian tried to find a backer for her sea coral idea. Georgie dropped hints that she was seeing a married man. Todd challenged Andrew to save his soul. Kevin and Cassie argued.

Sharon and Grace tried to explain to Cassie that she was Sharon's daughter, but Cassie didn't want a new mommy. When Nick returned home and found Cassie there yet again, he stormed out of the house. Josh and Nikki spent hours "making a baby," not knowing that Veronica had bugged their bedroom and was listening to every word they said. When Paul and Christine stopped by Gina's to unwind, Danny sang a song directly to Christine, who was mesmerized. Paul left the restaurant in disgust. Danny kissed Christine. Later, Paul told Christine to move out of the apartment that night. Jack called Nikki and told her that Nick needed her. Veronica revealed herself to Josh. When Josh rejected her, she shot him. When Nikki returned home and found "Sarah" acting weird and insolent, Nikki ordered her out of the house. Instead, Veronica shot her, also.


Monday ("Open Up")
Nick tells Gabi about his time in jail; Abigail and Cameron take the next step in their relationship.

Tuesday ("Kate and Rafe's Relationship")
Sonny learns about Kate and Rafe's relationship; Brady reveals to Marlena about his plan to marry Kristen.

Wednesday ("Kristen's Plan Backfires")
Chloe and Nicole have a fight; Kate begs Sonny to keep her secret.

Thursday ("The Warning")
Chloe issues a stern warning to Jennifer; Nicole suggests to Eric that they hire Vargas.

Friday ("Feelings Resurface")
Kate and Rafe can't fight their feelings for one another; Nick is horrified when he encounters Vargas.

Monday (Psychic Connection)
Dante urges Olivia to use her psychic powers to help locate Lulu; Anna and Dante learn about the shooting.

Tuesday (The Shooter)
Dante catches the shooter; Bobbie wants Lucas to find love; TJ invites Molly to the Nurses Ball.

Wednesday (Feelings)
Milo wants to know if Patrick has feelings for Sabrina; Alexis takes Shawn to her home to recuperate.

Thursday (Breaking In)
Liz advises Patrick to put his happiness first; Tracy attempts to steal the formula from the lab.

Friday (Relationships)
Liz surprises AJ with something from her past; Felicia talks with Maxie about her dilemma.

Monday (Laying Down the Law)
Katie sets limits for Brooke and Bill; Maya agrees to go on a date with Carter.

Tuesday (The Visit)
Carter brings Maya by the mansion; Kate and Bill bicker about the problems in their marriage.

Wednesday (Caroline Takes Action)
Caroline tries to prove to Rick that she is a catch; Brooke and Bill think about one another.

Thursday (Press Conference)
Eric makes a shocking announcement at a press conference; Caroline issues a warning to Maya.

Friday (Dangerous Driving)
Bill makes a risky decision; Maya and Rick share a steamy kiss.

Tragedy strikes at Nikki and Victor's wedding reception

Michael demands answers from Lauren

Billy and Victoria plan their future

Tyler and Leslie clash as they await the news of their father

Phyllis tries to manage Summer's crush on Kyle

Sharon receives upsetting news

Victor and Jack join forces

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