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gdi I knew I was forgetting something w/e TEEN WOLF POST SHIT WE ALREADY KNEW HAVE SOME PICS


MTV fan fave "Teen Wolf" may be off the air until June 3, but showrunne Jeff Davis has been keeping fans' appetites whet with plenty of spoilers in the meantime. This week, Davis agreed to do a Tumblr Q&A on the official "Teen Wolf" Tumblr- follow it if you haven't already!

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite tidbits that Davis offered during the chat. Don't forget to mark your calendars, wolfpack: June 3rd!

1. After all they've been through, Derek's pack definitely includes Peter Hale. "Peter is part of Derek's pack. They are a very close family," Davis confirms. Though many new characters will be introduced in Season 3, don't expect Derek's pack to grow. "I think the numbers may be diminishing," Davis teases.

2. Someone will get "the bite" this season and transform into a new werewolf. "Yes," he says. "But not in the way you might expect." Ooh... a twist!

3. Stiles and Derek's relationship changes this season -- but not like that. "They become definite allies this season. There are many changes in store for Derek," says Davis. When asked about fans' passion for "Sterek" as a romantic couple, Davis admits that it's given him pause on occasion while writing. "It did make me wonder about certain scenes for these first few scripts. I would not say it has affected the storytelling, though. There has been a long plan in place for certain characters. The path deviates sometimes but the destination remains the same," he says.

4. What about the adults? This season we'll be spending more time with Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall, plus we can expect details on Scott's father later in the season. As for Stiles' mother, fans will get more details about her, but not particularly soon. "You may need to be patient," Davis says, "But you will know eventually." And as for Coach Finstock: "There's always room for more Coach."

5. Don't expect to see Derek's transformation into a full alpha wolf this season. "When [we] can afford that level of CGI maybe. How about when we do the 'Teen Wolf' movie?"

The "outside" of Derek's new loft

Holland reading international promos, on the set of Season 3


Pensive Posey

unidentifiable fugly twin Charlie Carver's tiny puppy is the single greatest thing.


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