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Is Bill going to cheat on Katie with Brooke?

After making a grand entrance Brooke's Bedroom line is on top of the world. As Brooke as the spokesperson she finally gets the last laugh on Taylor. Look for Brooke to use it to the max to gain control of Forresters again and Brooke is making it known by giving press conferences and hiring new people. Brooke is in her element as she shows just how powerful and popular she still is.

Things really get tense between Katie and Bill as she tries to believe him when he said nothing happened between him and Brooke despite her walking in on the two in a compromising situation.

Rick and Maya get closer as she finally decides to give the Forrester heir a chance, but this time, no more secrets. Caroline doesn't cotton to that too well and she lets Maya have a warning. Something tells me the little spoiled rich girl needs to watch what she does and says around a street smart girl from the 'hood.

We'll have a wedding in a few weeks and it's not going to be who you think it is. Let's just say this one should bring some tears.

It saddens me this new regime are going backwards with Michael and Lauren. Why do writers and TPTB not appreciate that a couple can be happy? Yes yes I know boring but can't we have one couple happy?

Could Alex and Adrianna be playing Kay, who seems to be forgetting things. Does Paul even have a clue this might be happening?

Glad to see Paul has a new story coming, but Police Chief? Wasn't he in jail for murder not long ago. I hope this new job means more screen time for him. Wonder if he will be retiring that briefcase.

So much build to Nikki and Victor's wedding they get married but the wedding reception is still going on a week later? Y&R only airs three days this week because of NCAA basketball. But even that is quite a long time to focus on a wedding/reception. Oh yea right it's Nikki and Victor.

DOOL has fallen flat on its face and I for one have been very very bored, there seems to be nothing that is exciting. What happened to this show? Brady has had enough of his parents butting into his life and tells them to back off. This will cause trouble in paradise for Marlena and John. Gee no surprise there. So what does Brady do? Proposes to Kristen. Really dude? Kristen who is more then thrilled causes more distance between Brady and his Dad. John is one not to let it go and is very strong minded than ever to break Kristen’s hold over his son and will not let this slide. But how far will he go to succeed in his mission?

Nick's mouth gets him in deep dodo when he makes a smart remark and gets him a right hook straight to his fave. Better think twice my man before calling someone names.

Is there a new man coming into Nicole's life?

The Nurse's Ball is gearing up and it has started taping scenes already. You will be watching more then just the ball when other events happen in and outside of the event. The action behind the stage will hold a deadly nature. I do hear "The Ice Princess" revisit is gearing up, and since Julie Berman has left the building in order to make the transition easier for viewers Lulu will go missing, but before that actually happens another package arrives for Lulu that her Aunt Bobbie allegedly sent, but Luke and Lulu are skeptical. Meanwhile at GH, Olivia has a vision and urges Dante to go home. Lulu ends up mysteriously gone, and just about everybody comes together at the loft to mount a search strategy to look for Lulu. Not sure how long Lulu will be missing but when she does return she will be played by Emme Rylan.

Sam decides to go searching for her biological father because she is missing Jason and realizing Danny will grow up without his father, RC is committed to resolve the mystery of Sam's father and that reveal is coming. There will be at least two characters who know the true identity of Sam's father. I am guessing Helena is one.

Dr. Britt Westbourne is in for a huge scolding when Britt finally faces the wrath of Epiphany, as the true extent of her plans against Sabrina are laid out in full and gloriously damning relief. Epiphany, being no fool, had the entire incident investigated by Spinelli.

Sources tell me that Johnny goes out a redeemed hero and BB is very satisfied with this exit, he saves Kristina at Pentonville and if I am hearing correctly she decides to leave town after.

The tale of the two long lost Quartermaines is staring to make waves.

What if Dr. Britt meets up with a doc from Switzerland? What can she use to make Sabrina's life more miserable?

What could happen that could finally give Anna back her fighting spirit?

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