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Modeling's No.1 Fame Whore Was in a Car Accident. It Happened or Publicity Stunt?

Miranda Kerr has been left wearing a neck brace following a car crash on Monday.
The Australian model was seen attempting to cover up the injury with a scarf as she was pictured out with a friend in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.
The model unveiled the results of her injury following the crash on Monday, which saw her vehicle 'rammed' by another car on the motorway in the city.
She is believed to have suffered back injuries in addition to whiplash.
It is understood that mother-of-one Miranda was in the car with her assistant at the time of the incident, which may lead to the driver of the other vehicle face charges for reckless driving.
Following the crash, Miranda had to have several MRI scans to assess the extent of the damage to her neck.
Miranda's Sydney-based spokesperson Annie Kelly told Australia's 9 News: 'She is in a lot of pain, but really we are just glad it was not more serious.'
And Miranda is now being looked after at home by her British actor husband Orlando Bloom, who is also taking care of the pair's two-year-old son Flynn.
Kelly added: 'He’s taking very good care of her. He’s an amazing husband. Luckily, Flynn wasn’t in the car.'
Miranda has yet to make any comment on the incident via her Twitter page and, apart from commenting on the weather in Los Angeles, has remained notably quiet on the social networking site since the crash.
The model is expected to be restarting her professional commitments in the next couple of days.
Miranda's next scheduled commitment will see her return to her home country of Australia next month to unveil the new uniforms for airline Qantas, designed by Paris-based designer Martin Grant.
The incident isn't the first time Miranda's life has been affected by a car collision.
When she was 15, the death of her boyfriend Chris Flynn through a crash saw her sink into a deep depression. Miranda later revealed that she had chosen to pay tribute to Flynn by naming her son after him.
The reason I want to why your special opinions is, users at Daily Mail and Just Jared, (aka websites that post about her like 5 times a day) don't believe she had an accident because of many reasons. One reason is she is photographed like 20 times a day but this incident wasn't known of whatsoever till the third day when her PR team gave the news to some Australian news site (or something like that) and at which time the paps caught her wearing neck braces.
Others say the location of the accident (in a freeway) might mean it was pre-planned since no one can question why the paps or any witnesses weren't around. And the exact location of the accident and the name of the hospital she was admitted to remain unknown. A few were saying because she was wearing wedge heeled sneakers in those pictures, she doesn't have back pains. And Orlando fans claim Orlando couldn't have been with her because he was spotted somewhere going inside a hotel the day the accident happened. The car involved in the accident remains unseen.
I personally don't think she could seriously be faking this. All to get fame? That would be out of hands.But.... she does do several things that reek of nothing but publicity stunts and attention seeking to get her name out there. Most memorable for me was when 'leaked nudes' of her surfaced on the internet. It was hardly anything buzz-worthy because the 'leaked' pictures (although nude) could have be found in any legit high fashion magazine and they were taken by a professional photographer. It was tastefully done and she's done similar shoots time and time again. Yet it was reported as this exposing, raunchy nudes. I would say that was the work of her PR. I don't think it's the same with the accident.
So what ya'll think?

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